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Pakistan’s National Cyber Security Policy 2021 (PDF)

Pakistan’s National Cyber Security Policy 2021 (PDF)
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Pakistan’s National Cyber Security Policy 2021 (PDF)

Introduction: Pakistan’s National Cyber Security Policy 2021

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have played a key role in revolutionizing the world, making it truly a Global Village within the last decade. The innovation in Information and Communication Technology is redefining the dimension of socio-economic development in the world, resulting in commercial, economic, cultural, and social opportunities for users of Cyberspace.

This unprecedented growth has ushered in a new era, marked with easy and low-cost access to highly interconnected networks around the globe. With the developments in the ICTs, and reliance on Broadband infrastructure, in particular, the Internet has taken center in today’s modern world. The world is now increasingly interconnected and people have unprecedented access to information and knowledge. Pakistan’s National Cyber Security Policy 2021

To harness the benefits of ICT technologies and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), Pakistan has also adopted the path of Digital Transformation. Pakistan’s National Cyber Security Policy 2021

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The increased use of information and communication technologies enhanced global connectivity, mobility, and versatility of digital services exposes information assets to a host of new and evolving Cyber Security threats. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has made these assets highly valuable. However, with the organic growth and proliferation of the Internet, some worrisome trends in the use of cyberspace have also emerged. The concerns over safety and security potentially impede the objective of accelerated development and affect the confidence of people in using applications and services offered to traverse cyberspace. Pakistan’s National Cyber Security Policy 2021

The rise in incidents related to malicious use of ICTs in cyberspace is affecting the integrity and the civil rights protections guaranteed by the state, level-playing field, transparency, and the socio-economic equilibrium by posing security and financial risks to the whole spectrum of users including Individuals, Businesses, Sectors, and States and could potentially impose serious barriers to achieving development goals in various economic sectors.

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Download Pakistan’s National Cyber Security Policy 2021 PDF

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