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US History CSS Paper Attempt Techniques (By: Saeed Wazir)

US History CSS Paper Attempt Techniques
Saeed Wazir
Written by Saeed Wazir

According to FDR, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself .”To put it in simple words, never be afraid of a thing you have to face inevitably.

Small surprise, the paper of US history went flat previous year in CSS. A great deal of deserving and potentially capable students were failed in this paper.

To one’s great joy, this paper is still rewarding given the fact one’s approach, method and writing skills are at least average.

As a potential way-out, do not go to exam hall with previous year failure mentality. Be innovative and imaginative.

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1. How to ace US History CSS Paper

A. Touch each part holistically .Never study bit by bit but go through all vital areas at least.
B. Memorise major policy planks/features of presidents, especially of those who influenced world at large.
C. Give reference from President’s speeches and quotations .Be specific and documented in treatment of issues.
D. Focus on War on terror and subsequent developments .The 9/11 is a watershed in the US history.
E. Differentiate between Trump’s South Asia doctrine and US’ general foreign policy .Why Trump is populist and different from Obama.
G. What are major concerns of US like terrorism, trade wars, cyberspace, immigrate, nuclear weapons, water disputes, etc. This is very much important.
H. Relate past policies with more present scenarios .History is always contemporaneous.
I. Why US was great and why it is on way to decline? The rise of China and resurgence of Russia. New emerging powers in Asia and Europe.
J. US role in economic and military organisations and its impact on developing and Third World countries
K. Make use of quotations and authors and books
L. Understand all components of the given questions .Do not attempt one part in a detailed manner at the cost of another part.
M. Try to attempt current questions .Majority of students do not attempt current affairs questions. It will be diversity and freshness if one is able to handle it professionally.
N. Never leave questions unattempt.
Attempt all questions because failure is sometimes by very thin margin.
O. MCQs are the bedrock of your paper. Try to take edge in this part.

2. Major reasons of failure

A. Cheap notes and books
B. Lack of critical understanding of history
C. Lack of practicing before exam
D. Poor writing expression
F. Insufficient knowledge of American major policy options
G. No focus on current conditions and developments.

3. Critical comments

Try to give your neutral feedback at the end of each question.

Best regards. Saeed Wazir

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