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War is Never a Lasting Solution For Any Problem

War is Never a Lasting Solution for Any Problem
Written by Guest Author

It is irrational to compare and contrast the intensity of nuclear and other deadly weapons on both sides. Weapons at their disposal are enough to plunge millions of people into the shackles of miseries and starvation on both sides. Both nations will also suffer owing to their economic predicament: one is at a crucial economic scenario while other is growing rapidly. Likewise, Pakistan is home to 208m while India consists of 1.34bn people. Currently, trade between South Asian neighbors is around $3bn. However, their potential is $37bn (World Bank 2018). Such an immense potential, if realized, would make this region developed, prosperous and attractive for rest of the world. Moreover, both countries can cooperate in issues like terrorism, climate change, poverty eradication, illiteracy, water scarcity, security, sustainable development and what not.

To realize the dream of developed South Asia, India should act rational in two ways:

1) Give up the dream of UNITED INDIA / GREATER INDIA.

2) Consider Pakistan on equal and realistic footing without any national or religious superiority complex.

Any misadventure or mischief by India will cost her an arm and a leg. India should avoid any miscalculated move that it would not afford or bring devastation for her especially and the region generally. Out of 850m hungry people in the world, 300m people are from India and Pakistan alone. (2017 report). War is no less than a suicide for the region.

Hence civil military leadership on both sides should adopt peace measures keeping aside their ego and political agendas. Election does not mean that India can mess with anyone in the region especially Pakistan. Indian media should play judiciously and avoid war journalism. International community ought to play a constructive role because the smoke of war in South Asia will engulf the whole world sooner or later.

Lastly, it’s the time for the world to recognize that Pakistan is not a banana republic that anyone comes forward and play with its SOVEREIGNTY. Gone are the days of drone attacks. Pakistan is a peace loving country and looking for peaceful engagements all over the world but on equal basis.

In war, whichever side may call itself victor, there are no winners, but all are losers (Neville Chamberlain)

(The writer is student of M Aafreen CSS/PMS Institute, Lahore)

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