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English Grammar MCQs

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-9)

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-9)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-9)

Prior to the first European settlement of Australia, the Aborigines numbered about 300,000, whereas their —— populace is estimated about 125,000 130,000. (Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) versatile
B) current
C) mutual
D) rigid
E) erratic
Answer: B

The move toward a press free of partisan ——- started in France with the founding of La Presse in 1836 by Émile de Girardin. (Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) sentiment
B) emotion
C) movement
D) validity
E) prosperity
Answer: A

I was —— beyond words when I saw the picture of a baby elephant in National Geographic magazine. (Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) moved
B) lost
C) relieved
D) struck
E) alerted
Answer: A

Poor countries lack well-developed clusters; they compete in the world market with inexpensive labour and natural —— . (Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) resources
B) requirements
C) intellects
D) distresses
E) solicitations
Answer: A

While some smaller EU countries have roughly halved their official gold reserves, the three with the largest holdings —Germany, France and Italy— have maintained theirs —— unchanged, as have Spain and Portugal and also the UK. (Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) exhaustively
B) fundamentally
C) indispensably
D) indubitably
E) virtually
Answer: E

Theories ——- the nature, origin, and extent of human knowledge make up the area of philosophy called epistemology (Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) consisting
B) submitting
C) devising
D) respecting
E) concerning
Answer: E

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According to experts, many of the chemicals used in conventional waste treatment —— add to the pollution of the water supply. (Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) accurately
B) daringly
C) actually
D) considerately
E) relevantly
Answer: C

If we are to —— the essence of today’s new economy, we must look at it from a perspective that reaches further back than the experiences of the past few years.
A) propound
B) compel
C) advocate
D) grasp
E) submit
Answer: D

Until the invention of printing, the public had to be ——- with whatever information it was given by official sources, or it had to make do with hearsay and rumor.
A) dedicated
B) satisfied
C) thrilled
D) amazed
E) stunned
Answer: B

Until recently, psychiatrists —— that there must be a single reason for drinking alcohol and therefore looked first for differences between those who drank and those who did not.
A) distributed
B) embellished
C) resolved
D) assumed
E) discharged
Answer: D

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The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace seeks an individual to launch a research project on the information revolution and its —— on international affairs.
A) impact
B) involvement
C) reference
D) linkage
E) comparison
Answer: A

Unlike Europe’s stone castles and cathedrals, America’s historical buildings are often wood-framed and so subject to —— from moisture and insects.
A) caution
B) deficiency
C) damage
D) obsession
E) frustration
Answer: C

In earlier times, when human population sizes were small and modern technology was developing, the effects of human activities on natural populations seldom seemed —— .
A) persuasive
B) respectable
C) arguable
D) significant
E) unfailing
Answer: D

Many of the critics clearly regarded several of the paintings on —— as of poor quality.
A) discovery
B) display
C) occasion
D) approval
E) account
Answer: B

It was decided at the board meeting that more funds should be allocated to getting the firm’s products —— more widely.
A) publicised
B) priced
C) curtailed
D) expanded
E) confirmed
Answer: A

The report issued by the National Health Council draws attention to the hazards of —— to rays.
A) resistance
B) involvement
C) confinement
D) exposure
E) implication
Answer: D

In every culture throughout recorded history, human beings have —— powerful tales to help explain the inexplicable. (Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) sought
B) departed
C) sprung
D) woven
E) revealed
Answer: E

There’s nothing very brilliant about the report, but he has —— collected all the data needed. (Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) infectiously
B) recklessly
C) considerably
D) restrictively
E) conscientiously
Answer: E

What really surprised everybody was that he saved the company from bankruptcy quite —— . (Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) decidedly
B) relatively
C) scarcely
D) unhurriedly
E) competently
Answer: E

Russia has a fleet of 250 nuclear submarines, 170 of which are —— out of service. (Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) radically
B) explicitly
C) indiscriminately
D) currently
E) conclusively
Answer: D

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