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“The Competitive Review” | Download Complete Magazine in PDF

"The Competitive Review" | Download Complete Magazine in PDF

First E-Magazine of M. Aafreen CSS PMS Institute

“The Competitive Review”

Aoa everyone,it is a very critical time now as the plague of Corona has engulfed the whole world. The governments around the world are imposing partial and complete lockdown.

Due to which,people are limited to their homes. In this time, the best thing is to read more and more. So, I consider it my responsibility to contribute my part as a CEO of Aafreen Institute to provide CSS/PMS aspirants and general readers in the whole Pakistan to provide something valuable which could enhance their knowledge on some key topics.

So, Aafreen Institute and team have worked to launch its first magazine named “The Competitive Review” which is free of cost.

Everyone can download it without any cost and make me update about your suggestions. It would encourage the whole team to make things better. It is a gift to all of my students and other general readers.

Stay at home and read. Remember me and my team in prayers.

Download “The Competitive Review” Magazine in PDF

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About the author

Doctor Madiha Fatima

Doctor Madiha Fatima

Dr Madiha Fatima have completed her BDs from De Montmorency College and Pharm-D from University of Lahore.
There is an amazing power of "getting to know your own learning skills and how to use it", her journey didn't stop here. She attempted Civil Superior Services (CSS) and Provincial Management Service (PMS).
Meanwhile she discovered that she have come too far to quit now, and decided that "this is the moment", she should start guiding the graduate's about CSS/PMS studies. From there her journey started as a teacher/mentor/motivator but not a money maker and Aafreen institute for CSS and PMS came into being.
Now she is a teacher, it's how she define herself. A good teacher isn't someone who gives the answers out to their students but to understand the needs, challenges and gives tools to help them succeed further.

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