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Why CSS When You Were Already a Doctor? By: Dr Hina Sikander (CSS Officer)

I get this question in my inbox on daily basis. And I’ll try to answer it here.

Since day 1, my parents wanted me to be a doctor. I was conditioned into believing I wanted it too, and to an extent, it was my own dream too. I passionately worked for it. I got enrolled in a medical college and graduated as a doctor.

When the euphoria of graduating as a doctor subsided, I realised nothing really changed in my life. It didn’t feel as ecstatic as I dreamt myself to be. I went on to do the Housejob, alongwith finding distractions. It’d be a lie if I say I didn’t enjoy treating patients, i did!! But I just knew there had to be more of something for me. What and how? By then, I didn’t know that.

With half of my housejob still left, I stumbled across the idea of taking CSS. The decision was absolutely impulsive and I didn’t keep hopes much high. I probably was just finding a distraction and CSS preparation was my new toy which I was enjoying to the maximum. I took 2 months off from the housejob and took exam. A year later, when I was studying for my FCPS exam (medical post graduation exam), CSS final result had my name in it.

I didn’t know much about Civil Services by that time; I researched, I explored. The attraction of something different in it drew me closer to it. Honestly, it was actually at CSA, when I got a detailed understanding of bureaucracy and realised how passionate I felt about it. And after that, I knew there was no turning back.

That’s how I got here. From being a doctor to being a CSS Officer.

My point here is:

Their choices change too.
What I wanted 10 years ago may not be what I want today. And THAT IS OKAY!
That is called growth.

Moreover, it is different for everyone. Many of my friends, including my husband, are doctors and have no interest in civil services. They’re happy with their choices and I’m happy with mine. ♥

So let’s not judge people on their choices or decisions!

You’re an engineer but you want to teach? Great! Do it!

You’re an architect but you want to be chef? Hop on!

You only have one life;

Make sure you do what gives you ultimate delight. ♥

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