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Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (22 April 2020)

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
April 22, 2020

Vibrant (adjective) متحرک، تیزی سے لرزنے والا

full of energy and life.
Example: “a vibrant cosmopolitan city”
Synonyms: spirited, lively, full of life, full of spirit, high-spirited, energetic, sprightly, vigorous, vital.
Antonyms: spiritless, listless, dull

Disrupt (verb) منتشر کرنا، روکنا، وقفہ کرنا

interrupt (an event, activity, or process) by causing a disturbance or problem.
Example: “flooding disrupted rail services”
Synonyms: throw into confusion, throw into disorder, throw into disarray, cause confusion/turmoil in, play havoc with.
Antonyms: organize, arrange

Fragile (adjective) نازک، آسانی سے ٹوٹ جانیوالا

(of an object) easily broken or damaged.
Example: “fragile items such as glass and china”
Synonyms: breakable, easily broken, brittle, frangible, smashable, splintery, flimsy, weak, frail.
Antonyms: robust

Extinguish (verb) بجھانا، گل کرنا، ناپیدہ

cause (a fire or light) to cease to burn or shine.
Example: “firemen were soaking everything to extinguish the blaze”
Synonyms: douse, put out, quench, stamp out, smother, beat out, dampen down, blow out.
Antonyms: light

Hubris (noun) گھمنڈ، غرور، زعم

excessive pride or self-confidence.
Example: “the self-assured hubris among economists was shaken in the late 1980s”
Synonyms: arrogance, conceit, conceitedness, haughtiness, pride, vanity, self-importance, self-conceit.
Antonyms: modesty

Vulnerable (adjective) غیر محفوظ، جو مجروح کیا جا سکے

exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.
Example: “we were in a vulnerable position”
Synonyms: in danger, in peril, in jeopardy, at risk, endangered, unsafe, unprotected, ill-protected.
Antonyms: well protected, invulnerable, resilient

Chaotic (adjective) افراتفری، بدنظمی کی حالت

in a state of complete confusion and disorder.
Example: “the political situation was chaotic”
Synonyms: disorderly, disordered, in disorder, in chaos, in disarray, disorganized, topsy-turvy.
Antonyms: orderly

Adequate (adjective) معقول، کافی، مناسب

satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity.
Example: “this office is perfectly adequate for my needs”
Synonyms: sufficient, enough, ample, requisite, apposite, appropriate, suitable, acceptable, passable.
Antonyms: insufficient, inadequate, unequal to

Stringent (adjective) بہت سخت، شدید

(of regulations, requirements, or conditions) strict, precise, and exacting.
Example: “stringent guidelines on air pollution”
Synonyms: strict, firm, rigid, rigorous, severe, harsh, tough, tight, exacting, demanding.
Antonyms: lenient, flexible

Ravage (verb) تباہی، بربادی، غارت

cause severe and extensive damage to.
Example: “the hurricane ravaged southern Florida”
Synonyms: lay waste, devastate, ruin, leave in ruins, destroy, wreak havoc on, leave desolate, level, raze.
Antonyms: spare, conserve, preserve, indemnify

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