Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (20 July 2021)

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (20 July 2021)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Every aspirant knows the importance of English language and vocabulary. In order to facilitate the aspirants, we have started a new trend of posting vocabulary on our website. The vocabulary will include the words from dawn newspaper along with their meanings which will save a lot of time of the aspirants.
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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
July 20, 2021

Corroborate (verb) تصدیق کرنا، توثیق کرنا، ثابت کرنا،تائید کرنا

confirm or give support to (a statement, theory, or finding).
Example: “the witness had corroborated the boy’s account of the attack”
Synonyms: confirm, verify, endorse, ratify, authenticate, validate, certify, support, back up
Antonyms: contradict

Smear (verb) داغدار کرنا، تہمت، ملنا، دھبہ لگانا

coat or mark (something) messily or carelessly with a greasy or sticky substance.
Example: “his face was smeared with dirt”
Synonyms: streak, smudge, stain, mark, soil, dirty, blur, splotch, splodge, besmirch
Antonyms: clean, collect, purify, honor

Descend (verb) وراثت، نیچے اترنا، کم ہونا

move or fall downwards.
Example: “the aircraft began to descend”
Synonyms: go down, come down, drop, fall, sink, subside, dive, plummet, plunge
Antonyms: ascend, climb

Murky (adjective) دھندلا، گہرا، گدلا، اداس

dark and gloomy, especially due to thick mist.
Example: “the sky was murky and a thin drizzle was falling”
Synonyms: dark, gloomy, grey, leaden, dull, dim, overcast, cloudy, clouded, sunless
Antonyms: bright, sunny

Utterance (noun) بولنے کا عمل، اظہار خیالات، آواز سے ادائیگی

a spoken word, statement, or vocal sound.
Example: “he whispered, as if to lend his utterances an added confidentiality”
Synonyms: remark, comment, word, expression, statement, observation, declaration
Antonyms: listening, question, quiet, request

Hefty (adjective) طاقتور، ہٹا کٹا، بھاری شخص

large and heavy.
Example: “a hefty young chap”
Synonyms: burly, heavy, sturdy, strapping, bulky, brawny, husky, strong, muscular
Antonyms: slight, gaunt, light

Plunge (verb) ڈبکی، غرق کرنا، ڈبونا، گرنا

jump or dive quickly and energetically.
Example: “our little daughters whooped as they plunged into the sea”
Synonyms: jump, dive, hurl oneself, throw oneself, fling oneself, launch oneself, catapult oneself
Antonyms: climb, rise, float, ascend

Depletion (noun) خاتمہ ، سخت کمی، افراع، خالی کرنا

reduction in the number or quantity of something.
Example: “the depletion of the ozone layer”
Synonyms: exhaustion, using up, use, consumption, expending, expenditure, draining
Antonyms: augmentation

Barely (adverb) تھوڑی دیر پہلے، مشکل سے ، صرف

only just; almost not.
Example: “she nodded, barely able to speak”
Synonyms: hardly, scarcely, just, only just, narrowly, by the skin of one’s teeth, by a hair’s breadth
Antonyms: easily

Collide (verb) ناموافق، متصادم ہونا،ٹکر کھانا

hit by accident when moving.
Example: “she collided with someone”
Synonyms: crash (into), come into collision (with), bang (into), slam (into), impact (with), hit, strike, run into
Antonyms: coalesce

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