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Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (30 July 2021)

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
July 30, 2021

Fraternity (noun) گروہ، فرقہ، برادری

a group of people sharing a common profession or interests.
Example: “members of the hunting fraternity”
Synonyms: profession, body of workers, band, group, set, circle
Antonyms: sorority, solitude, separation, isolation

Precipitate (verb) جلد بازی والا، تیزی سے، جلد عمل، عجلت

cause (an event or situation, typically one that is undesirable) to happen suddenly, unexpectedly, or prematurely.
Example: “the incident precipitated a political crisis”
Synonyms: bring about, bring on, cause, lead to, occasion, give rise to, trigger, spark
Antonyms: block, catch, disrupt, discourage

Expound (verb) وضاحت کرنا، تفصیلات کے ساتھ، تشریح کرنا

present and explain (a theory or idea) in detail.
Example: “he was expounding a powerful argument”
Synonyms: present, put forward, set forth, proffer, offer, advance, propose, propound, frame
Antonyms: complicate, confuse, mystify, obscure

Exhaustive (adjective) مکمل اور جامع، تشریحی

including or considering all elements or aspects; fully comprehensive.
Example: “the guide outlines every bus route in exhaustive detail”
Synonyms: comprehensive, all-inclusive, complete, full, full-scale, all-embracing, all-encompassing, encyclopedic
Antonyms: perfunctory, incomplete

Discard (verb) برطرف کرنا، نکال پھینکنا

get rid of (someone or something) as no longer useful or desirable.
Example: “Hilary bundled up the clothes she had discarded”
Synonyms: dispose of, throw away, throw out, get rid of, toss out, reject, jettison, scrap
Antonyms: keep, acquire

Cohesion (noun) ربط، ملاپ، ہم آہنگی

the action or fact of forming a united whole.
Example: “the work at present lacks cohesion”
Synonyms: unity, togetherness, solidarity, bond, sticking together, continuity, coherence
Antonyms: detached, divided, loose, disjointed

Ambiguity (noun) ابہام، مبہم، غیر واضح

the quality of being open to more than one interpretation; inexactness.
Example: “we can detect no ambiguity in this section of the Act”
Synonyms: ambivalence, equivocation, obscurity, vagueness, abstruseness, doubtfulness
Antonyms: unambiguousness, transparency

Entrenched (adjective) مورچہ بند، حفاظت کے لئے مورچہ بند ہونا

(of an attitude, habit, or belief) firmly established and difficult or unlikely to change; ingrained.
Example: “an entrenched resistance to change”
Synonyms: ingrained, established, well established, long-established, confirmed, fixed, set firm
Antonyms: superficial

Apparatus (noun) آلات، کسی مقصد کو پورا کرنے کےلئے بنائی گئی مشین

the technical equipment or machinery needed for a particular activity or purpose.
Example: “firemen wearing breathing apparatus”
Synonyms: equipment, gear, rig, tackle, gadgetry, paraphernalia, appliance, instrument, tool
Antonyms: surface, ship, nonsubmersible, agitate

Inimical (adjective) معاندانہ، بے مروت، نامہربان

tending to obstruct or harm.
Example: “the policy was inimical to Britain’s real interests”
Synonyms: harmful, injurious, detrimental, deleterious, pernicious, damaging, hurtful, dangerous
Antonyms: helpful, advantageous

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