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Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (04 December 2020)

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
December 04, 2020

Battered (adjective) سخت استعمال سے خراب

injured by repeated blows or punishment.
Example: “he finished the day battered and bruised”
Synonyms: beaten, assaulted, thrashed, hit, thumped, abused, maltreated, ill-treated
Antonyms: new, undamaged, unabused

Dreary (adjective) غیر پرکشش، بے لطف، اداس

depressingly dull and bleak or repetitive.
Example: “the dreary round of working, eating, and trying to sleep”
Synonyms: dull, drab, uninteresting, flat, dry, banal, bland, insipid, colourless, lifeless
Antonyms: exciting, cheerful, bright

Mitigation (noun) کمی، تخفیف، اصل سے کم کا اندازہ لگانا

the action of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something.
Example: “the identification and mitigation of pollution”
Synonyms: alleviation, reduction, diminution, lessening, easing, weakening, lightening, assuagement
Antonyms: intensification

Inoculation (noun) ٹیکہ لگانا، بیماری سے تحفظ کی دوا ڈالنا

the action of inoculating or of being inoculated; vaccination.
Example: “inoculation against flu was readily available”
Synonyms: immunization, vaccination, vaccine, injection, booster, jab, shot
Antonyms: disabuse, unteach, prune, divest

Surmount (verb) فتح پانا، سبقت لے جانا

overcome (a difficulty or obstacle).
Example: “all manner of cultural differences were surmounted”
Synonyms: overcome, conquer, get over, prevail over, triumph over, get the better of, beat
Antonyms: be beaten by

Derisive (adjective) تمسخر آمیز، حقارت انگیز

expressing contempt or ridicule.
Example: “he gave a harsh, derisive laugh”
Synonyms: mocking, ridiculing, jeering, scoffing, jibing, pillorying, teasing, derisory, snide
Antonyms: respectful, praising

Tumult (noun) دنگے بازی، ہنگامہ، شور

a loud, confused noise, especially one caused by a large mass of people.
Example: “a tumult of shouting and screaming broke out”
Synonyms: din, loud noise, racket, uproar, commotion, ruckus, rumpus, hubbub, pandemonium
Antonyms: silence

Endeavour (verb) جدوجہد، سعی کرنا

try hard to do or achieve something.
Example: “he is endeavouring to help the Third World”
Synonyms: try, attempt, venture, undertake, aspire, aim, seek, set out, strive
Antonyms: idleness, inactivity, passivity, entertainment

Fragile (adjective) نازک، کاغذی،بودا

(of an object) easily broken or damaged.
Example: “fragile items such as glass and china”
Synonyms: breakable, easily broken, brittle, frangible, smashable, splintery, flimsy, weak, frail
Antonyms: robust

Meagre (adjective) قلیل، معمولی، چھوٹا

(of something provided or available) lacking in quantity or quality.
Example: “they were forced to supplement their meagre earnings”
Synonyms: inadequate, scanty, scant, paltry, limited, restricted, modest, insufficient, sparse
Antonyms: abundant

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