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Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (09 September 2021)

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
September 09, 2021

Facade (noun) رخ، اگواڑ، مکان کے سامنے کا حصہ

the principal front of a building, that faces on to a street or open space.
Example: “the house has a half-timbered facade”
Synonyms: front, frontage, face, aspect, elevation, exterior, outside
Antonyms: rear, back, last, aft

Glib (adjective) چرب زبان، تیز طراز زبان

(of words or a speaker) fluent but insincere and shallow.
Example: “the glib phrases soon roll off the tongue”
Synonyms: slick, pat, neat, plausible, silky, smooth-talking, fast-talking, smooth, urbane
Antonyms: sincere, thoughtful, inarticulate

Behove (verb) واجب ہونا، مناسب ہونا، زیب

it is a duty or responsibility for someone to do something.
Example: “it behoves the House to assure itself that there is no conceivable alternative”
Synonyms: be incumbent on, be obligatory for, be required of, be appropriate for, be expected of
Antonyms: Etymology

Peril (noun) ڈر، خطرہ، اندیشہ

serious and immediate danger.
Example: “you could well place us both in peril”
Synonyms: danger, jeopardy, risk, riskiness, hazard, insecurity, uncertainty, menace, threat
Antonyms: safety, security

Precedence (noun) ترجیح، سبقت، فوقیت

the condition of being considered more important than someone or something else; priority in importance, order, or rank.
Example: “his desire for power soon took precedence over any other consideration”
Synonyms: take priority over, outweigh, supersede, prevail over, come before
Antonyms: inferiority, sequence, subordination

Empathy (noun) ہم دردی، ہم احساس،ہم دلی

the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Synonyms: affinity with, rapport with, sympathy with, understanding of, sensitivity towards
Antonyms: distance

Contrary (adjective) متضاد، برخلاف، برعکس

opposite in nature, direction, or meaning.
Example: “he ignored contrary advice and agreed on the deal”
Synonyms: opposite, opposing, opposed, contradictory, clashing, conflicting, antithetical, incompatible
Antonyms: compatible, same

Conducive (adjective) امدادی، مددگار، باعث، سازگار

making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible.
Example: “the harsh lights and cameras were hardly conducive to a relaxed atmosphere”
Synonyms: good for, helpful to, instrumental in, calculated to produce, productive of, useful for, favourable
Antonyms: unfavourable

Mar (noun) خراب کرنا، برباد کرنا، بگاڑنا

impair the quality or appearance of; spoil.
Example: “violence marred a number of New Year celebrations”
Synonyms: spoil, ruin, impair, disfigure, detract from, flaw, blemish, scar, mutilate, deface
Antonyms: improve, enhance

Adequate (adjective) کافی، معقول

satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity.
Example: “this office is perfectly adequate for my needs”
Synonyms: sufficient, enough, ample, requisite, apposite, appropriate, suitable, acceptable, passable
Antonyms: insufficient, inadequate, unequal to

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