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Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (21 September 2021)

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
September 21, 2021

Orchestrate (verb) منصوبہ بنانا، منصوبہ بندی کرنا

arrange or score (music) for orchestral performance.
Example: “the song cycle was stunningly arranged and orchestrated”
Synonyms: arrange, adapt, score, instrument
Antonyms: disperse, divide, separate

Incendiary (adjective) آگ لگانے والا مجرم، جلانے والا

(of a device or attack) designed to cause fires.
Example: “incendiary bombs”
Synonyms: combustible, flammable, inflammable, fire-producing, fire-raising
Antonyms: conciliatory

Traverse (verb) مخالف کرنا، کسی چیز کے آر پار ہونےوالا سریا

travel across or through.
Example: “he traversed the forest”
Synonyms: travel over/across, cross, journey over/across, make one’s way across, pass over
Antonyms: stay, back up, confirm

Erode (verb) کاٹ دینا، کم ہونا

gradually destroy or be gradually destroyed.
Example: “this humiliation has eroded what confidence Jean has”
Synonyms: wear away/down, abrade, scrape away, grind down, crumble, dissolve
Antonyms: build, ignore, neglect, preserve

Ostensibly (adverb) بادی النظر میں ، ظاہراً

as appears or is stated to be true, though not necessarily so; apparently.
Example: “the party secretary resigned, ostensibly from ill health”
Synonyms: apparently, seemingly, on the face of it, to all appearances, on the surface, to all intents and purposes
Antonyms: genuinely, really, truly

Concomitant (adjective) لازم و ملزوم، ایک ساتھ،

naturally accompanying or associated.
Example: “she loved travel, with all its concomitant worries”
Synonyms: attendant, accompanying, associated, collateral, related, connected, linked
Antonyms: unrelated

Fruition (noun) پھل دینے کی حالت، سود مند

the realization or fulfilment of a plan or project.
Example; “the plans have come to fruition rather sooner than expected”
Synonyms: fulfilment, realization, actualization, materialization, achievement, attainment
Antonyms: inception

Rickety (adjective) گرنے کے قریب، لاغر، کمزور

(of a structure or piece of equipment) poorly made and likely to collapse.
Example: “we went carefully up the rickety stairs”
Synonyms: shaky, unsteady, unsound, unsafe, tottering, crumbling, decaying
Antonyms: firm, stable, steady

Bygone (adjective) گزشتہ، گزرا ہوا

belonging to an earlier time.
Example: “relics of a bygone age”
Synonyms: past, former, earlier, one-time, long-ago, gone by, previous, forgotten, lost
Antonyms: present, recent

Underpin (verb) سہارا دینا ، تائید کرنا، ثابت ہونا

support (a building or other structure) from below by laying a solid foundation below ground level or by substituting stronger for weaker materials
Example: “the theme of honour underpinning the two books”
Synonyms: support, shore up, prop up, hold up, buttress, carry, bear, brace, strengthen
Antonyms: hinder

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