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Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (07 April 2021)

Daily DAWN News Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (07 April 2021)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Every aspirant knows the importance of English language and vocabulary. In order to facilitate the aspirants, we have started a new trend of posting vocabulary on our website. The vocabulary will include the words from dawn newspaper along with their meanings which will save a lot of time of the aspirants.
So, keep in touch with CSS Times for daily Dawn vocabulary with Urdu Meanings.

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Daily Dawn Newspaper English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
April 07, 2021

Harbour (verb) بندرگاہ، پناہ گاہ، پناہ دینا، ذہن میں رکھنا

keep (a thought or feeling, typically a negative one) in one’s mind, especially secretly.
Example: “she started to harbour doubts about the wisdom of their journey”
Synonyms: bear, nurse, nurture, cherish, entertain, foster, feel secretly, hold on to
Antonyms: hand over

Protestation (noun) قول، احتجاج، مخالفت

an emphatic declaration in response to doubt or accusation.
Example: “her protestations of innocence were in vain”
Synonyms: declaration, announcement, statement, profession, assertion, insistence
Antonyms: acceptance, agreement, allowance, answer

Flagrant (adjective) انتہائی برا، قابل مذمت، فاش

(of an action considered wrong or immoral) conspicuously or obviously offensive.
Example: “a flagrant violation of the law”
Synonyms: blatant, glaring, obvious, overt, evident, conspicuous, naked, barefaced
Antonyms: unobtrusive, slight

Proactive (adjective) فعال، پیش قدمی کے ذریعے صورتحال پر قابو پانیوالا

(of a person or action) creating or controlling a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened.
Example: “employers must take a proactive approach to equal pay”
Synonyms: enterprising, take-charge, energetic, driven, bold, dynamic, motivated, go-ahead
Antonyms: passive, inactive, retroactive

Vicinity (noun) آس پاس کا علاقہ، محلہ ، پڑوس

the area near or surrounding a particular place.
Example: “the number of people living in the immediate vicinity was small”
Synonyms: surrounding district, surrounding area, neighbourhood, locality, locale, local area
Antonyms: distance, remoteness, separation, removal

Abundance (noun) بہتات، زیادہ، فراوانی، کثرت

a very large quantity of something.
Example: “the tropical island boasts an abundance of wildlife”
Synonyms: profusion, plentifulness, profuseness, copiousness, amplitude, affluence, lavishness
Antonyms: lack, scarcity

Refrain (verb) روکنا، پرہیز کرنا

stop oneself from doing something.
Example: “she refrained from comment”
Synonyms: abstain, desist, hold back, stop oneself, withhold, forbear, forgo, do without
Antonyms: indulge, venture, continue, persist

Combative (adjective) لڑاکا، متنازع، جھگڑالو

ready or eager to fight or argue.
Example: “he made some enemies with his combative style”
Synonyms: pugnacious, aggressive, antagonistic, quarrelsome, argumentative, contentious, hostile
Antonyms: conciliatory

Aisle (noun) طویل تنگ راستہ، نشتوں کے درمیان راستہ

a passage between rows of seats in a building such as a church or theatre, an aircraft, or train.
Example: “the musical had the audience dancing in the aisles”
Synonyms: passage, passageway, corridor, gangway, walkway, path, lane, alley
Antonyms: definitions, examples,·thesaurus

Untenable (adjective) ناقابل مدافعت، غیر مستحکم، جو دلیل سے ثابت نہ ہو سکے

(especially of a position or view) not able to be maintained or defended against attack or objection.
Example: “this argument is clearly untenable”
Synonyms: indefensible, undefendable, unarguable, insupportable, refutable, unsustainable
Antonyms: tenable, defensible

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