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English Phrasal Verbs in Use
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Why was this book written?

It was written to help you improve your knowledge of phrasal verbs in English. Phrasal verbs are verbs which have a main verb and particle which, together, create one meaning (e.g. a plane takes off from the airport; an adult looks after a child).

You will come across a great many phrasal verbs when you listen to and read English, and so it is important that you learn about their meanings and about how they are used.

You can use this book either with a teacher or for self-study.

There are more than 5,000 phrasal verbs and related noun and adjective forms in use in English.

This book focuses just on those phrasal verbs which you need to know for everyday spoken and written communication in English, and it aims to provide the information and practice which will help you understand and use them correctly.


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