Encyclopedia of Islam | Download Complete Book in PDF

Encyclopedia of Islam | Download Complete Book in PDF
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Encyclopedia of Islam by: Juan E. Campo (J. Gordon Melton, Series Editor)

Book Preface 

The Encyclopedia of World Religions series has been designed to provide comprehensive coverage of six major global religious traditions—Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Roman Catholicism, and Protestant Christianity.

The volumes have been constructed in an A-to-Z format to provide a handy guide to the major terms, concepts, people, events, and organizations that have, in each case, transformed the religion from its usually modest beginnings to the global force that it has become.

Each of these religions began as the faith of a relatively small group of closely related ethnic peoples.

Each has, in the modern world, become a global community, and, with one notable exception, each has transcended its beginning to become an international multiethnic community. Judaism, of course, largely defines itself by its common heritage and ancestry and has an alternative but equally fascinating story.

Surviving long after most similar cultures from the ancient past have turned to dust, Judaism has, within the last century, regathered its scattered people into a homeland while simultaneously watching a new diaspora carry Jews into most of the contemporary world’s countries.

Each of the major traditions has also, in the modern world, become amazingly diverse.

Buddhism, for example, spread from its original home in India across southern Asia and then through Tibet and China to Korea and Japan.

Each time it crossed a language barrier, something was lost, but something seemed equally to be gained, and an array of forms of Buddhism emerged. In Japan alone, Buddhism exists in hundreds of different sect groupings. Protestantism, the newest of the six traditions, began with at least four different and competing forms of the religious life and has since splintered into thousands of denominations.


Download ”  Encyclopedia of Islam ” Complete Book in PDF

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