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English Grammar MCQs

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-11)

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-11)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-11)

1. I don’t know how the nurse _______ the constant demands of that elderly patient.
A) thinks over
B) changes over
C) turns on
D) wakes up
E) puts up with
Answer: E

2. As he has taken those antibiotics, it will be very difficult to _______ just what the problem is.
A) turn up
B) give up
C) put down
D) find out
E) look up
Answer: D

3. The brain and spinal cord _______ the central nervous system.
A) stand for
B) turn down
C) make up
D) get on
E) count on
Answer: C

4. Air pollution is obviously one of the major _______ of city life.
A) references
B) disadvantages
C) attempts
D) definitions
E) expressions
Answer: B

5. The lawyer submitted to the court several documents to _______ his point of view.
A) support
B) overcome
C) refrain
D) improve
E) alienate
Answer: A

6. The latest figures concerning the company’s sales are certainly very _______ .
A) determined
B) intensive
C) emphatic
D) reluctant
E) disturbing
Answer: E

7. On Tuesday, I’ll be able to let you know _______ how many people will be attending the conference.
A) mostly
B) fortunately
C) comparatively
D) precisely
E) immensely
Answer: D

8. From the evidence, it seems pretty obvious that someone _______ the office sometime during the night.
A) found out
B) took after
C) broke into
D) made out
E) ran up
Answer: C

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9. If it rains, the football match will be _______ until next week.
A) given out
B) put off
C) turned off
D) run through
E) taken on
Answer: B

10. For the chemists of the 18th and 19th centuries, an understanding of the chemical nature of food was a major _______.
A) objective
B) agreement
C) submission
D) significance
E) estimation
Answer: A

11. The green button on the far left of the machine _______ the volume.
A) interferes
B) discloses
C) regulates
D) allows
E) arises
Answer: C

12. You should have attended that lecture on durability testing of fibres; it really was most _______.
A) irrelevant
B) stimulating
C) dull
D) reluctant
E) feasible
Answer: B

13. His forecast turned out to be _______ accurate considering how little information he had to work on.
A) lately
B) effortlessly
C) intentionally
D) surprisingly
E) heavily
Answer: D

14. The new engineer is highly knowledgeable, but can we _______ him to lead the team successfully?
A) run on
B) put on
C) make on
D) take up
E) rely on
Answer: E

15. Many of the lesser developed countries find it hard to _______ the more developed ones, due to the rapid advances in technology there.
A) make up for
B) keep up with
C) look out for
D) turn upon
E) run through
Answer: B

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16. Many experiments _______ blood composition are carried out in this laboratory.
A) related to
B) led from
C) followed through
D) contained in
E) denied by
Answer: A

17. _______ obesity results basically from an excess of calories, in some instances, genetic background may be a contributing factor. (English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) Since
B) However
C) Nevertheless
D) Even though
E) Unless
Answer: D

18. It may have something to do with the rising price of medicines, but certainly _______ people are beginning to show an interest in natural remedies. (English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) as many more
B) the more
C) the most
D) as many
E) more and more
Answer: E

19. Each year, large amounts of carbonmonoxide are _______ into the atmosphere by automobiles and factories. (English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) absorbed
B) emitted
C) exchanged
D) repulsed
E) compelled
Answer: B

20. The first two paragraphs _______ the particular requirements of the digital environment as the source of data and as a means of producing maps and other visualisations. (English Vocabulary MCQs)
A) lay emphasis on
B) run out of
C) break through
D) stop short of
E) look down on
Answer: A

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