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English Grammar MCQs

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-I)

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs
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Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs (Set-I)

Sponsorship is being increasingly allowed in schools provided it is regarded as being ——- with educational curricula.
A considerate
B predictable
C decisive
D compatible
E provocative
Answer: D

As the new field worker will be working in close ——- with several others, make sure you select someone with agreeable personality.
A uniformity
B suspicion
C collaboration
D discretion
E productivity
Answer: C

The discovery of a ——- cancer-causing chemical in foods like crisps, chips and cereals caused shockwaves around the world when it hit the headlines earlier this year.
A completely
B potentially
C constantly
D radically
E remarkably
Answer: B

The study of the situation covers a great deal of relevant material, but does not tackle the real issues —— enough.
A disturbingly
B outrageously
C vaguely
D adequately
E currently
Answer: D

The recent recovery in palm oil production in Southeast Asia has lead to a / an —– decline in all vegetable oil prices.
A dense
B tentative
C clumsy
D abstract
E dramatic
Answer: E

At present, the rate of economic growth is very satisfactory, but —— when foreign competition makes itself felt, this will not be the case.
A enthusiastically
B eventually
C considerably
D effectively
E preferably
Answer: B

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Serbian —— in Bosnia has been strongly condemned by the civilised world, but little serious action has been taken against it.
A conduct
B settlement
C investment
D treaty
E compliment
Answer: A

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs

In view of the severe economic recession, his appointment to this office was regarded as highly ——.
A refutable
B persuasive
C compulsory
D appropriate
E considerable
Answer: D

In a child, curiosity normally suggests intelligence and is welcomed; but an —— adult is best avoided.
A indefinite
B indulgent
C indecisive
D impartial
E inquisitive
Answer: E

I am not —— that the proposal actually will lead to an improvement in the situation.
A impressed
B deterred
C convinced
D refrained
E intrusive
Answer: C

It is a society that is —— to waging war on all forms of environmental pollution.
A regarded
B preferred
C referred
D committed
E upheld
Answer: D

Many of the pictures sent from outer space are presently on —— in the public library.
A duty
B display
C account
D exchange
E reinforcement
Answer: B

Organizations are often said to be theatres in which people —— roles in dramas, and psychic prisons, or political arenas.
A perform
B allege
C reinforce
D presume
E betray
Answer: A

The objective of this project is to increase the depth of awareness and understanding in the world about the causes and consequences of the HIV epidemic through —— policies and programmes.
A innovative
B decadent | English Vocabulary MCQs
C meagre
D ambiguous
E poignant
Answer: A

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Launched as the new regulatory authority for the country’s banking and financial sector, the National Financial Services Management will extend its activities so as —— to cover more than 40% of the national economy.
A exceptionally
B ultimately
C inherently
D fluently
E apparently
Answer: B

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs

To the —— of those who believe that the new policy will help for the company to get over the long lasting recession, it proved to be far worse than the previous one.
A competition
B optimism
C respect
D sanction
E despair
Answer: E

In what is viewed as a major diplomatic —— by Türkiye, Syria agreed to Turkish demands that it abandon its support for Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) guerrillas.
A distinction
B execution | English Vocabulary MCQs
C failure
D victory
E pretension
Answer: D

Governments throughout the world —— that the welfare of their people depends on the economic strength and wealth of the community.
A enlighten
B commence
C assume
D castigate
E accomplish
Answer: C

Advanced Level English Vocabulary MCQs

Many early peoples who had not yet learned to catch fish, hunt game, or till the soil —— lived chiefly on roots, berries and nuts.
A undoubtedly
B inconsistently
C supremely
D exceedingly
E randomly
Answer: A

He devised an —— scheme whereby the rate of unemployment in the country could be brought down sharply.
A irrelevant
B unstable | English Vocabulary MCQs
C ingenious
D unfamed
E illegible
Answer: C

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