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Essay Outline: The Role of Opposition in the Politics of Pakistan

Essay Outline for CSS Exams
Written by Iqra Shaukat
  1. Introduction
  2. What is opposition, its forms and extent?
  • Fundamental components of liberal democracy
  • Parliamentary opposition
  • Unconstitutional opposition
  • Opposition as minority party
  1. A conceptual framework of opposition in Pakistan
  2. Historical events which have proved that opposition have played constructive role to mobilise public opinion in Pakistan.
  • Peasant movement in East Pakistan
  • Language movement in East Pakistan
  • Anti-Ahmadiyya movement in the Punjab
  • Anti-One Unit movement in West Pakistan
  1. What is the role of opposition in an emerging democracy of Pakistan?
  • The role in democratic governance
  • The voice of the voiceless
  • An alternative to the ruling government
  • An official opposition
  1. What the opposition can do for the people of Pakistan
  • To build confidence of the peopleIqra Shaukat CSS
  • To reassure their concerns and interests
  • To improve the quality of life
  • To criticize by offering cogent reasons
  • To protect society from the excesses and corruption of power
  • To change every abuse of executive power, bureaucracy redtapism
  • To address the issues of human rights
  • To protect the public funds
  • To be vigilant as watch dog
  • To stimulate democratic debate
  1. Is it true opposition has failed completely to play its role in Pakistan?
  2. Which factors are responsible for ineffective role of opposition in Pakistan?
  • Military – Bureaucratic oligarchy
  • Socio-Cultural incongruities
  • Difference of opinions between right and left
  • Ethic divisions of political parties
  • Linguistic problems
  1. What are the legitimate rights of the opposition in Pakistan?
  • To operate in a free and democratic atmosphere
  • To access state’s Media
  • To get freedom of association, speech and demonstrations
  • To freely access materials from official sources
  • To have free access to the people
  • To discharge its duty effectively
  • To be accorded the same treatment and facilities
  1. What are responsibilities of opposition in Pakistan?
  • To fair in the criticism of government policies
  • To uphold, defend the sovereignty
  • To work for national integration
  • To join hands government to tackle the natural disasters
  1. What are measures which can help to bolster the role of opposition in Pakistan?
  • By active political participation
  • By acting as organized and institutionalized agent
  • By taking stance on the contemporary issues
  • By harnessing public opinion
  • By leading to conciliation or unification
  • By playing oversight role to ensure government actions in the interest of general masses
  • By exposing weakness in government policies
  • By playing Effective role to further vistas of glory and achievement
  1. Conclusion

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