Extensive Session for CSS 2020 – 1 Year Customize Plan

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Extensive Session for CSS 2020 – 1 Year Customize Plan

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Al Bahria CSS Institute are launching a second session for CSS Aspirants who wish to crack CSS in their first attempt. It is an extensive program of 8 months where the academics have been divided into 3 phases.

1: The Basic Phase:

A two months phase where various foreign authored books will be covered along with daily news paper, Times Magazine and other important journals will be provided and covered in classes. Workshops on notes making and time management will be provided to ensure that students do not confuse themselves.

2: The Academics Phase:

Students will cover the syllabus of their optionals and compulsory subjects in this phase. The knowledge of the books which have already been red will be utilised in that phase and some other material will be recommended to ensure that the preparation is up to mark.

3: Revision and Test Sessions

A quick revision phase will ensure that all the knowledge which was imparted is to be revised under the supervision of our faculty. The students will revise their course and basics in this phase and a test session will start simultaneously inorder to ensure that the knowledge is now utilized practically. Detailed feedback will be provided in all the mock tests which will eventually lead to the grand tests. After Grand Tests, the students will be comprehensively prepared for the CSS-2020.

Only 20 seats are available on first come first serve basis.

No student will be entertained after the slots have been filled.

Register today by calling or WhatsApp at 03334438610, 03004469650

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