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Famous Personalities of World

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Name the English poet of 18th century whose works included Rape of the Lock, Dunciad and Essay on Man.
(a)      Edward Gibbon
(b)      Alexander Pope (Correct)
(c)       John Keats
(d)      Johannes Keplar

Who was the first Secretary General of OIC?
(a)      Abdul Rahman Tunku
(b)      Anwar Saddat
(c)       Nasser of Egypt (Correct)
(d)      None of these

During World War II who was the President of USA?
(a)      Franklin Roosevelt
(b)      Theodore Roosevelt
(c)       Henery Trueman (Correct)
(d)      George Washington

Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Rumi was born in
(a)      Konya (Turkey)
(b)      Ispahan (Iran)
(c)       Balkh (Afghanistan) (Correct)
(d)      None of them

Abu-Al-Hassan Al-Mawardi was a great jurist, and an expert in political science born in
(a)      Damascus                     (b)   Bassrah (Correct)
(c)       Baghdad                       (d)   None of them

Empress Catherine II, known as Catherine the Great was herself a/an
(a)      German by birth
(b)      American by Birth (Correct)
(c)       French by birth
(d)      British by birth

Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroya assumed the office of president of Philippine in
(a)      2001 (Correct)            (b)   2002
(c)       2000                               (d)   1999

Dmity Ivanovich Medeleyer (Russian) published his first version of periodics table of elements in
(a)      1865                               (b)   1869 (Correct)
(c)       1873                               (d)   1879

Name the scientist who discovered that the germs of malaria was spread by mosquitoes
(a)      Rober Koch
(b)      Jeans Jacques Rousseau (Correct)
(c)       Peter Muller
(d)      Frank Whittle

Dr. Ahmad Sukarno was the President of:
(a)      Malaysia                        (b)   Indonesia (Correct)
(c)       Maldives                        (d)   None of them

Which of the President of USA was involved in Watergate Scandal?
(a)      Richard M Nixon (Correct)
(b)      Ronald Reagon
(c)       George Bush
(d)      Johnson

In which year did Dr. Abdus Salam receive the Nobel Prize in Physics
(a)      1980                               (b)   1985
(c)       1979 (Correct)            (d)   1984

The origin of the idea of Pakistan is associated with the name of
(a)      Sir Sayed Ahmad Khan
(b)      Allama Iqbal (Correct)
(c)       Quaid-e-Azam
(d)      Liaquat Ali Khan

 “Decline of the West” book was written by German Philosopher
(a)      Herbert Spencer (Correct)
(b)      Spengler
(c)       Spinoza
(d)      None of these

Who is the only person to win the two Nobel Prizes for Peace and Chemistry?
(a)      Bertrand Russel
(b)      Romain Rolland
(c)       Ernst Ludwig (Correct)
(d)      Dr. Linus Pauling

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, On 21 July 1969, these words were uttered by
(a)      Neil Armstrong (Correct)
(b)      Ernest Rutherford
(c)       Albert Schweitzer
(d)      None of them

Who is called Father of International law?
(a)      Hugo Grotius (Correct)
(b)      Jermmy Bantham
(c)       Stark
(d)      None of these.

Marie Curie won Nobel Prize for Isolation of Metallic radium in
(a)      1910                               (b)   1911
(c)       1909 (Correct)            (d)   1912

Who is called “lion of the Punjab”?
(a)      Sultan Tipu
(b)      Ranjit Singh
(c)       Zaffar Ali Khan (Correct)
(d)      Akbar the Great

The first person who sailed around the world was
(a)      Robert Piere                 (b)   Magellan (Correct)
(c)       Captain Cook               (d)   None of these

The famous nursery rhyme “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is written by
(a)      William Shakespeare
(b)      Jane Taylor (Correct)
(c)       Charles Dickens
(d)      William Wordsworth

Who invented the Steam Locomotive?
(a)      Edison                           (b)   Stephenson (Correct)
(c)       JRD Tata                       (d)   Alexander

Which American industrialist was praised by Adlof Hitler in his autobiography, Mein Kampf. In fact, he was the only American to be praised by Hitler
(a)      Henry Ford
(b)      Gerald Ford (Correct)
(c)       Thomas Alva Edison
(d)      Henry Ford II

He was the first to make his clothes available as ready-to-wear collections. Who is he?
(a)      Pierre Cardin (Correct)     (b)                Benetton
(c)       Armani                           (d)   Lacoste

One among the two most powerful leaders in the world, he now occasionally goes on lecture tours, and acts in Pizza Hut commercials. Name him:
(a)      Ronald Reagan
(b)      George Bush
(c)       Mikhail Gorbachev (Correct)
(d)      Leonid Brezhnev

Michelangelo was a famous:
(a)      Artist (Correct)            (b)   Politician
(c)       Singer                            (d)   None of them

Mozart Wolfgang was a famous Austrian:
(a)      Art designer
(b)      Music Composer (Correct)
(c)       Drama Actor
(d)      Poet

Who was the second Governor-General of Pakistan
(a)      Ghulam Muhammad
(b)      Liaquat Ali Khan
(c)       Skindar Mirza
(d)      Khawaja Nazimuddin (Correct)

Name the English mathematician who first stated the laws of gravitation and light
(a)      Isaq Newton
(b)      Richard Gatling
(c)       Jhones Elva Addison (Correct)
(d)      Edwin Armstrong

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Name the person who devised shorthand system:
(a)      Sir Isac Pitman (Correct)
(b)      Sir Isac Newton
(c)       J. Philip Reis
(d)      David Bushnell

The winner of the 2003 Nobel Prize for Literature John Maxwell Coetzee belongs to which of the following countries?
(a)      Germany (Correct)    (b)   USA
(c)       South Africa                  (d)   Belgium

Who among the following has won the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize?
(a)      Goh Chok Tong
(b)      Vaclav Havel
(c)       Pope John Paul II
(d)      Shirin Ebadi (Correct)

Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on
(a)      Special theory of relativity
(b)      General theory of relativity (Correct)
(c)       Theory of photoelectric effect
(d)      Theory of Brownian motion

The scientist who shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with his son was
(a)      Henri Antoine Becquerel
(b)      Pierre Curie
(c)       Louis De Broglie
(d)      W. H. Bragg (Correct)

Who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in the year 2005?
(a)      Robert Crwsi (Correct)      (b)                Harold Pinter
(c)       Neil Gilbert                   (d)   Roger Moore

Earnest Hemingway was awarded Nobel Prize for
(a)      Chemistry                      (b)   Physics
(c)       History                           (d)   Literature (Correct)

Abu Abdullah al-Battani (859-929) was famous Muslim
(a)      Painter
(b)      Astronomer and Mathematician (Correct)
(c)       Educationist
(d)      None of them

Who advocated the theory of laissez faire?
(a)      Marshall                        (b)   Malthus
(c)       Adam Smith (Correct)       (d)                None of these

The contemporary of Shakespeare was
(a)      Akbar the great            (b)   Elizabeth I
(c)       Louis XIV                       (d)   All of them (Correct)

A german scientist who discovered x-rays
(a)      Rontegen (Correct)   (b)   H. Morgan
(c)       G. Mendel                     (d)   C. B. Bridges

Who among the following proposed the theory that “life could have arisen from non-organic molecules”?
(a)      Miller
(b)      Oparin and Haldane (Correct)
(c)       Darwin
(d)      Louis Pasteur

Otto Von Bismarck is called the?
(a)      Grand Commoner
(b)      Man of Blood and Iron (Correct)
(c)       Grand Old Man
(d)      Man of Destiny

Where was Albert Einstein born?
(a)      UK  (b)                           USA
(c)       Germany (Correct)    (d)   Albania

John Maynard Keynes was a?
(a)      Poet                                (b)   Scientist
(c)       Mathematician             (d)   Economist (Correct)

Abu Raihan Al-Biruni (973-1048) was one of the well-known figures associated with the court of
(a)      Mahmood Ghauri (Correct)
(b)      Sultan Mahmood Ghaznvi
(c)       Akbar the Great
(d)      None of them

Abu-Al-Nasr-Al-Farabi (870-950), a well-known Muslim philosopher, mathematician was in Europe as
(a)      Al-Hazan
(b)      Al-Phrarabius (Correct)
(c)       Avicened
(d)      None of them

Some personalities and their countries are matched below. Which of these is wrong?
(a)      Pablo Picasso – Spain (Correct)
(b)      Jesus Christ – Bethlehim
(c)       Nicolas Copernicus – Italy
(d)      Gengis Khan – Mongolia

Marco Polo was the famous
(a)      Traveller (Correct)     (b)   Scientist
(c)       Musician                        (d)   Conqueror

Pablo Picasso was a
(a)      Italian painter (Correct)
(b)      American scientist
(c)       British jurist
(d)      German sportsman

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 ‘Tim Berners’Lee’ is famous because he
(a)      Invented synthetic plastic
(b)      Designed the world wide web (Correct)
(c)       Invented mobile phone
(d)      Designed lap top

Which of the following gases is used for purification of water?
(a)      Oxygen                          (b)   Ammonia
(c)       Chlorine (Correct)      (d)   Carbon dioxide

Penicillin was discovered by
(a)      Alfred Nobel
(b)      Alexander Fleming (Correct)
(c)       Louis Pasteur
(d)      S. A. Waksman

Actor Michael Sheared, who played Adolf Hitler’s character for five times died on 31th August, 2005 belonged to
(a)      USA                                (b)   Britain (Correct)
(c)       France                           (d)   Spain

Who is the father of modern “Psychology”?
(a)      Segment Phonic
(b)      Segmund Freud (Correct)
(c)       Marshall Jan
(d)      Matheow Hall

He invented the process of the vulcanisation of rubber and gave his name to a famous tyre company. Name him.
(a)      Dunlop
(b)      Charles Goodyear (Correct)
(c)       Pirelli
(d)      Michelin

In the 19th century, he changed his name to Paul Julius Reuter and founded the news agency, Reuter. Who was he?
(a)      John D Rockefeller, Sr
(b)      Israel ben Beers (Correct)
(c)       Rupert Murdoch
(d)      Kerry Packer

Who was the painter of Mona Lisa?
(a)      Leonardo da Vinci (Correct)
(b)      F.A. Bartholdi
(c)       Henry Smith
(d)      None of these

J.B. Priestly was a well-known
(a)      French scientist
(b)      German scientist
(c)       British author (Correct)
(d)      Italian author

Which one of the following scientists started the modern system of using symbols for the elements?
(a)      Jons Jacobs Berzelius
(b)      Joseph Priestley
(c)       Ernest Rutherford
(d)      John Dalton (Correct)

‘Razia Sultana’ was the ruler of
(a)      Ghori dynasty
(b)      Tughlaq dynasty
(c)       Slave dynasty (Correct)
(d)      Khilji dynasty

The only secretary general of united nations from Asian Continent was
(a)      U Thant                         (b)   Goutros Ghali
(c)       Ban Ki Moon                 (d)   Both a and c (Correct)

Sun Yat-sen was the
(a)      First President of the Chinese Republic (Correct)
(b)      First Chairman of Communist Party of China
(c)       First Premier of China
(d)      None of these

Name the President of Palestine?
(a)      Mahmoud Abbas (Correct)
(b)      Mohammad Najib
(c)       Abu Bakr
(d)      None of them

Which of the following statements is correct?
(a)      Socrates was disciple of Plato (Correct)
(b)      Plato was disciple of Aristotle
(c)       Plato was disciple of Aristotle
(d)      Socrates and Plato were disciple of Aristotle

Freud is associated with
(a)      Detective
(b)      Psychology
(c)       Physiology and medicine (Correct)
(d)      Leprosy control

The first woman to climb Mount Everest was:
(a)      Marie Jose Perec
(b)      Florence Griffith Joyner
(c)       Junko Tabei (Correct)
(d)      Jackie Joyner Kersee

Who is the founder of Chemistry
(a)      Muhammad Bin Zikrya Al-Razi
(b)      Jabir Bin Hayyan (Correct)
(c)       Ibn-ul-Haitham
(d)      Al-Bairuni

The acid prepared by Jabir Bin Hayyan is
(a)      Phosphoric Acid
(b)      Carbonic Acid
(c)       Sulphuric Acid (Correct)
(d)      Citric Acid

Method for the preparation of Varnish was discovered by
(a)      Jabir Bin Hayyan (Correct)
(b)      Muhammad Bin Zikrya Al-Razi
(c)       Al-Bairuni
(d)      Ibn-ul-Haitham

The book “Kitab-al-Shafa” is written by
(a)      Ibn-ul-Haitham
(b)      Al-Bairuni
(c)       Bu Ali Sina (Correct)
(d)      Jabir Bin Hayyan

The Construction and working of different parts of human body was explained by Bu Ali Sina in his book
(a)      Kitab-al-Shafa
(b)      Al-Qanoon-fil-Tib (Correct)
(c)       Kitab-ul-Minazir
(d)      Al-Kitab

Only Pakistani scientist who won the Noble prize is
(a)      Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan
(b)      Dr. Abdus Salam (Correct)
(c)       Dr. Munir Ahmed Khan
(d)      Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand

Which research scientist is one of the co-founders of Sony Corporation, the other being Akio Morita?
(a)      Masao Morita
(b)      Masaru Ibuka (Correct)
(c)       Kaoru Shoki
(d)      Shuzaburo Tachikawa

Which term, used to describe well-to-do businessmen, comes from the Japanese words meaning “Great Lord” or “Great Prince”?
(a)      Business Magnate
(b)      Samurai
(c)       Shogun
(d)      Tycoon (Correct)

Saudi billionaire Osama Bin Laden made his money through which business?
(a)      Drug trafficking
(b)      Weapons trading
(c)       Petroleum trading
(d)      Construction (Correct)

Software King Bill Gates was a dropout from which University?
(a)      Harvard (Correct)
(b)      Stanford
(c)       Ohio State University
(d)      MIT

English translation of the book “Al-Chemia” of Jabir Bin Hayyan was done by
(a)      A.W. Willson
(b)      Rober of Chester (Correct)
(c)       P. Mathew
(d)      Mu Aw Homus

Who was an experienced surgeon.
(a)      Jabir Bin Hayyan
(b)      Bu-Ali-Sina
(c)       Muhammad Bin Zikrya Al-Razi (Correct)
(d)      Al-Bairuni

Muhammad Bin Zikrya Al-Razi prepared alcohol by using the process of
(a)      Distillation                     (b)   Fermentation (Correct)
(c)       Crystallization              (d)   Evaporation

Who founded the famous Philips company in 1891 and began manufacturing of incadescent lamps?
(a)      Gerard Philips (Correct)
(b)      Thomas Alva Edison
(c)       John Logi Baird
(d)      Charles Goodyear

Dr. Abdus Salam served Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission from
(a)      1955 to 1970                (b)   1958 to 1970
(c)       1958 to 1974 (Correct)     (d)                1962 to 1975

First Chairman of SPARCO was
(a)      Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan
(b)      Dr. Munir Ahmed Khan
(c)       Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman
(d)      Dr. Abdus Salam (Correct)

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan did his Ph.D. from Leaven University of
(a)      Germany                       (b)   Holland
(c)       Belgium (Correct)      (d)   Austria

Henry Kissinger was the former US:
(a)      PM
(b)      President
(c)       Secretary of State (Correct)
(d)      Defence Minister

Leo Tolestoy a Novelist and Philosopher was
(a)      Russian (Correct)      (b)   English
(c)       German                         (d)   Greek

Famous drama Hamlet was written by:
(a)      Marlowe
(b)      Goethe
(c)       Bernard Shaw
(d)      W. Shakespeare (Correct)

Omar Khayyam was a Persian:
(a)      Novelist                         (b)   Poet (Correct)
(c)       Actor                               (d)   Author

Name the Mangolian Emperor who conquered most of Asia and used missile as war weapon for the first time in history.
(a)      Ganges Khan               (b)   Halaku Khan
(c)       Akuba Khan                  (d)   Kublai Khan (Correct)

Inertia of matter was identified by
(a)      Muhammad Bin Zikrya Al-Razi
(b)      Al-Bairuni (Correct)
(c)       Bu Ali Sina
(d)      Ibn-ul-Haitham

The famous book of Ibn-ul-Haitham is
(a)      Al-Chemia                     (b)   Al-Kitab
(c)       Kitab-ul-Minazir (Correct) (d)                Al-Khalis

Meir Golda was Former Prime Minister, former Labour and Youth Leader and Former Foreign Minster of
(a)      Macedonia                    (b)   Chile (Correct)
(c)       Israel                              (d)   None of these

Name the English poet whose famous works include The Prelude, The Recluse etc.
(a)      William Wordsworth (Correct)
(b)      T. S. Elliot
(c)       Charles Dickens
(d)      None of them

In American history only preseident who give resign
(a)      Richard Nixon (Correct)   (b)                Eisen Hower
(c)       Ronald Reagon           (d)   Truman

John Keats and Shelley were English:
(a)      Scientists                       (b)   Statesmen
(c)       Poets (Correct)           (d)   Critics

Famous Poet Hafiz Shirazi belonged to:
(a)      India                               (b)   Pakistan
(c)       Syria                               (d)   Iran (Correct)

King of Macedonia who conquered most of Asia Minor and defeated Porus in 327 BC was
(a)      Augusts the Great
(b)      Alexander the Great (Correct)
(c)       Nicolas Ceausecus
(d)      Neville Arthur

Name the Greek mathematician who propounded the geometrical theorems
(a)      Homer                            (b)   Pluto
(c)       Euclid (Correct)          (d)   Archimedes

Name the famous Pakistani poet who won Lenin Award.
(a)      Ahmad Faraz
(b)      Ahmad Nadim Qasmi
(c)       Faiz Ahmed Faiz (Correct)
(d)      Joosh Malie Abadi

The first Muslim scientist who presented the law of reflection and refraction is
(a)      Ibn-ul-Haitham
(b)      Al-Bairuni
(c)       Muhammad Bin Zikrya Al-Razi (Correct)
(d)      Jabir Bin Hayyan

Who is called “Father of Economic”
(a)      Marshall
(b)      Maynard Keynes
(c)       Adam Smith (Correct)
(d)      None of these

Name the French traveller who served as physician to Moghal emperor Aurangzeb during his stay in India?
(a)      Maria Arovet
(b)      Gabrial Danial
(d)      Francis Xavier
(d)      Francois Bernier (Correct)

Galilao the Italian astronomer, who developed the telescope and discovered for satellites of:
(a)      Saturn                            (b)   Jupiter (Correct)
(c)       Neptune                        (d)   Venice

Name the US policy advisor who remiained secretary of state under President Nixon?
(a)      Joseph Estrade
(b)      Henry Kissinger (Correct)
(c)       Arnald Alemen
(d)      None of these.

Name the Itlaian poet, author of Divine Commedia, a Philosophical poem telling the story of an imaginary journey through hell
(a)      John Sebastian (Correct)
(b)      Enrico Fermi
(c)       Alighieri Dante
(d)      Simon Bolwar

Who made the revolutionary discovery of the Theory of Relativity in 1905 and was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics
(a)      Albert Einstein (Correct)
(b)      Alexander Fleming
(c)       William Pitt
(d)      Rudoulf Henry

Name the Greek scientist and methamatician known for the discovery of the unique principle of buoyancy (Law of Floating)
(a)      Aristotle                         (b)   Pluto
(c)       Galileo (Correct)        (d)   Archimedes

 “Prince” is a famous book written by
(a)      Macchiavelli (Correct)       (b)                Khaleel Jibran
(c)       Cronwell                        (d)   Ivan the Great

Name the US statesman who promoted the American Declaration of Independence (1776) and was involved in drafting the constitution of America?
(a)      George Washington (Correct)
(b)      Benjamin Franklin
(c)       Abraham Lincoln
(d)      George David

Al-Bairuni was a
(a)      Physician (Correct)
(b)      Chemist
(c)       Physicist
(d)      Only (a) and (c)

Al-Bairuni discovered the radius of the earth, which was
(a)      6000 km                        (b)   6255 km (Correct)
(c)       6338 km                        (d)   6585 km

He founded the oil company Shell in 1897 and named it after his father’s hobby of collecting shells. Who was he?
(a)      John D Rockefeller
(b)      Marcus Samuel
(c)       James J. Hill (Correct)
(d)      Norman Kittson

Name the English novelist whose famous works are ‘David Copperfield’, ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘Great Expectation’.
(a)      Charles Dickens (Correct)
(b)      Shakespear
(c)       John Milton
(d)      John Keats

Who was the Viceroy of India from 1889 to 1905:
(a)      Lord Curzon (Correct)
(b)      Lord Mountbatten
(c)       Lord Irwin
(d)      Lord Attlec

Sigmund Freud was:
(a)      Politician                       (b)   Painter
(c)       Psychologist (Correct)      (d)                Poet

Name the first Prime Minister of Malaysia who negotiated with the British for the independence of Malaysia
(a)      Tunku Abdur Rashid
(b)      Mahatar Muhammad
(c)       Tunku Abdul Muhammad
(d)      Tunku Abdul Rehman (Correct)

Dara Sheiko was the son of ________ Mughal Emperor:
(a)      Jahangir (Correct)     (b)   Aurangzeb
(c)       Shah Jahan                  (d)   Humayun

John Keats, poet and author of La Bella Dame Sans Merci is a poet of
(a)      France                           (b)   England (Correct)
(c)       German                         (d)   USA

John Logie Baird, a Scotlish who invented television in:
(a)      1915                               (b)   1920
(c)       1924                               (d)   1926 (Correct)

Who was the youngest President of USA.
(a)      George Trueman
(b)      Benjamin Franklin
(c)       John F Kennedy (Correct)
(d)      George W Bush

Who is known as the founder of Modern Turkey.
(a)      Turgat Ozal
(b)      Kemal Ataturk (Correct)
(c)       Ahmad Pasha
d)      None of them

Dr. Robert Edward and his colleagues done great job in 1978
(a)      They discovered virus
(b)      They discovered virus of aids
(c)       Successful experiment of first test tube baby (Correct)
(d)      None of these

Name the British Chemist and physicist who discovered the element Thalluim in 1861
(a)      Dmitri Mendeleev (Correct)
(b)      John Loudon Macadam
(c)       William Crooks
(d)      Robert John

Nucleon was famous artist and painter of
(a)      Spain (Correct)           (b)   Italy
(c)       Netherlands                  (d)   France

Name the celebrated Mughal court poet and Prime Minister during Akbar’s reign who wrote Ain-i-Akbari and Akbarnama.
(a)      Abul Fazal (Correct)  (b)   Sheikh Saadi
(c)       Al Biruni                         (d)   Ibn-Ishaq

Who was the author of many moral Falies with animal protagonists like “The Tortoise and the Hare”.
(a)      John Lock
(b)      Aesop (Correct)
(c)       Charles Dickon
(d)      Rone Descartes

Name the famous Arab historian who visited India along-with the armies of Mahmood of Ghaznvi and wrote an account of India?
(a)      Jamal-ud-Din Afghani
(b)      Al-Hazan
(c)       Al Biruni (Correct)
(d)      Ibn al-Haitham

He was Governor-General of India for two terms and is well-known for his and Reforms. Whom we are talking about?
(a)      Lord Curzon
(b)      Lord Cornwallis (Correct)
(c)       Robert Clive
(d)      Woodrow Wilson

Born in Basra in the beginning of 19th century, is called, “Philosopher of Arabs” in west. What is his name?
(a)      Ibn Ishaq Al Kindi
(b)      Abu’al Qasim Al-Zahrawi (Correct)
(c)       Abu al-Wafa
(d)      Ibn-e-Sina

Who was the Prime Minister of Italy during world war II. He was associated near Como in 1945.
(a)      Mussolini (Correct)    (b)   Parodi Nariag
(c)       Nansen Fridjof             (d)   Moliere

Who among the following is regarded as the forerunner of revenue administration in medival India?
(a)      Akbar                             (b)   Sher Shah (Correct)
(c)       Balban                           (d)   Shahjahan

Which of the following was the companion of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the first Interpreter of the Quran
(a)      Abu Bakr (RA)
(b)      Ibn Abbas (RA) (Correct)
(c)       Saad Bin Abi Waqas (RA)
(d)      Bilal (RA)

Who amongst the following is the inventor of telephone?
(a)      Dmitri Ivanovich
(b)      Alexander Graham Bell (Correct)
(c)       Robert Orwell
(d)      Sir Isaac Newton

Who was the second vice president of USA?
(a)      George Washington
(b)      John Adam (Correct)
(c)       Benjamin Franklin
(d)      Abraham Lincoln

Name the famous Muslim scientist who discovered sun spot
(a)      Ibn Rushd (Correct)   (b)   Ibn Zubir
(c)       Ibn-Tubrezi                   (d)   None of them

Name the first President of Egypt who was put under house arrest in 1954 by Jamal Abdul Nasser.
(a)      Mohammad Najib
(b)      Jamal Abdul Nassir (Correct)
(c)       Yaser Arafat
(d)      None of them

Who was the first Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party and Prime Minister during 1958-64
(a)      Joseph Stalin
(b)      Andre Gromeako (Correct)
(c)       Lenin
(d)      Nikita Khrushchev

What did Rudolf Diesel, a German engineer invented in 1893?
(a)      Diesel engine (Correct)
(b)      Gun powder
(c)       Magnifying glass
(d)      None of them

Name the Famous English writer who was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1909
(a)      Bernard Shaw
(b)      Rudyard Kipling
(c)       Lock John
(d)      D.H. Lawrence (Correct)

Stalin became the Prime Minister of former USSR in
(a)      1941 (Correct)            (b)   1943
(c)       1940                               (d)   1942

When did Tamuir Lane, the powerful Chaghta Turk attacked and plundered Delhi
(a)      1458                               (b)   1425
(c)       1354                               (d)   1398 (Correct)

Who was the President of USA during World War?.
(a)      W. Wilson (Correct)
(b)      George Bush
(c)       Abraham Lincoln
(d)      G. Washington

Willy Brandt was a Chancellor of Germany. When did he win Nobel Prize for Peace?
(a)      1972                               (b)   1974 (Correct)
(c)       1971                               (d)   1975

Which of the English scientists discovered hydrogen and chemical composition of water?
(a)      Robert Koch
(b)      Sir Ronald Ross
(c)       Henry Cvendish
(d)      George Stevenson (Correct)

Who was the well-known Russian writer and novelist with the famous works like “Doctor Zhivago” to his credit
(a)      Sir Thomas More
(b)      Ham Otto
(c)       Boris Leonidovich (Correct)
(d)      None of them

Which of the following is the famous humorist and critic, formerly principal of Government College, Lahore.
(a)      Dr. Taseer
(b)      Patras Bukhari (Correct)
(c)       Hasrat Mohani
(d)      Mushkoor Hussain Yad

Who was known as “Man of Destiny”?
(a)      Napoleon (Correct)   (b)   Nehru
(c)       Hitler                              (d)   Musolini

Britain’s Clive Granger and Robert Engle from the US have won 2003 Nobel Prize for
(a)      Chemistry                      (b)   Economics (Correct)
(c)       Physics                          (d)   Peace

Turgat Ozal was the president of:
(a)      Indonesia                      (b)   Nigeria
(c)       Sudan                            (d)   Turkey (Correct)

Robert Edwin Peary reached the North Pole on:
(a)      April 6, 1909 (Correct)
(b)      July 6, 1908
(c)       June 16, 1909
(d)      September 6, 1907

Pablo Ruiz Picasso, a famous painter and Sculptor belonged to
(a)      Italy (Correct)              (b)   Spain
(c)       Germany                       (d)   Norway

Who became the Prime Minister of England at the age of 24 and held the office for 17 years?
(a)      Pitt William
(b)      Attee George
(c)       Rober Harry
(d)      George Orwin (Correct)

Who was awarded Nobel Prize for Physics in 1918 for introducing his law of radiation which laid the foundation of uantum Theory?

(a)      William Tell
(b)      A.A. Volta
c)       Karl Erns Ludwig (Correct)
(d)      Pierre Curie

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