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Geography of World MCQs

for General Knowledge MCQs Papers

The biggest producer of Uranium in the world is:
(a)      France                           (b)   Canada
(c)       U.S.A.                             (d)   Zaire

Coffee requires hot and moist climate and grows best on slopes. Which of the following countries is leading in coffee production?
(a)      Indonesia                      (b)   India
(c)      Brazil                             (d)   None of these

Black volcanic soil and tropical climate is most suitable without excess rainfall for which crop?
(a)      Jute                                (b)   Tobacco
(c)      Cotton                          (d)   None of these

The largest producer of diamond in the world is
(a)      Australia                      (b)   Canada
(c)       South Africa                  (d)   Russia

The largest producer of Natural gas in the world is ________.
(a)      Iran (b)                           Tanzania
(c)       Norway                          (d)   Russia

Which is the heighest dam in the world with a height of 335 m?
(a)      Rogun                          (b)   Ching Ping
(c)       Nurek                             (d)   Inguri

Itaipu Dam is located in
(a)      Argentina                      (b)   Brazil
(c)       Turkey                           (d)   Ghana

The Kalahari Desert, which stretches over 1,40,000 miles, is in
(a)      Australia                        (b)   South Africa
(c)       East Africa                     (d)   Saudi Arabia

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Oasis term is associated with
(a)      Glaciers                         (b)   Desert
(c)       Islands                           (d)   Huff

Name the person who discovered sea route from Europe to India
(a) Vasco da Gama
(b) Christopher Columbus
(c) Marco Polo

Christopher Columbus landed on mainland of South America in
(a)      1496                               (b)   1697
(c)      1492                               (d)   1499

Volga Canal is located in
(a)      Russia                          (b)   China
(c)       USA                                (d)   France

Which is the longest Canal of Pakistan?
(a)      Loiyed Canal              (b)   Thar Canal
(c)       Sadiqia Canal              (d)   K.B Link Canal

Kyzyl-Kum Desert is present in
(a) Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan
(b) China
(c)       Kazakhstan                   (d)   Morocco

The second largest desert of the world is
Arabian Desert
Gobi Desert
Sononon Desert
Namibian Desert

The Panama Canal links
(a) Canada with Greenland
(b) North America with South America
(c) Siberia (Russia) with Greenland
(d) None of the above

The Keil canal links the
(a)Pacific and Atlantic Ocean
(b) Mediterranean and Red Sea
(c) Mediterranean and Black Sea

(d) North Sea and Baltic Sea
Kiel Canal of Germany was opened in 1895. What is its length?
(a)      59.3 miles                     (b)   60.3 miles
(c)      61.3 miles                     (d)   65.1 miles

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Suez Canal was constructed in
(a)      1867                               (b)   1869
(c)       1898                               (d)   1875

When was Panama Canal Officially opened?
(a)      1914                               (b)   1915
(c)       1916                               (d)   1917

Which is the longest shipping Canal of the world?
Beloye-More Canal
Suez Canal
Panama Canal
None of these

Rogun Dam is located in
(a)      Turkey                           (b)   Thailand
(c)      Tajikistan                     (d)   USA

Higher summer temperature, stiff soil capable of supporting heavy weight of plant is essential for
(a)      Rubber                          (b)   Jute
(c)      Rice                               (d)   None of these

Which is the largest cotton producing country in the world?
(a)      India                               (b)   Egypt
(c)      China                            (d)   USA

Which is the most important crop of the Nile delta?
(a)      Sugarcane                    (b)   Maize
(c)      Cotton                          (d)   None of these

Which of the following is an agricultural produce of Taiwan?
(a)      Coffee                            (b)   Maize
(c)      Rice                               (d)   None of these

Of all the animal pests that attack crop plants, the most common and which cause the maximum damage are
(a)      Birds                               (b)   Insects
(c)       Mice                               (d)   None of these

Highest mountain peak of Karakoram mountain range is
Mount Everest
K2 (Goodwin Austin)
Nanga Parbat

Which is the second longest mountain of the world?
(a)      Indies                             (b)   Karakoram
(c)      Himalayas                    (d)   Hindu Kush

Dhaulagiri mountains are present in
(a)      South Africa                  (b)   Nepal
(c)       Niger                              (d)   Congo

Which of the following countries is the world’s largest producer of coal?
(a)      Russia                           (b)   China
(c)       Pakistan                        (d)   U.S.A.

Which of the following countries lead in the production of Nickel?
(a)      Canada                         (b)   USA
(c)       China                             (d)   Russia

The leading producer of sulphur is:
(a)      Canada                         (b)   U.S.A.
(c)       Spain                             (d)   Italy

Which of the following is a non-metallic mineral?

a)      Cobalt                            (b)   Gypsum
(c)       Thorium                         (d)   Uranium

Which of the following crops is/are ‘Cash Crop’?
(a)      Cotton                            (b)   Jute
(c)       Tea                                 (d)   All

Which one of the following is not a ‘Cash Crop’?
(a)      Cotton                            (b)   Wheat
(c)       Sugarcane                    (d)   None of these

For which agricultural produce, Sudan is famous and which comes under Tropical Grassland Region?
(a)      Coffee                            (b)   Millets
(c)       Barley                            (d)   Cotton

 “Deep Blue Black Box” term is connected with
(a) Computer science
(b) Motor vehicle
(c) Space science
Aircraft industry

Largest Motor vehicle producing country in the world is
(a)      Japan                            (b)   USA
(c)       UK  (d)                           China

Industry of motor vehicle Honda Motor Company belongs to
(a)      Japan                            (b)   UK
(c)       USA                                (d)   Russia

Industry of motor vehicle Fiat Group belongs to
(a)      Japan                             (b)   Italy
(c)       USA                                (d)   UK

The largest producer of bicycle is
(a)      Russia                           (b)   China
(c)       USA                                (d)   Japan

Industry of motor vehicle Toyota Motor Corporation belongs to
(a)      Japan                            (b)   UK
(c)       USA                                (d)   Russia

Industry of motor vehicle General Motors belongs to
(a)      Japan                             (b)   UK
(c)      USA                               (d)   Russia

Industry of motor vehicle Hyundai Motor Company belongs to
(a)      South Korea               (b)   UK
(c)       USA                                (d)   Russia

Industry of motor vehicle Daimler AG belongs to
(a)      Germany                      (b)   South Korea
(c)       USA                                (d)   Russia

Name the Mercedes-Benz producing Company is
(a)      Hyundai Motor             (b)   Daimler AG
(c)       Toyota Motor                (d)   Honda Motor

Aswan Dam is in
(a)      Libya                              (b)   Sudden
(c)      Egypt                            (d)   Tunisia

Hover Dam is located in
(a)      USA                               (b)   UK
(c)       China                             (d)   Russia

Which is the highest dam in the world?
Pate Dam
New Cornelia Dam
Rogan Dam
Grand Collie Dam

Great Victoria desert is present in
(a)      New Zealand               (b)   England
(c)      Australia                      (d)   South Africa

The temperate grasslands of Asia and Europe are known as
(a)      Pampas                         (b)   Prairies
(c)       Tundras                         (d)   Steppes

The largest producer of fertilizer is
(a)      Russia                           (b)   China
(c)      USA                               (d)   Japan

Largest Iron and Steel industry is
(a)      Russia                           (b)   China
(c)       USA                                (d)   Japan

Atacama Desert is located in
(a)      Chile                              (b)   China
(c)       Japan                             (d)   Peru

Rub’al-Khali is the name of
(a)      Lake                               (b)   Plain
(c)      Desert                           (d)   Waterfall

Karakum desert is located in
Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
China and India
Russia and China

Taklimakan desert is located in:                     
(a)      Magnolia                       (b)   China
(c)       Kazakhstan                   (d)   None

Hingol Dam is constructed in the province of Pakistan
(a)      Punjab                           (b)   Sindh
(c)       P.K                                  (d)   Baluchistan

Which of the following countries has largest number of dams?
(a)      USA                                (b)   China
(c)       Russia                           (d)   India

Grand Cullie Dam is located in
(a)      USA                               (b)   Canada
(c)       Russia                           (d)   India

World’s largest river is
(a)      Nile (b)                           Mississippi
(c)      Amazon                        (d)   Tiber

Which set of two rivers form the world’s largest delta before their waters flow into the respective sea?

Pakistan is located in:
Tropic of cancer
Tropic of Capricorn
None of the above

When the sun shines vertically on the whole Arctic circle, it is vertical on the:
Tropic of cancer
Tropic of Capricorn
None of the above

Which is the highest mountain peak of the world?
(a)      Mount Everest (b)     K2
(c)       Nanga Parbat               (d)   None of these

Mount Everest is present in the range of mountains
(a)      Karakoram                    (b)   Himalaya
(c)       Andies                           (d)   Hindukush

Which of the following types of coal represents the first stage of formation of coal?

(a)      Anthracite     (b)            Bituminous coal
(c)       Lignite                            (d)   Peat

Which of the following countries leads the world in the export of oil?
(a)      Iran (b)                           Iraq
(c)      Saudi Arabia               (d)   Venezuela

Who was the first person to reach North Pole?
(a)      James Clark                 (b)   John Ross
(c)      Robert Peary              (d)   None of above

Venice in Italy and Vienna in Austria are famous for
Glass industry
Chemical industry
Textile industry

Which is the most industrial country in the world?
(a)      USA                                (b)   UK
(c)       China                             (d)   Japan

    • The agro based industry is:
    1. (a)      Poultry farming             (b)   Fishery
    1. (c)       Livestock

(d)   All these

The largest producer of electricity in the Islamic World is:
(a)      Tajikistan                      (b)   Uzbekistan
(c)       Kazakhstan                   (d)   Turkmenistan

Name the first person who journeyed through China, India and other parts of Asia from 1271-94
Christopher Columbus
Vascoda Gama
Marco Polo
None of these

America was discovered by
Kero Gligora
Charles Taylor
Christopher Columbus
Abel Tasman

Nanga Parbat mountains are present in
(a)      Karakoram                    (b)   Himalaya
(c)       Andies                           (d)   Hindukush

The highest plateau of the world is
Potohar plateau
Balochistan plateau
Pamir Plateau (Tibat)
Dacan plateau

Highest mountain peak Mount Everest is situated in
(a)      Nepal                             (b)   India
(c)       China                             (d)   Pakistan

Gibson desert is present in
(a)      Australia                      (b)   USA
(c)       France                           (d)   Ethiopia

Which is the largest desert in the world present in North Africa?
(a)      Atacama                        (b)   Sahara
(c)       Gobi                               (d)   Rub’ al-Khali

Gobi desert is situated in
(a)      Magnolia                      (b)   India
(c)       Russia                           (d)   Syria

Myanmar, whose chief mineral resources comprise silver, lead, and tin, is engaged in chief industrial activity of

Tinning black iron for food containers
Tinning export
Rice export
None of these

Which of the following is not a Scandinavian country?
(a)      Denmark                       (b)   Belgium
(c       Norway                          (d)   None of these

The belt of low atmospheric pressure on either side of the equator are called
(a)      Doldrums                    (b)   Westerlies
(c)       Latitudes                       (d)   Easterlies

What is the duration of a day at the poles?
(a)      3 months                       (b)   6 months
(c)       9 months                       (d)   12 months

Andes Mountains are present in
(a)      South America (b)     North America
(c       Pakistan                        (d)   Morocco

Highest mountain peak of Hindukush ragne which is situated in Pakistan with the height of 25263 ft is
(a)      Batura Peak                  (b)   Tirich Mir
(c)       Rakaposhi                    (d)   Broad peak

Which of the following regions of the world is most thickly populated?
East Asia
South Asia
North-West Europe
North and South America

Which of the following gases is most predominant in the Sun?
(a)      Helium                           (b)   Hydrogen
(c)       Nitrogen                        (d)   Ozone

Mountain of ice in sea is known as
(a)      Coral                              (b)   Iceberg
(c)       Wind eye                       (d)   None of these

Which is the longest mountain range in the world?
(a)      Himalayas                     (b)   Andes
(c)       Rockies                         (d)   Alps

Name the country through which equator passes is
(a)      Indonesia                    (b)   China
(c)       Malta                              (d)   Pakistan

A broad channel where the waters of a river and a sea mingle is called:
(a)      An estuary                  (b)   Comets
(c)       A strait                            (d)   A delta

Which river forms the Grand Canyon in the United States?
(a)      Mississippi                    (b)   Hudson
(c)      Colorado                     (d)   Columbia

Lines joining places of the same earthquake intensity are known as
(a)      Isohyets                         (b)   Isohels
(c)      Isoseismic lines (d)   Isohalines

Rows of trees grown along the coastal areas to reduce the impact of cyclones are known as
(a)      Wind breaks                 (b)   Protection
(c)      Mangroves                  (d)   Shelter belts

Which of the following is the smallest ocean of the world?
(a)      Pacific                            (b)   Indian
(c)       Atlantic                           (d)   Arctic

Delhi is situated on bank of river
(a)      Jamna River               (b)   Elbe River
(c)       Indus River                   (d)   None of these

Which is the largest river of Asia?
(a)      Yangtze Kiang (b)     Indus
(c)       Hawang Ho                  (d)   Ob

Which one of the following is a Great Circle?
The Arctic Circle
The Tropic of Cancer
The Equator
The Tropic of Capricorn

The base of all of the following fuels is organic materials, except that of
(a)      Coal                               (b)   Natural gas
(c)       Petroleum                     (d)   Uranium

Name the person who discovered Greenland?
(a)      John Cabot                   (b)   Eric the Red
(c)       Koro Gligora                 (d)   None of these

The largest producer of Cars in the world;
(a)      Germany                       (b)   Japan
(c)       France                           (d)   China

The world’s largest paper producer in the world is:-
(a)      China                             (b)   Russia
(c)      America                        (d)   Brazil

Name the first person who reached South Pole?
(a)      Major White                  (b)   Ronald Amundsen (c)          Charles Conrad
(d)      Alan Bean

Humidity in the air is maximum in
(a)      Winter                            (b)   Summer
(c)      Monsoon                     (d)   Autumn

Contour is a measure of
(a)      Topography               (b)   Rainfall
(c)       Temperature                (d)   Pressure

Latitude of South Pole is
(a)      0°    (b)                           30°
(c)       60° (d)                           90°

One degree of longitude on the equator is equal to a distance of
(a)      96 km                             (b)   80 km
(c)       55 km                             (d)   112 km

Which of the following countries has longest land frontiers?
(a)      Burma                            (b)   Russia
(c)      China                            (d)   Laos

Which is the largest river of Africa?
(a)      Lena                               (b)   Niger
(c)       Congo                            (d)   Nile river

Which is the longest river of North America?
(a)      Mississippi                  (b)   Amazon
(c)       Niger                              (d)   Lena

Imaginary lines drawn on a global map, from pole to pole and perpendicular to the equator, are called
(a)      Contours                       (b)   Isobars
(c)      Meridians                     (d)   Steppes

The Industrial Revolution first took place in:
(a)      France                           (b)   England
(c)       America                         (d)   Germany

Largest Concrete Dam is:
Grand Coulee Dam
Tarbela Dam
Rohunsky Dam
None of them

Which of the following countries is known as the Land of Midnight Sun?
(a)      Belgium                         (b)   Holland
(c)      Norway                         (d)   Sweden

The land-mass of which of the following continents is the least?
(a)      Africa                              (b)   Asia
(c)      Australia                      (d)   Europe

Which of the following strait separate Asia from North America?
(a)      Bering Strait               (b)   Palk Strait
(c)       Harmoz Strait
(d)      Northumberland Strait

Which of the following is seaport of USA?
Seattle seaport
San Francisco seaport
Honolulu seaport
All these

Which one of the following is an ore of iron?
(a)      Bauxite                          (b)   Haematite
(c)       Ilmentie                          (d)   Gypsum

The shortest day is
25 December
22 December
15 June
22 June

The rivers Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas, and Sutlej are tributaries of which river?
(a)      Ganga                           (b)   Indus
(c)       Yamuna                         (d)   Brahmaputra

Which is the most beautiful harbour of the world?
(a)      Singapore                     (b)   Seattle
(c)      Sydney                         (d)   Tripoli

Which is the longest strait of the world?
Northumberland Strait
Malacca strait
Messina strait
Bosphorous strait

Which is the longest river of Europe?
(a)      Volga                             (b)   Danube
(c)       Amur                              (d)   None of these

Which is the longest river of South America?
(a)      Missouri                         (b)   Peru
(c)       Congo                            (d)   Amazon

A violent whirlwind characterized by a black funnel-shaped cloud hanging from heavy cumulonimus is known by the name of
(a)      Antipodes                      (b)   Hurricane
(c)      Tornado                       (d)   Typhoon

Atmospheric temperature increases at the higher altitudes due to
(a)      Conduction                   (b)   Convection
(c)       Inversion                       (d)   Radiation

The latitude of the equator is
(a)      0°   (b)                           30°
(c)       45° (d)                           60°

Which is the second highest waterfall of the world?
(a)      Angel                             (b)   Tugela
(c)       Ribbon                           (d)   Connect

What is the height of Angel Water-fall?
(a)      3081 feet                       (b)   3181 feet
(c)      3212 feet                      (d)   3381 feet

King Edward III waterfall is situated in:
(a)      Norway                          (b)   Guyana
(c)       Italy (d)                           Denmark

Niagara Falls are situated in
(a)      France                           (b)   Italy
(c)       Sweden                         (d)   USA

Which one of the following lakes forms an international boundary between Tanzania and Uganda?
(a)      Chad                              (b)   Malawi
(c)      Victoria                         (d)   Zambezi

Change in season is caused due to
Revolution of earth
Rotation of earth
Inclination of earth
None of these

Which of the following is the icy continent?
(a)      Greenland                    (b)   Antarctica
(c)       Australia                        (d)   None of these

The length of the Suez Canal is approximately:
(a)      110 km                           (b)   150 km
(c)      170 km                          (d)   125 km

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