FPSC Past Papers

FPSC Past Paper for the Post of Custom Inspector (BPS-16)

FPSC Past Papers for the Post of Custom Inspector (BPS-16)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Federal Public Service Commission
FPSC Past Paper for the Post of Custom Inspector
BPS-16 (2005)

Custom Inspector FPSC Past Paper MCQs 1-20

1) How many permanent members the Security Council have?
(a) 2
(b) 1.5
(c) 5 (Correct)
(d) 7

2) F.B.I in USA stands for
(a) Federal Bureau of Information
(b) Federal Bureau of Investigation (Correct)
(c) Federal Bureaucracy of Information
(d) Federal Branch of Investigation

3) Pakistan is situated in
(a) Asia Minor
(b) Far East Asia
(c) South East Asia
(d) South Asia (Correct)

4) Copenhagen is the capital of
(a) Belgium
(b) France
(c) Denmark (Correct)
(d) Canada

5) Yen is the currency of
(a) China
(b) Korea
(c) Japan (Correct)
(d) India

6) Gwadar is situated in
(a) Punjab
(b) Sindh
(c) Baluchistan (Correct)
(d) KPK

7) The Headquarters of the International Court of Justice is situated in
(a) Hague (Correct)
(b) Lisbon
(c) Geneva
(d) Berlin

8) The final of 1992 Cricket World Cup was held in
(a) Sydney
(b) Melbourne (Correct)
(c) Adelaide
(d) Perth

9) The constellation of seven bright stars is known as:
(a) The Milky Way
(b) The Great Bear (Correct)
(c) Asteroids
(d) Satellites

10) World Trade Organization is the new name of
(a) World Bank
(b) I.M.F.
(c) GATT (Correct)
(d) LF.C,

11) The city of Seven Hills is
(a) Milan
(b) Athens
(c) Rome (Correct)
(d) Zurich

12) Beijing is the new name of
(a) Hiroshima
(b) Yokohama
(c) Peking (Correct)
(d) Seoul

13) Which country is not the member of SAARC?
(a) Maldives
(b) Bhutan
(c) Myanmar (Correct)
(d) Sri Lanka

14) Which of the following is military alliance?
(c) NATO (Correct)
(d) EEC

15) Name the most polluted city out of the following:
(a) Mexico (Correct)
(b) London
(c) Karachi
(d) Tokyo

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16) Who invented the printing press?
(a) Graham Bell
(b) Marconi
(c) Johann Gutenberg (Correct)
(d) Thomas Edison

17) The nearest planet to the Sun:
(a) Mercury (Correct)
(b) Venus
(c) Jupiter
(d) Saturn

18) Who discovered America?
(a) Christopher Columbus (Correct)
(b) George Washington
(c) Captain Cook
(d) Gulliver

19) The largest desert of the world is
(a) Gobi Desert
(b) Libyan Desert
(c) Thar Desert
(d) Sahara Desert (Correct)

20) Sound cannot travel through
(a) Air
(b) Water
(c) Vacuum (Correct)
(d) Sand

Custom Inspector FPSC Past Paper MCQs 21-30

21) According to 1998 census, the literacy rate in Pakistan is
(a) 25%
(b) 30%
(c) 45% (Correct)
(d) 55%

22) Census is held in Pakistan after every-
(a) Ten years (Correct)
(b) Fifteen years
(c) Twenty years
(d) Twenty-five years

23) n the Sub-Continent, first census was held in
(a) 1858
(b) 1869
(c) 1881 (Correct)
(d) 1901

24) n which sector the largest labour force is attached in Pakistan?
(a) Industry
(b) Agriculture (Correct)
(c) Trade
(d) Mines

25) The largest spoken language in Pakistan is
(a) Urdu
(b) Punjabi (Correct)
(c) Sindhi
(d) Pashto

26) What is the ratio of Punjabi speaking population?
(a) 54%
(b) 48% (Correct)
(c) 53%
(d) 55%

27) What is the total length of first railway track?
(a) 86 Km
(b) 97 Km
(c) 115 Km
(d) 169 Km (Correct)

28) What is the total length of track of Pakistan Railway?
(a) 7791 Km long (Correct)
(b) 9931 Km long
(c) 11133 Km long
(d) 14153 Km long

29) Karakoram Highway connects Pakistan with
(a) ndia
(b) ran
(c) China (Correct)
(d) Afghanistan

30) What is the total length of Gwadar Motorway?
(a) 605 Km
(b) 895 Km (Correct)
(c) 933 Km
(d) 1105 Km

Custom Inspector FPSC Past Paper MCQs 31-40

31) What is the total length of Lahore-Islamabad Motorway?
(a) 233 Km
(b) 297 Km
(c) 387 Km (Correct)
(d) 370 Km

32) Abdul Qadeer Khan Nuclear Research Laboratories was set up in Kahuta in
(a) 1975
(b) 1976 (Correct)
(c) 1977
(d) 1978

33) Toot oil and natural gas field is located in
(a) Punjab (Correct)
(b) Sindh
(c) N.W.F.P
(d) Balochistan

34) Pakistan placed in the world population-wise on _______ number
(a) 8th
(b) 10th
(c) 11th
(d) 6th (Correct)

35) Total population _________ of Pakistan according to 1998 Census is
(a) 142.5 million (Correct)
(b) 148.5 million
(c) 151.0 million
(d) 145.4 million

36) Which is the largest jungle of Pakistan?
(a) Changa Manga
(b) Junpur (Correct)
(c) Chitral
(d) Chichawatni

37) The current growth rate of population in Pakistan is
(a) 1.8% (Correct)
(b) 1.7%
(c) 1.6%
(d) 1.9%

38) Kangaroo is the national emblem of
(a) Canada
(b) Australia (Correct)
(c) aly
(d) reland

39) How many Radio stations were working in Pakistan at the time of partition of sub continent?
(a) 3 (Correct)
(b) 4
(c) 5
(d) 6

40) When was the First Woman Bank established in Pakistan?
(a) Dec 1,1988
(b) Dec 1,1989 (Correct)
(c) Dec 1,1973
(d) August 14,1948

Custom Inspector FPSC Past Paper MCQs 41-50

41) The first Constitution of Pakistan was introduced in
(a) 1955
(b) 1956 (Correct)
(c) 1958
(d) 1959

42) Lucknow Pact was signed in
(a) 1917
(b) 1918
(c) 1916 (Correct)
(d) 1915

43) The first Round Table Conference was held
(a) Berlin
(b) Delhi
(c) Calcutta
(d) London (Correct)

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44) All India Muslim League was founded in
(a) 1905
(b) 1906 (Correct)
(c) 1907
(d) 1908

45) When did the Quald-e-Azam join the Muslim league?
(a) 1912
(b) 1913 (Correct)
(c) 1914
(d) 1916

46) Who led the Simla Deputation?
(a) Sir Agha Khan (Correct)
(b) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
(c) Quald-e-Azam
(d) Allama Iqbal

47) Who wrote “India Wins Freedom?”
(a) Allama Iqbal
(b) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
(c) Abul Kalam Azad (Correct)
(d) Muhammad Ali

48) Who was the first Chief Justice of Pakistan?
(a) Zafar-ul-Haq
(b) AbdurRSshid (Correct)
(c) Anwar-ul-Haq
(d) Mushtaq Hussain

49) Objective Resolution was passed in
(a) 1948
(b) 1949 (Correct)
(c) 1950
(d) 1951

50) Who inaugurated the State Bank of Pakistan?
(a) Quaid-e-Azam (Correct)
(b) Liaqat Ali Khan
(c) Ch. Muhammad Ali
(d) Ghulam Muhammad

Custom Inspector FPSC Past Paper MCQs 51-60

51) Who wrote Pakistan’s National Anthem?
(a) Allama Iqbal
(b) Hafeez Jallandhari (Correct)
(c) Ch. Rahmat Ali
(d) Agha.Khan

52) Who proposed the name of Pakistan?
(a) Ch. Rahmat Ali (Correct)
(b) Sir Agha Khan
(c) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
(d) Allama Iqbal

53) Indus Basin Treaty was signed in
(a) 1960 (Correct)
(b) 1961
(c) 1962
(d) 1963

54) Who presented the Lahore Resolution?
(a) Maulvi Fazal-e-Haq (Correct)
(b) Kh. Nazimuddin
(c) Allama Iqbai
(d) Liaqat Ali Khan

55) The first Census of Pakistan was held in
(a) 1950
(b) 1951 (Correct)
(c) 1953
(d) 1954

56) The British Government accepted the Muslim League’s demand for Pakistan on
(a) 3rd June 1947 (Correct)
(b) 3rd July 1947
(c) 3rd August 1947
(d) 3rd May 1947

57) The total area of Pakistan is
(a) 796096 km
(b) 726069 km
(c) 881912 km  (Correct)
(d) 766009 km
* The land area of Pakistan is 796096 square km. without AJK and Baltistan. adding them the area of Pakistan would be 881912 square Km

58) The National Game of Pakistan is
(a) Cricket
(b) Hockey (Correct)
(c) Squash
(d) Kabaddi

59) Who wrote the famous pamphlet captioned “Now or Never”?
(a) Allama Iqbal
(b) Ch Muhammad All
(c) Ch. Rahmat Ali
(d) Muhammad Ali Johar (Correct)

60) Lake Saiful Muiuk is situated in
(a) Swat
(b) Gilgit
(c) Kaghan (Correct)
(d) Murree

Custom Inspector FPSC Past Paper MCQs 61-80

61) Choose the Correct Spelling
(a) Receive (Correct)
(b) Receve
(c) Reeievee
(d) Reave

62) (a) Relieve
(b) Releive (Correct)
(c) Releeive
(d) Realieve

63) (a) Sucecde
(b) Succeed (Correct)
(c) Sueecde
(d) Sucede
Choose the correct word for the blank space

64) Mr. Allan was immediately promoted when his boss saw how he was.
(a) Assiduous (Correct)
(b) Indolent
(c) Lethargic
(d) Lazy

65) We had a beautiful view of the valley through the
(a) Window (Correct)
(b) Vicinity
(c) Roof
(d) Hole

66) That was an _______ edition of the book.
(a) Summarized
(b) Abridged (Correct)
(c) Shortened
(d) Abbreviated

67) His reply was such ______ I expected him to give\
(a) That
(b) Which
(c) As (Correct)
(d) When

68) She never _______ to him in the past.
(a) Write
(b) Writes
(c) Wrote (Correct)
(d) Written
Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions

69) He is grateful ________ his friends
(a) For
(b) With
(c) To (Correct)
(d) By

70) I take much delight _____ reading poetry.
(a) To
(b) For
(c) In (Correct)
(d) By

71) I can see _______ your game
(a) Through (Correct)
(b) In
(c) To
(d) At

72) Arrogance
(a) Modest
(b) Haughtiness (Correct)
(c) Happiness
(d) Servile

73) Annihilate
(a) Efface (Correct)
(b) Cultivate
(c) Build
(d) Create

74) Cumbersome
(a) Awkward (Correct)
(b) Decline
(c) Handsome
(d) Beautiful

75) Exemplify
(a) Over
(b) Illustrate (Correct)
(c) Answer
(d) Summary

76) Capricious
(a) Unchanging (Correct)
(b) Yielding
(c) Heavy
(d) Concrete

77) Entice
(a) Lure
(b) Repel (Correct)
(c) Encourage
(d) Charm

78) Frantic
(a) Mad
(b) Crazy (Correct)
(c) Sane
(d) Happy

79) Melancholy
(a) Cheerfulness (Correct)
(b) Madness
(c) Insanity
(d) Truthfulness

80) Ominous
(a) Threatening
(b) Promising (Correct)
(c) Docile
(d) Menacing

Custom Inspector FPSC Past Paper MCQs 81-90

81) The number of Allah’s attributes are
(a) 96
(b) 97
(c) 99 (Correct)
(d) 98

82) The Zaboor was revealed on
(a) Hazrat Musa
(b) Hazrat Isa
(c) Hazrat Dawood (Correct)
(d) Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)

83) The recitation of first Kalimah is called:
(a) Salat
(b) Tauba
(c) Tahleel (Correct)
(d) Astaghfar

84) Hazrat Jaafar Tayyar was martyred in the battle of
(a) Yamamah
(b) Moota (Correct)
(c) Tabook
(d) Badr

85) The first Surah revealed upon the Holy Prophet is
(a) Surah Yasin
(b) Surah Al-Baarah
(c) Sura Al-Aiaq (Correct)
(d) Sura Al-Rehman

86) The book of Hadith “Mavata” was written by
(a) mam Malik (Correct)
(b) mam Ahmed Bin Hambal
(c) mam Azam Abu Hanifa
(d) mam Muslim

87) Who claimed to be a prophet during the period of Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique?
(a) Muselima Kazzab (Correct)
(b) Asvad Ansi
(c) Talhea Bin Khavaled
(d) Sajah Binte Khavaled

88) Al-Hudaybiyah agreement was signed in
(a) 628 (Correct)
(b) 627
(c) 626
(d) 629

89) Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) died on
(a) June 8, A.D. 632 (Correct)
(b) July 6, A.D. 633
(c) June 6, A.D. 634
(d) June 6, A.D. 634

90) Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique became caliph of Islam in
(a) A.D. 632 (Correct)
(b) A.D. 633
(c) A.D.634
(d) A.D. 636

Custom Inspector FPSC Past Paper MCQs 91-100

91) Which is the longest Surah of Holy Quran?
(a) Surah Al Baqra (Correct)
(b) Surah Akhlas
(c) Surah Al-Nisa
(d) Surah Al Imran

92) Sha’ban is which month of Islamic Calendar? –
(a) 3rd
(b) 9th
(c) 8th (Correct)
(d) 2nd

93) The Holy Quran comprises:
(a) 114 Surahs (Correct)
(b) 115 Surahs
(c) 116 Surahs
(d) 117 Surahs

94) How many verses, are there in the Holy Quran?
(a) 6667
(b) 6668
(c) 6666 (Correct)
(d) 6669

95) The Pillars of Islam are
(a) 4
(b) 5 (Correct)
(c) 6
(d) 7

96) Ahmed bin baytar was a
(a) Batonist (Correct)
(b) Chemist
(c) Minister
(d) Physicist

97) Al Zahrawi was the Court Physician of
(a) Al Hakim II (Correct)
(b) Haroon-ur-Rashid
(c) Mamun-ur-Rashid
(d) AI-HakimfV4

98) Siyassat-Namah was composed by
(a) Nizam-ul-Mulk (Correct)
(b) bn-e-Batuta
(c) Hashim II
(d) Abdur Reham II

99) The word Maliaka means
(a) Messenger (Correct)
(b) Prophet
(c) Communicator
(d) Converter

100) Which Surah dos not begin with ‘Bismillah’?
(a) Si rah Al Imran
(b) Surah Tauba (Correct)
(c) Surah Al Mominoon
(d) Surah Al Mudassar

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