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Daily Top-20 MCQs for CSS, PMS, PCS, FPSC (Set-30)

Daily Top-20 MCQs for CSS, PMS, PCS, FPSC (Set-30)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Daily Top-20 MCQs (Set-30)

for CSS, PMS, PCS, FPSC and related Exams

Today’s MCQs are all about Changed Geographical Names, these MCQs are taken from different books and Past Papers which are helpful for all type competitive exams.

The new name of Abyssinia is:

(a) Libya
(b) Mauritania
(c) Syria
(d) Ethiopia
Answer: d

Ankara is the new name of:

(a) Babylon
(b) Angora
(c) Bastille
(d) Aleppo
Answer: b

Give the new name of Batavia:

(a) Jakarta
(b) Java
(c) Kuala Lumpur
(d) Nairobi
Answer: a

The old name of Sri Lanka was:

(a) Panjim
(b) Acre
(c) Ceylon
(d) Manchukuo
Answer: c

East Pakistan is now called:

(a) Punjab
(b) Assam
(c) Karachi
(d) Bangladesh
Answer: d

The new name of “Sandwich Islands” is:

(a) Zaire
(b) Hawaiin Islands
(c) Nauru
(d) Fiji
Answer: b

The changed name of Persia is:

(a) Iran
(b) Iraq
(c) Palestine
(d) Jordan
Answer: a

Give the new name of Constantinople:

(a) Athens
(b) Istanbul
(c) Rome
(d) Cairo
Answer: b

Taiwan is the new name of:

(a) Nyasaland
(b) Christiania
(c) Tanganyka
(d) Formosa
Answer: d

East Indies is now called:

(a) West Indies
(b) Malaysia
(c) Indonesia
(d) Philippines
Answer: c

Nippon is the new name of:

(a) Japan
(b) Laos
(c) Vietnam
(d) South Korea
Answer: a

Pipri (Pakistan) is new called:

(a) Quetta
(b) Thatta
(c) Karachi
(d) Bin Qasim
Answer: d

Mayanmar is the changed name of:

(a) Bhutan
(b) Maldives
(c) Burma
(d) Nepal
Answer: c

Siam was the old name of:

(a) Thailand
(b) Mongolia
(c) Cambodia
(d) Mauritius
Answer: a

Rangoon’s new name is

(a) Bishkek
(b) Koin
(c) Panaji
(d) Yangon
Answer: d

Peking is now called:

(a) Tokyo
(b) Beijing
(c) Seoul
(d) Shanghai
Answer: b

Dhaka was formerly called:

(a) Salisbury
(b) East Pakistan
(c) Montgomery
(d) Dacca
Answer: d

Lyallpur is now called:

(a) Faisalabad
(b) Sahiwal
(c) Hyderabad
(d) Attock
Answer: a

Give the old name of Athens:

(a) Antioch
(b) Athinal
(c) Tananarive
(d) Frunze
Answer: b

South West Africa is now called:

(a) Tanzania
(b) Zambia
(c) Namibia
(d) Kenya
Answer: c

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