Daily Top-20 MCQs for CSS Screening Test, PMS, PCS, FPSC (Set-34)

Daily Top-20 MCQs for CSS Screening Test, PMS, PCS, FPSC (Set-34)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

for CSS Screening Test, PMS, PCS, FPSC and related Exams

Today’s MCQs are all about Important Places of the World, these MCQs are taken from different books and Past Papers which are helpful for all type competitive exams. All these MCQs are important for coming CSS Screening Test.

Taxila, the ancient city of Punjab, is famous for its:

(a) Archaeological excavations
(b) Ancient temples
(c) Shopping centres
(d) Fort
Answer: a

Zurich is an important city of:

(a) Germany
(b) Italy
(c) Switzerland
(d) Greece
Answer: c
PENTAGON is the headquarters of:
(b) NATO
(c) US Army
(d) French Army
Answer: c

Camp David is located in USA. It gained fame due to an agreement which was signed by Israel and Egypt in the year of:

(a) 1979
(b) 1956
(c) 1967
(d) 1971
Answer: a

Hollywood (USA) is famous for its:

(a) Sports Complex
(b) Golden gate bridge
(c) University
(d) Film Industry
Answer: d

Which place is a famous resort for tourism?

(a) Accra
(b) Honolulu
(c) Aligarh
(d) Greenwich
Answer: b

Which place gained fame during French Revolution in 1789?

(a) Alexandria
(b) Jaffna
(c) Bastille
(d) Kirkuk
Answer: c

Which place produces petroleum on large scale?

(a) Aleppo
(b) Kurkuk
(c) Gaza
(d) Kathmandu
Answer: b

Amman is a famous city and capital of

(a) Palestine
(b) Sudan
(c) Somalia
(d) Jordan
Answer: d

Which city is located in Iraq?

(a) Babylon
(b) Dardanelles
(c) Alexandria
(d) Accra
Answer: a

Which place is the headquarters of LTTE

(a) Jaffna
(b) Colombo
(c) Kathmandu
(d) Notre Dam
Answer: A

Which place is not in India?

(a) Agra
(b) Aligarh
(c) Ajmer
(d) Taxila
Answer: d

Simla, famous for Simla Agreement, is the capital of:

(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Maharashter
(c) Bihar
(d) Himachel Pradesh
Answer: d

“Al-Aqsa Mosque” is in:

(a) Tel Aviv
(b) Jerusalem
(c) Beirut
(d) Cairo
Answer: b

Moscow is situated on the bank of River:

(a) Tigris
(b) Spree
(c) Tagus
(d) Moskua
Answer: d

Famous film industry centre Hollywood is in:

(a) USA
(b) Britain
(c) Japan
(d) China
Answer: a

Name the Russian news agency:

(a) DPA
(b) BTA
(c) Interfax
(d) Ritzan
Answer: c

The capital and important seaport of Hawaii Islands is:

(a) Alaska
(b) Honolulu
(c) Havana
(d) Lima
Answer: b

Khartoum is situated on the bank of river:

(a) Tiber
(b) Seine
(c) Tigris
(d) Nile
Answer: d

Agra, (India) is famous for:

(a) Temples
(b) Ancient forts
(c) Taj Mahal
(d) Museums
Answer: c

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