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Geographical Records (One Liner MCQs for All Competitive Exams)

World Geography
Geographical Records

Largest continent
• Asia

Smallest continent
• Australia

Most populous continent
• Asia

Least populous continent
• Australia

Largest country in the land size
• Russia

Smallest country
• State of Vatican City

Largest Island
• Greenland

First Person to reach South Pole
• Amundsen

First Person to reach North Pole
• Robert Pearey

Person in Space
• Yuri Gagarin

Person on Moon
• Neil Armstrong

First Lady to climb Mount Everest
• Junko Taibei

First Man to walk in Space
• Alexei Leonov

Woman cosmonaut in Space
• Valentina Tereshkova

Largest peninsula
• Arabia

Most populous country
• China

Least populous country
• State of Vatican City

Largest Islamic country
• Kazakhstan

Smallest Islamic country
• Maldives

Most populous Islamic country
• Indonesia

Most densely populated territory
• Macao

Oldest capital city
• Damascus

Highest capital city
• La Paz in Bolivia

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Greatest land mountain range
• Himalaya

Largest ocean,
• The Pacific Ocean

Smallest ocean
• The Arctic Ocean

Largest Sea
• The South China Sea

Largest gulf
• The Gulf o Mexico

Largest bay
• The Bay of Hudson

Highest mountain peak
• Mount Everest

Largest active volcano
• Mauna Loa, Hawaii, USA

River carries the maximum volume of water
• Amazon

Largest freshwater lake
• Lake Superior

Longest river
• The River Nile, Egypt

Country of shortest coastline
• Manaco

Country with the longest coastline
• Canada

The tallest tree in the world
• Redwood

Larges lake
• The Caspian

Driest place of the world
• Death Valley

Hottest place of the world
• Aziziya (Libya)

Tallest building of the world
• Daubi Burj (UAE)

Longest land mountain range
• Andes of S. America

World’s highest waterfall is in
• Venezuela

The deepest lake in the world is
• Baikal

Coldest planet is
• Neptune

Hottest planet
• Venus

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Planet nearest to Earth
• Venus

Fastest planet:
• Mercury

Brightest planet:
• Venus

Planet with most satellites is:
• Jupiter

World’s highest waterfall
• “Angel”:

Largest salt water lake | Geographical Records
• The Caspian Sea

Saltiest water lake of the world | Geographical Records
• Assal Lake

Coldest place in the world | Geographical Records
• Vostok in Antarctica

Longest glacier | Geographical Records
• “Lambert Glacier”

Largest desert | Geographical Records
• Antarctica (According to definition of desert)

Second Largest desert | Geographical Records
• Sahara Desert

Geographical Records | Biggest river
• Amazon River

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