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How to Ace CSS Exam | Tips by CSS Position Holders

Tips by: ABIDA FAREED (PAS), 22nd in Pakistan, CSS-2016

Tips for Selection of optional subjects

Select optional subjects on the basis of your own taste and the scoring trend. If you believe you can study a subject well and its scoring trend, too, is good, choose that one!

Tips for Notes-making

Jot down main points of the topics you study. Make an outline along with main arguments for that topic. They prove to be of real help in the end.

Tips for Revision

Revision is necessary, definitely. Refine your revision by taking a mock exam and by solving past papers.

Advice for fresh aspirants

Give your maximum to whatever you are doing. Be honest to yourself and you will get the desired results, Insha Allah.

Detailed Marks Sheet: ABIDA FAREED (PAS)


Tips by: MUHAMMAD HASSAAN AHSAN (PAS), 23rd in Pakistan, CSS-2016

Tips on Selection of optional subjects

They should be selected keeping in mind the scoring trend and the aptitude of the aspirant.

Tops for Notes-making

Skeleton notes can be helpful as a revision tool.


One should spare at least 2 to 3 months for revision.

Advice for fresh aspirants

Broaden your horizons and inculcate a spirit of inquiry in you.

Detailed Marks Sheet: Muhammad Hassan Ahsan (PAS)


Tips by: UMMAR AWAIS (PAS), 17th in Pakistan, CSS-2016

Selection of optional subjects

One should choose optional subjects keeping one’s interest in mind. In this way, one can invest one’s energies into the subjects wholeheartedly.


One-liners should be prepared because they help a lot in mock tests, revisions and exams.


Revisions are necessary. Without them, absorbing the gathered knowledge is very difficult. For this purpose, all subjects should be revised three times and three months should be kept aside. While revising, past papers should be attempted and their assessment should be sought.

Advice for fresh aspirants

Those who have very strong nerves and unquenchable thirst for public service should come forward to serve because CSS provides a unique opportunity to become a valuable son of the motherland.

Detailed Marks Sheet: Umair Awais (PAS)

Detailed Marks Sheet: Muhammad Hassan Ahsan (PAS) DMC

Tips by: TAYYAB HAYAT, 8th in Pakistan, CSS-2016

Selection of optional subjects

Only those optional subjects should be selected in which there are more chances of getting good scores and for which the syllabus is short. For that purpose, the recent scoring trends should be kept in mind. Moreover, the selection of subjects which complement one or more other subject proves more beneficial.


Notes-making can be opted in certain subjects that are lengthy, but it isn’t always necessary.


At least three revisions should be done before exam and it is more beneficial to take mock exams before the examination as it helps in the improvement on various shortcomings.

Advice for Fresh Aspirants

Be confident and always believe in yourself.

Detailed Marks Sheet: Tayyab Hayat

TAYYAB HAYAT, 8th in Pakistan, CSS-2016 DMC

Tips by: MARIYA JAVAID, 3rd in Pakistan, CSS-2016

Selection of optional subjects

Go for the subjects that overlap and help you in preparation of Compulsory Subjects.


Try to write introductory paragraphs for important questions, an outline and your analysis while preparing notes.


Reduce the whole subject to a few pages/flashcards by writing bulleted points or flowcharts, so that you may revise your notes on the day of exam

Advice for Fresh Aspirants

First things first, disabuse yourself of this notion that CSS is somehow a terribly difficult exam to crack. It’s not! There is largely some method in this madness and with the right kind of guidance, hard work and yes, some luck, you can sail through.

Detailed Marks Sheet: Mariya Javaid

MARIYA JAVAID, 3rd in Pakistan, CSS-2016 DMC

Courtesy: Jahangir’s World Times Magazine

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