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Important Essays for CSS 2020 Examination by Sir Ghafoor Tahir

Important Essays for CSS 2020 Examination by Sir Ghafoor Tahir
Written by CSS Times

Important Essays for CSS 2020 Examination

by Sir Ghafoor Tahir
(Senior Most Mentor for CSS English Essays)

1. Global Warming: The Clock is Ticking!

2. Water Scarcity in Pakistan-A Bigger Threat Than Terrorism.

3. More Depravity is the Root Cause of Poverty.

4. Socio-Economic Challenges Faced by Pakistan.

5. Education Makes a People Easy to Lead, But Difficult to Drive, Easy to Govern, But Impossible to Enslave.

6. Foreign Aid – Is It a Blessing or a Curse?7. Promotion of Tax Culture in Pakistan: Perspective, Prospects and Challenges.

8. Pluralistic Vision of Islam

9. The U.N.O has failed to measure up to the demands of its charter.

10. I disapprove what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say.

11. Gender equality is myth.

12. Democracy is a Culture rather Than a Process.

13. The Time We live in is the Winter of the World.

14. The Purification of Politics is an Iridescent Dream.

15. Without Independent Truth-Finding Commission, Accountability is Unachievable.

16. The Suffering Soul in the Scientific Age of Artificial Intelligence.

Important English Essays for CSS Exams

in CSS 2019 Exams, One Essay of Sir Ghafoor Tahir has appeared with same wordings in CSS exams.

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Ghafoor Tahir: English Mentor for CSS, PMS, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore
PH: 0333-4185044

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