Everyday Science MCQs

Introduction to Everyday Science MCQs (for Competitive Exams)

Introduction to Everyday Science MCQs
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Rectified spirit contains alcohol about:
(a)  80%
(b)  85%
(c)  90%
(d) 95%

X-ray is:
(a)  Electromagnetic wave
(b)  The flow of positive charge
(c)  The flow of neutral practices
(d)  The flow of electron

Geothermal energy can be obtained from the heating rocks by the
(a)  Igneous rocks
(b)  High temperature water
(c)  decay of radioactive element
(d) All of these

The Earth’s rocks are in molten and partly molten state, usually within the Earth’s surface of
(a)  5 km
(b) 10 km
(c)  15 km
(d)  18 km

High temperature water with pressure, come to the surface as
(a)  Hot springs
(b)  Geysers
(c)  Steam vents
(d) All of these

Earth receivers huge amount of energy directly from
(a)  Water
(b)  Moon
(c)  Sun
(d)  None of these

Who invented the electroencephalogram?
(a)  Emile Berliner
(b)  Jacques Brandenberger
(c)  Gerd Karl Binning
(d) Hans Berger

Who invented the first stethoscope?
(a)  Lewis Latimer
(b) Rene Laennec
(c)  Robert Ledley
(d)  Irving Langmuir

Who invented disposable diapers?
(a)  Sarah Boone
(b)  Rachel Brown
(c)  Marion Donovan
(d)  Mary Anderson

The outer skin of a cell is called a what?
(a)  Nucleus
(b)  Mitochondria
(c)  Cytoplasm
(d) Membrane

Who invented the artificial kidney dialysis machine?
(a)  Perry Spencer
(b)  Frank Colton
(c)  Willem J. Kolff
(d)  Patsy Sherman

What is the medical term for “fever”?
(a)  hypothermia
(b) pyrexia
(c)  hypertension
(d)  thermophilia

Which vital sign is most susceptible to conscious control?
(a)  blood pressure
(b) respirations
(c)  temperature
(d)  pulse rate

What is another name for Acetylsalicylic Acid?
(a)  Vitamin C
(b)  Prozac
(c)  Viagra
(d) Aspirin

Which of the following is the lightest substance known?
(a)  Oxygen
(b)  Nitrogen
(c)  Hydrogen
(d)  Carbon

Which of the following is not considered a type of radiation ray?
(a)  Gamma
(b)  Beta
(c)  Alpha
(d) Infrared

Which of the following best describes the biomechanics of breathing?
(a)  Pump motion
(b) Lever action
(c)  Inspiration
(d)  Expiration

Animals that eat meat almost exclusively are known as:
(a)  Herbivores
(b) Carnivores
(c)  Prolific organisms
(d)  Arthropods

In old age, people generally have to wear spectacles for reading and writing because
(a)        Their eye illness start disintegrating
(b)       They lose the power of accommodation
(c)        Their iris contracts
(d)        The lenses lose their magnifying power

Television signals cannot be received ordinarily beyond a particular distance due to
(a)  Weakness of the signals
(b)  Weak antenna
(c)  Absorption of signals in the air
(d) Curvature of Earth

Grass looks green because
(a)        It absorbs all the colours in the spectrum except green
(b)        It absorbs only green from the spectrum
(c)        The eye absorbs green from the grass
(d)        It is a good radiator

Why is platinum wire used inside very narrow glass rods?
(a)        Platinum expands very little compared to glass
(b)       Platinum and glass have the same linear coefficients of expansion
(c)        Glass is a bad conductor of heat
(d)        Platinum does not melt at low temperature

A large iceberg melts at the base but not at the top, because
(a)        The base of an iceberg remains in warmer surroundings
(b)        Ice at the base contains impurities
(c)        Due to high pressure, ice at the base lowers its melting point
(d)        Ice at the top may be of a different kind

The principle underlying a microwave oven is
(a)        Heat generation by nuclear power
(b)        Heat for the microwaves are the same as heat waves
(c)        Not known, since cooking with microwaves are discovered accidentally
(d)       Microwaves vibrate the water molecules in food thereby generating heat

When you rub together two blocks of ice the immediate effect will be that
(a)  They melt faster
(b)  They stick together
(c)  They become hard
(d)  The temperature will decrease

Cooking is quicker in a pressure cooker because:
(a)        Increased pressure raises the boiling point
(b)  Steam is not wasted
(c)  Steam cooks food faster
(d)  Water boils at a lower temperature

The sky is blue in colour because of
(a)  The moisture present in the air
(b)       The scattering of light by dust particles or air molecules
(c)        Combination of various lights producing blue colour
(d)  All the above

Influenza is caused by a:
(a)  Virus
(b)  Fungus
(c)  Algae
(d)  Bacterium

Neurons connect together at a
(a)  Synergy
(b)  Terminal site
(c)  Docking station
(d) Synapse

Which of the following describes the shoulder joint?
(a)  Ball and socket joint
(b)  Saddle joint
(c)  Hinge joint
(d)  Pivot joint

A steroid is considered a
(a)  Lipid
(b)  Protein
(c)  Enzyme
(d)  Weak acid

As we climb up the mountain, the atmospheric pressure will
(a)  Decrease
(b)  Increase
(c)  Remain the same
(d)  None of these

Most of the ozone in the atmosphere is concentrated in the
(a)  Mesosphere
(b)  Troposphere
(c)  Stratosphere
(d)  Ionosphere

A Fahrenheit thermometer indicates a temperature of -40°F. Its corresponding reading on the Celsius scale will be
(a)  -20°C
(b) 40°C
(c)  +10°C
(d)  +40°C

What is ‘Stealth Technology’?
(a)        A device which when attached to an aircraft makes it invisible on the radar
(b)       A coating which reduces the visibility of an aircraft on a radar
(c)        A technology by which it is possible for the aircrafts to spy in the enemy air-space
(d)        A technology by using which paratroopers can be dropped stealthily behind the enemy columns.

Edward Jenner observed that smallpox had evolved from another form of pox. This was:
(a)  Sheep pox
(b)  Chickenpox
(c)  Cowpox
(d)  Dogpox

Why are we able to hear short wave broadcasts better than long wave broadcasts
(a)        Short wave broadcasts are made by nearby radio stations
(b)        Short waves are unaffected by atmospheric disturbances
(c)        Short waves are more energetic than long waves
(d)        By convention, short waves are meant for long distances where as long waves are reserved for short distances

      When a person enters a dark room from bright light he cannot see anything clearly for some time. Slowly he starts seeing things. This is because
(a)  The iris contracts
(b)  The iris expands
(c)        The distance between the lens and retina increases
(d)  The length of lens increases

A piece of metal feels hotter than a piece of wood in summer because
(a)  Metal expands more than wood
(b)        Our body is cooler than metal but warmer than wood
(c)        Metal is better conductor of heat than wood
(d)  Metal gets hotter than wood

It is easier to roll a stone up a sloping road than to lift it vertically upwards because
(a)        Work done in rolling is more than in lifting
(b)        Work done in lifting the stone is much more than rolling it
(c)        Work done in both is same but rate of doing work is less in rolling
(d)       Work done in rolling a stone is less than in lifting it

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