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Constructive Role Played by Media to Reform Our Society

When complaints are freely heard, deeply considered, and speedily reformed, then is the utmost bound of civil liberty attained, that wise men look for.”—Milton

Media is regarded as the most powerful weapon of 21st century. It has the capability to transform a good into bad and a bad into good. Media has revolutionized the world successfully and it has diminished the geographical boundaries. Obviously, it has transformed the world into a global village. Media’s role to reform a society regarding social, political and educational areas and domains is so diversified that tides of media can not be reversed. It is a renowned fact that media is considered as the fourth pillar of a state. Like other pillars(executive, judiciary and legislature), media has foremost duty to be authentic and to maintain the decorum of a state. Simultaneously, it plays a vital role to reform any society. True and honest media becomes constructive and strives for the development of society. A strong and powerful media constructs a society on sound footings. It assists to formulate the public opinion by spreading awareness regarding state issues. The term counselling is very much predictable and guidance is provided by journalists to amend society. It can be said that ” media is not less than a weapon which plays defensive as well as offensive role”. Moreover, with the spread of technology, the worth of media is beefed-up. It is unarguable fact that media has become the soul and essence of society.

In the historical perspective, media played productive role to reform our society. It has eradicated the primitive shackles and superstitious beliefs from society. It presented modernity of thoughts by transforming the modes of people from conservative to liberal. It is used as a motivational force to bring consensus on vital issues like education and health. The truth is that the significance of the media as a medium of interconnectedness of human affairs cannot be undermined in an age of swift globalization. With the passage of time, media has become the member of our society. It has firmly entrenched its roots in our life and now it’s hard to survive without it in this modern age. Media plays many important functions in the present age ranging from political to educational. Let’s analyse its major functions of rehabilitating the society. For instance, in the constitutional struggle for independence, Quaid-e-Azam visualised a constructive role of the press in the newly liberated country. On March 12, 1947 addressing the Bombay Provincial Muslim Journalist Association he said,

“The power of press is really great, but you must remember that this power which you are wielding, is a trust. Look upon it as a great trust and remember that you are guiding honestly and sincerely the progress and welfare of your nation”

It’s a lucid fact that in primitive times, media was not free as it is now. Owing to this, democracy couldn’t rear up its head in Pakistan. However, media took new form after promulgation of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority( PEMRA) 2001 in the era of autocratic president Pervaiz Musharraf. The mandate of PEMRA is to ensure accountability and transparency by optimizing free flow of information. This law is on the face to the article 19 of the constitution, which testifies freedom of speech, expression and press. Moreover, a renowned political thinker and critic Aristotle has written in his book, “ Politics”:

“Media is a means for catharsis and is must for normal living”

If we have a keen eye over current scenario, it will dawn upon us that media is performing multifarious tasks to refine our society. In illustration, it becomes the mouthpiece of downtrodden. When the rights of the poor are grabbed, their voices are suppressed, they become puppet in the hands of elite class, truly, media raises their voices, provides them assistance and preserves their rights. Recently, Pakistani angels became victim of malicious menace i.e rape. Thanks to media for providing justice to the victim families by punishing the culprits. Currently, this menace is eradicated from the society to an extent.

Another menace which has crippled the economy of Pakistan is corruption. Money laundering, Tax evasion and human trafficking have tarnished the very image of Pakistan. Regarding this, media is rendering multifarious services to take the wrongdoers forefront. Owing to media’s backing, the real faces of culprits are unveiled. The crippling economy is taking staggering turn with the help of influential leaders and apposite role played by media. Likewise, concerning human rights violations in Kashmir, Burma, Palestine and Afghanistan . Media has raised the issue of human rights violations on international level and the world organizations are endeavoring to surmount this obstacle through negotiations.

Media plays pivotal role in the character building of a nation. It pursues a country’s national interests before the world and on the basis of these interests bilateral relations are made. Media makes people cognizant about rival countries conspiracies. In this way, it aggrandizes the spirit of nationalism. It is actually not less than a platform that infuses the spirit of patriotism among masses. Basically, it is the spirit of nationalism which makes us awake in the call of foreign invasion.

In a nut shell, it can be figured out that media is rendering versatile services to reform our society. It has proved historically that media always assisted Pakistan and played constructive role in the development of society. However, the pros and cons of media can never be overlooked.

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