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Pakistan Rich in Natural Resources But Poor Management
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What are Natural Resources

  • Natural resources are derived from the environment, Some of them are essential for our survival while most are used for satisfying our wants.
  • People do not make natural resources, but gather them from the earth.
  • Some Examples of natural resources are air, water, copper, wood, oil, wind energy, hydro-electric energy, iron, and coal. Refined oil is not a natural resource because people make it.

Pakistan Natural Resources

Natural Resources play an Important role in the development of the Economy of a Country.

Pakistan is one of resource rich countries in the world having a large amount of coal, gas, gemstones, copper, minerals and gold reserves.

Other resources also included oil, iron, titanium and aluminum which are a necessity for any growing economy.

Some Major Resources of Pakistan

Some Major Resources of Pakistan are:

  1. Coal
  2. Oil and Gas
  3. Minerals
  4. Forest
  5. Agricultural Crops
  6. Power and Energy


Coal which is also named as black gold is found into huge quantities in Thar, Chamalang, Quetta and other sites.

There is enough coal in Pakistan Thar area (though a part of coal is not of good quality) that it can be used for power generation for next 100 years without relaying on other i.e. hydro / oil resources.

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Natural Gas

Natural gas production is at a high level in Pakistan.

Estimated reserves are 885.3 billion cubic meters (as of January 2009).

Gas fields are expected to last for another 20 years.

Crude Oil

Pakistan has more than 326 million barrels of oil the Senate was told on Wednesday 29 January 2009.


Salt is being minned in the region since 320 BC.

Khewra Salt Mines are among world oldest and biggest salt mines.

Other Important resources

  1. Rivers.
  2. Copper & gold.
  3. Other Metals.

Mismanagement Causes:

  1. Poor political system.
  2. Lack of awareness.
  3. Terrorism.
  4. Lack of infrastructures.
  5. Investors.
  6. Personal gains.
  7. Corruption.

The Solution of mismanagement

  1. A perfect judicial system.
  2. Right to information.
  3. Dedication.
  4. Small Efforts by each one of us.
  5. Stepping aside from USA and their funds.
  6. Proper check and balance.
  7. Identifying the dirty fishes in the pond.
  8. Hard Work.


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