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Punjab PMS Past Papers PMS

PMS Paper English (Compulsory) | (Punjab Public Service Commission 2019)

PMS Paper English (Compulsory) | (Punjab Public Service Commission 2019)
Written by CSS Times

Punjab Public Service Commission
Combined Competitive Examination for Recruitment to the Posts of
Provincial Management Service – 2019

Subject: English (Compulsory)

Time Allowed: Three Hours Maximum Marks: 100

Q. No 1: Write a paragraph of 200 Words on any one of the following topics: (20 Marks)

a. Gender inequality in Pakistan
b. Good governance is key to poverty alleviation
c. A Critical Analysis of Education System in Pakistan
d. Role & Power of Media in Today’s World

Q. No. 2: Use any Ten of the following idiomatic expressions in sentences to make their meaning clear. (10 Marks)

a. once in a blue moon
b. a piece of cake
c. let the cat out of the bag
d. kill two birds with one stone
e. a blessing in disguise
f. get out of hand
g. comparing apples to oranges
h. a wild goose chase
i. hit the nail on the head
j. at the drop of a hat
k. burn the midnight oil
l. make a long story shor

Q. No. 3: Write a letter to your friend inviting him to join you for a visit to Pakistan’s Northern Areas. (10 Marks)
Write an application to the Manager of your Bank about a suspicious transaction in your account.

Q. No. 4: Write the antonyms of the following words. (5 marks)

a. Feeble
b. Wane
c. Abhor
d. Agile
e. Nadir

Q. No. 5: Change the narration of any Five of the following sentences. (5 Marks)

1. The student said, “We were reading books.”
2. Rahim says, “I did not play as I was sick.”
3. He says, “I will go to London tomorrow.”
4. He said to her, “Please lend me your camera for one day.”
5. “Alas! I have broken my brother’s watch” said he.
6. Ali said, “He has been waiting for his brother for three hours.”
7. The teacher said to Sana, “Have your completed your task.”

Q. No. 6: Chance the voice of any Five of the following sentences. (5 Marks)

1. Extreme weather causes high temperatures.
2. This morning the police arrested burglar
3. British author George Orwell wrote the allegorical novel Animal Farm during World War II.
4. Did the mechanic fix your car?
5. We will have eaten dinner by the time you get there.
6. Always speak the truth.
7. Open the front door.

PMS Paper English (Compulsory)  (Punjab Public Service Commission 2019) -

PMS Paper English (Compulsory)  (Punjab Public Service Commission 2019) -

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