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Introduction to Public Administration MCQs for CSS/PMS/PCS (SET-II)

Public Administration MCQs
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‘Efficiency record’ method for determining the merit for promotion is practised in:
(a) Japan
(b) France
(c) The USA
(d) The UK
Answer: c

Pressure groups in public administration work for:
(a) Public interest
(b) Self interest
(c) Foreign interest
(d) Sectoral interest
Answer: d

The administrative reforms under which various services were merged in occupational groups were introduced in:
(a) 1960
(b) 1973
(c) 1989
(d) 1994
Answer: b

A goal set by and for top management of the organization is:
(a) Tactical Goal
(b) Strategic Goal
(c) Operational Goal
(d) Specific Goal
Answer: b

Balancing and reconciling possible conflicts among goals is:
(a) Communication
(b) Leading
(c) Inconsistency
(d) Optimizing
Answer: d

The civil service was defined as “professional body of officials, permanent, paid and skilled” by:
(a) Herman Finer
(b) O. G. Stahl
(c) Felix Nigro
(d) E. N. Gladden
Answer: a

Behavior that does not conform to generally social norms will be considered as:
(a) Arrogant Behavior
(b) Arbitrary Behavior
(c) Ethical Behavior
(d) Unethical Behavior
Answer. d

Conceptual and Diagnostic skills in an organization are mostly used by:
(a) General managers
(b) Top managers
(c) Middle managers
(d) First line managers
Answer: b

A theory suggesting that people are motivated by a hierarchy of needs was advanced by:
(a) Douglas Mc Gregor
(b) Arthur D. Little
(c) Abraham Maslow
(d) F. W. Riggs
Answer: c

The extent to which an organization complies with local, state and Federal Laws is:
(a) Social Compliance
(b) Philanthropic Awarding
(c) Ethical Compliance
(d) Legal Compliance
Answer: d

The process by which a manager assigns some of his total work load to others is:
(a) Decentralization
(b) Delegation
(c) Division of work
(d) Centralization
Answer: b

Power that has been legitimized by the state is:
(a) Political authority
(b) Charismatic authority
(c) Traditional authority
(d) Legal authority
Answer: d

A condition in which the availability of each alternative and its potential payoff and costs are all associated with probability estimates is:
(a) State of risk
(b) State of certainty
(c) State of mild certainty
(d) State of high certainty
Answer: c

The connection between the politics and public administration is:
(a) Politics seeks to deal controversial issues and public administration is the means whereby decisions are implemented.
(b) The politicians and administrators do not share unique partnership.
(c) Public administrator indulges in party politics.
(d) Administrators having strong political conviction, they cannot pursue a carrier of public servant.
Answer: a

How the Role of public administration is determined by the people or Government? Can it be a
(a) The civilization fails means the breakdown of public administration.
(b) Modern democracy can perform this job well.
(c) Moral conviction is vital for its role.
(d) Social and economical developments are more feasible than any branch of government.
Answer: b

Human Relations is the study of the people in action that is:
(a) The people work in a team spirit or not.
(b) Social factors are equally important besides technical.
(c) Human aspect’s ignorance is at management’s risk
(d) Human’s dignity is inseparable from human relations.
Answer: a

Management improvement is possible by systematic theory if:
(a) Investigator helps the decision-maker in solving problem.
(b) Systematic theory identifies with operation research.
(c) Defence problem’s programming is done smoothly.
(d) It ascertains the future performance.
Answer: a

In which recruitment, in a system for higher position is open to all the qualified candidates who may wish to apply is known as
(a) Passive recruitment
(b) Ordinary recruitment
(c) Direct recruitment
(d) Recruitment by promotion
Answer: c

The British concept of Civil Service neutrality is laid down by:
(a) Masterman Committee
(b) Northcote-Trevelyn Committee
(c) Assheton Committee
(d) Fulton Committee
Answer: a

Who supported Muslim participation in politics?
(a) Wiqar-ul-Mulk
(b) Allama Iqbal
(c) Mohsin-ul-Mulk
(d) Maulana Zafar Ali khan
Answer: b

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