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Important Synonyms and Antonyms for all Competitive Exam

Synonyms and Antonyms for all Competitive Exam
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

These all synonyms and antonyms will very helpful and will increase your intelligence skills.

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “A”

No. Word Synonyms Antonyms
1. Alien foreigner, outsider native, resident
2. Affront provoke, irreverence conciliate, mollify
3. Adversity misfortune, calamity prosperity, fortune
4. Antipathy hostility, aversion admiration, fascination
5. Amplify enlarge, extend lessen, contract
6. Alleviate abate, relieve aggravate, enhance
7. Admonish counsel, reprove approve, applaud
8. Adherent follower, disciple rival, adversary
9. Awkward clumsy, rough clever, apt
10. Allure entice, fascinate repulse, repel
11. Abortive vain, unproductive effectual, productive
12. Allay pacify, soothe aggravate, excite
13. Axiom maxim, truth absurdity, blunder

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “B”

14. Barbarous uncivilized, savage cultured, humane
15. Baffle frustrate, perplex compose, facilitate
16. Bewitching magical, fascinating repulsive, repugnant

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “C”

17. Concur approve, agree differ, disagree
18. Chastise punish, admonish cheer, encourage
19. Chaste virtuous, pure sullied lustful
20. Capable competent, able incompetent, inept
21. Captivity imprisonment, confinement freedom, liberty
22. Captivate charm, fascinate disillusion, offend
23. Calumny defamation, aspersion commendation, praise
24. Callous obdurate, unfeeling compassionate, tender
25. Calamity adversity, misfortune happiness, fortune
26. Cavity depth, depression elevation, projection
27. Cease terminate, desist begin, originate

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “D”

28. Defray spend, pay disclaim, repudiate
29. Defile contaminate, pollute purify, sanctity
30. Defer prolong, suspend accelerate, expedite
31. Dedicate devote, consecrate refuse, negate
32. Decipher interpret, reveal misinterpret, distort
33. Deceit deception, artifice veracity, sincerity
34. Decay collapse, decompose flourish, progress
35. Dainty elegant, delicate clumsy, coarse

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with  “E”

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with  “E”

36. Endeavour undertake, aspire cease, quit
37. Encumbrance hindrance, obstacle incentive stimulant
38. Eloquence expression, fluency halting, stammering
39. Eliminate expel, oust restore, accept
40. Elevate dignify, heighten deprecate, denounce
41. Efface destroy, obliterate retain, maintain
42. Ecstasy delight, exultation despair, calamity, depression
43. Eccentric strange abnormal natural, conventional

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “F”

44. Fleeting transient, temporary enduring, eternal
45. Feud strife, quarrel fraternity, harmony
46. Ferocious cruel, fierce gentle, sympathetic
47. Feeble weak, frail strong, robust
48. Fantastic fanciful, uncommon ordinary, normal
49. Fanatical narrow-minded, biased liberal, tolerant
50. Falter stumble, demur persist, endure
51. Fallacy delusion, mistake veracity, truth

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “G”

52. Gracious courteous, beneficent rude, unforgiving
53. Gorgeous magnificent, dazzling dull, unpretentious
54. Glut stuff, satiate starve, abstain
55. Gloom obscurity, darkness delight, mirth

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Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “H”

56. Haughty arrogant, pompous humble, submissive
57. Harass irritate, molest assist, comfort
58. Hapless unfortunate, ill-fated fortunate, lucky
59. Haphazard random, unsorted considered, arranged
60. Hamper retard, prevent promote, facilitate

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “I”

61. Incongruous inappropriate, absurd compatible, harmonious
62. Incompetent inefficient, unskilled dexterous, skilled
63. Inclination disposition, affection disinclination, indifference
64. Impute attribute, ascribe exculpate, support
65. Impious irreligious, unholy pious, devout
66. Impediment hurdle, obstruction assistance, concurrence
67. Impartial just, unbiased prejudiced, biased
68. Impair diminish, deteriorate restore, revive
69. Immunity prerogative, privilege blame, censure
70. Imminent impending, brewing distant, receding
71. Immerse submerge, involve emerge, uncover
72. Immense huge, enormous puny, insignificant
73. Immaculate unsullied, spotless defiled, tarnished

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “J”

74. Jubilant rejoicing, triumphant melancholy, depressing
75. Jovial frolicsome, cheerful solemn, morose
76. Jaded tired exhausted renewed, recreated
77. Jejune dull, boring interesting, exciting

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “K”

78. Knave dishonest, scoundrel paragon, innocent
79. Knell death knell, last blow reconstruction, rediscovery
80. Knotty complicated, difficult simple, manageable

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “L”

81. Linger loiter, prolong hasten, quicken
82. Liberal magnanimous, generous stingy, malicious
83. Liable accountable, bound unaccountable, apt to
84. Lenient compassionate, merciful cruel, severe
85. Lax slack, careless firm, reliable
86. Lavish abundant, excessive scarce, deficient

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with  “M”

87. Mollify appease, assuage irritate, infuriate
88. Molest harass, tease console, soothe
89. Modest humble, courteous arrogant, pompous
90. Mitigate alleviate, relieve augment, enhance
91. Miraculous marvellous, extraordinary ordinary, trivial
92. Minute diminutive, miniature large, colossal

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “N”

93. Numerous profuse, various scarce, deficient
94. Nullify cancel, annul confirm, uphold
95. Noxious baneful, injurious healing, profitable
96. Novice tyro, beginner veteran, ingenious

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “O”

97. Offspring descendant, sibling ancestor, forefather
98. Offensive abhorrent, arrogant docile, compliant
99. Odious malevolent, obnoxious engaging, fascinating
100. Occult latent, ambiguous intelligible, transparent
101. Obvious evident, apparent obscure, ambiguous
102. Obstruct impede, prevent hasten, encourage

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “P”

103. Predicament plight, dilemma resolution, confidence
104. Precarious doubtful, insecure assured, undeniable
105. Pompous haughty, arrogant unpretentious, humble
106. Perverse petulant, obstinate complacent, docile
107. Pertness flippancy, impudence modesty, diffidence
108. Peevish perverse, sullen suave, amiable
109. Peerless matchless, unrivalled mediocre, commonplace
110. Paramount foremost, eminent trivial, inferior
111. Pamper flatter, indulge deny, disparage
112. Placid tranquil, calm turbulent, hostile

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “Q”

113. Quibble equivocate, prevaricate unfeign, plain
114. Quarantine seclude, screen befriend, socialize
115. Questionable dubious, disputable reliable, authentic

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “R”

116. Retract recant, withdraw confirm, assert
117. Remote inaccessible, farther adjoining, adjacent
118. Remorse regret, penitence ruthlessness, obduracy
119. Resentment displeasure, wrath content, cheer
120. Remnant residue, piece entire, whole

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “S”

121. Shrewd cunning crafty simple, imbecile
122. Stupor lethargy, unconsciousness sensibility, consciousness
123. Squalid dirty, filthy tidy, attractive
124. Sporadic intermittent, scattered incessant, frequent
125. Solicit entreat, implore protest, oppose
126. Sneer mock, scorn flatter, praise
127. Slander defame, malign applaud, approve
128. Shabby miserable, impoverished prosperous, thriving
129. Saucy impudent, insolent modest, humble

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “T”

130. Temperate cool, moderate boisterous, violent
131. Tedious wearisome, irksome exhilarating, lively
132. Taciturn reserved, silent talkative, extrovert
133. Taboo prohibit, ban permit, consent
134. Throng assembly, crowd dispersion, sparsity
135. Tumultuous violent, riotous peaceful, harmonious

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “U”

136. Uncouth awkward, ungraceful elegant, graceful
137. Umbrage resentment, bitterness sympathy, goodwill

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “V”

138. Valour bravery, prowess fear, cowardice
139. Vagrant wanderer, roaming steady, settled
140. Vigilant cautious, alert careless, negligent
141. Valid genuine, authentic fallacious, deceptive
142. Veteran ingenious, experienced novice, tyro
143. Venom poison, malevolence antidote, benevolent

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “W”

144. Wield use, employ forgo, avoid
145. Wan pale, faded bright, healthy
146. Wicked vicious, immoral Virtuous, noble
147. Wed marry, combine divorce, separate

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “Y”

148. Yearn languish, crave content, satisfy
149. Yell shout, shriek whisper, muted

Important Synonyms and Antonyms starts with “Z”

150. Zeal eagerness, fervour apathy, lethargy

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