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The Muslim World on the Verge of Destruction

The Muslim World on the Verge of Destruction
Written by Ghulam Zainab

The Muslim World on the Verge of Destruction

The Muslims had ruled over the world 1000 of years ago. They were at climax because of their firm belief at unity. They had firm belief on the Holy Quran but it is law of nature that everything that rises sees a downfall. As long as the Muslim stuck to their religion, they succeeded but when they abandoned their moral values, they suffered downfall.

Muslim Ummah currently passing from catastrophic period and the era of their destruction began when they commenced trusting their enemies, they suffered insurmountable loss.  If we look into the above issue with cool mind, it will dawn upon us that the disunity among the Muslim Ummah is the major cause of their decline. If we have a bird eye view of the current scenario, it will be revealed that the Muslims are fighting against their own Muslim brothers due to lack of unity.

Every Muslim country is confronting with problem now a days. The dilemma of the world is how to get peace. Through the well planned maneuvers, the non-Muslim countries trapping Muslim Ummah into their own net archly. In Kashmir, the Muslims are victim of atrocities of the Hindus since 70 years. The Palestinians who were compelled to abandon their land, when the Zionist stepped in Palestine. By and by they formed their hegemony on Palestine. Thus, the unity of non-Muslims is depriving Muslims from their own rights. Trumps decision of shifting the embassy of America from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is the most devastating step against Arabs.

The condition of Muslims in Burma is ineffable; the honour of Muslim woman is not safe there. They are raped, physically and mentally tortured by brutal soldiers of Burma. Their houses are set on fire. The haggard Rohingyas are forced to abandon their lands. Simultaneously Saudi Arabia and Iran are fiend of each other since their inception.  Both the Muslim countries are divided just because of so called doctrines of different sects. Both countries are trying to demolish each other and to win the war of sectarianism. Such conservative thinking has left a dark spot on the face of Muslim Ummah which is associated with the beloved prophet SAW whose own life is beacon of light for everyone whose politeness and dealing was so fair that even the polytheists were kindled by his (SAW) justice.

Currently, we have become victim of fatal diseases like corruption, nepotism, injustice and conspiracies against Muslim brothers. Favoritism and sectarianism are the root causes of decadence of Muslim Ummah. Muslim countries are lagging behind in every field of life due to these malignant diseases. Today, Muslim Ummah is on the verge of destruction while the non-Muslim countries are getting boon from it.

The crux of the whole thesis listed above is that Muslim countries should pay heed to Islamic values. The menace of corruption should be nipped out from the bud. We should be alert about the vicious acts and conspiracies of our rivals and we should not go astray. We need to be one according to practical teachings of Islam. Our success lies in abiding the law of Allah Almighty and Sunnah of the Rasool SAW. The Holy Prophet SAW is a role model for his crystal clear life before us. The Muslims are at the verge of destruction because they are demoralized and for them the source of interest and apple of their eye is not Islam rather they are moved by the western values. Allama Iqbal has repeatedly stressed in verses that we should be proud that we are the Ummah of Rasool SAW and we should not pay any sort of heed to the sparkling life of the west. Only by following the golden principles of Islam, our salvation is possible.

As Allah says in the Holy Quran,

“Hold tightly the string of Allah and do not spread schism.”

A man of insight should learn a lesson from this.

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Ghulam Zainab

The authoress is teacher and a content writer. She got degree in MA English literature and have attempted CSS written examination

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  • Jazak Allah khairan for writing this article. best wishes for you and your family .Stay blessed.