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Top 15 Most Important Current Affairs Questions for CE-2019

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Top 15 Most Important Current Affairs Questions for CE-2019

Question # 1:

Why CPEC is illogically regarded as another East India Company in the nuclear age? Give solid reason why it will not be another East India Company?

Question # 2:

What is 5G Technology? What are advantages and disadvantages? Why America put the CFO of Huawei behind the bars and by Canada? Jot down the reservations of America in confrontations with Iran and China considering the significance of 5G technological warfare in near future.

Question # 3:

Trace out the establishment of Shanghai five and how it grew in power to be known as Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)? Is it another NATO for Eurasia and Central Asian Countries? Sketch down its structure and what is its significance and current status in 2018-19? Please throw light on its recent Summit 2018 and what were its agenda and developments?

Question # 4:

What are the motives of Donald Trump to impose high tariffs on China in the Trade-War between Sino-US rifts? Elaborate the three round tariffs on Chinese products by America and What are its precipitated implications, could the WTO be used to make the US back off on tariffs and does China have another option? Comment

Question # 5:

Critically evaluate the causes of Energy crisis in Pakistan. What are its consequences for the economic growth and social fabric in the country, how can the energy crisis of Pakistan be resolved and what are the obstacles on the way to curb it?

Question # 6:

What are the factors which contribute to the global warming. What measure have been taken by the world community and what are the hurdles on the way to minimize the harmful effects of Pollution?

Question # 7:

What are the opportunities in China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) at present and what are the hurdles on the way of the progress of this project? What strategy needs to be carried out to root out the hurdles? Please give recommendations which are perceptible in the current scenario.

Question # 8:

Why the United Nation Organization (UNO) has failed to cope up with the problems and wheat are the current challenges for the UN? What are the reasons behind its failure?

Question # 9:

Discuss the strengths of the USA to implement its economic policies worldwide. Why Donald Trump want to give up from NATO? What would be its far reaching implications on the world Politics?

Question # 10:

What do you know about ASIAN-INDIAN commemorative Summit-2018, what is its significance and what were its main agenda or focus?

Question # 11:

Why Kashmir issue so far has not been resolved? Considering pre-history and cause of the conflict what are its center of tensions due to that this problem is undisputed through out history. With the course of Indo-Pakistan confrontation and center of tension in dispute, give recommendations for the current government to resolve this dispute in 2018-19?

Question # 12:

Write a brief note on “Uncontrolled Curse of Child Labour in Pakistan”.

Question # 13:

What is Foreign Policy of Pakistan at present? Sketch out its aims and objectives and what loopholes are there in the foreign policy of Pakistan? What measures should be taken by “Naya Pakistan” or the Nascent Government to overcome these loopholes and pitfalls?

Question # 14:

What are the major challenges for the newly elected government in Pakistan? Please give effective ways to resolve these problems.

Question # 15:

The US has imposed economic sanctions on Pakistan in 2018. What are the causes of the implications and their implications on Pakistan and what should be a way forward to get rid of the US hostility over Pakistan.

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