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World Records: Important Solved MCQs for Competitive Exams

World Records: Important Solved MCQs for Competitive Exams
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

World Records: Important Solved MCQs for Competitive Exams

Largest bird | Important World Records
• Ostrich of North Africa

Smallest bird
• Male bee hummingbird of Cuba.

The first to launch earth satellite or artificial body to moon

The first President of the U.S.A.
• George Washington

The first President of the Chinese Republic
• Sun Yat sen

The first Governor-General of Pakistan | Important World Records
• Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Smallest continent
• Australia

Most populous continent | Important World Records
• Asia

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Largest road tunnel
• Yerba Buena Island tunnel, San Francisco, California, USA.

Largest cotton producer
• China

Largest fish catching country | Important World Records
• China

Fastest flying bird
• the peregrine falcon

Largest fish
• Whale Shark

First woman Prime Minister | Important World Records
• Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka

First woman President | Important World Records
• Isabel Peron of Argentina

First woman President of the UN General Assembly | Important World Records
• Pandit Vijaya Lakshmi of India

First UN Secretary
• General Mr. Trygve Lie of Norway

First man at both poles
• Dr. albert P. Crary of the USA

First man at the South Pole
• Captain Roald Amundsen of Norway

First man to conquer Mount Everest
• Mr. Edmund Percival Hillary of New Zealand

First man on the moon
• Niel Arm Strong

First Muslim in space
• Prince Sultan Salman al-Saud of Saudi Arabia

First journalist in space
• Japanese Television reporter Tyoehiro Akiyama

First woman in space
• Junior Lieutenant Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova of the former Soviet Union

First man to walk in space
Lt. Col Aleksey a. Leonov of the former Soviet Union

First animal in space
• Laika, the dog (set by the Russians).

First artificial satellite
• Sputnik I, of the former Soviet Union

First man to receive an artificial heart
• Dr. Barney B Clark

First test-tube baby
• Louie Brown

First liver transplant recipient
• Ichirou Tsuruyama of Japan

Deadliest disease

Leading nuclear electricity producing country
• The USA

First nuclear power station producing electricity

Most Commonest element in the atmosphere
• Nitrogen

Most common element in the Universe
• Hydrogen (H).

Largest natural gas producer
• Russia

Largest oil consumer
• The USA

Largest computer company

Largest arms exporter
• The USA.

Longest war
• Thirty Years War

Shortest war
• The war between the United Kingdom and Zazibar (39.58 minutes).

Bloodiest War
• Second World War

Largest regular armed force
• China’s

Largest army
• The army of China

Largest legislative assembly
• National People’s Congress of China

Largest commercial bank Bank
• Bank of Tokyo – Mitsubisihi Limited, Tokyo, Japan

Largest oil company
• The Exxon USA

Largest flower
• Rafflesia Arnoldii

Fastest growing plant
• Bamboo

Largest, heaviest and longest mammal and animal
• The Blue whale

Fastest land animal
• The cheetah of hunting leopard

Tallest animal
• The male Giraffe.

First clones animal
• Dolly (sheep)

Largest development bank
• International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) (commonly known as World Bank)

Longest bone in the human body
• The thigh bone or femur

Smallest bone in the human body
• The stapes or stirrup bone in the middle ear

Most abundant mineral in the human body
• Calcium

Hardest element
• Diamond

Country with the most newspapers
• India

Largest fort
• The Fort George in UK

Oldest museum
• The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, UK.

Oldest theatre
The theatre of Epidauros, Greece.

Largest car producer

Longest frontier
The frontier between Canada and USA

Largest paper producer
• The USA.

Largest crude oil producer
• Saudi Arabia

Highest defence budge
• USA.

The first country to send man to the moon
• U.S.A.

Largest tobacco producer
• China

Biggest bicycle producer
• China

Technologically the most advance country
• The USA

Longest wall
• The Great Wall of China.

Least populous continent
• Australia

Uninhabited continent
• Antarctica

Largest country in the land size
• Russia

Smallest country
• State of Vatican City

Largest democracy
• India

smallest republic
• Nauru

Largest Island
• Kalaallit Nunaat (formerly Greenland)

Largest peninsula
• Arabia,

Most populous country
• China

Least populous country
• State of Vatican

Largest Islamic country
• Kazakhstan

Smallest Islamic country
• Maldives

Most populous Islamic country
• Indonesia

Oldest capital city
• Damascus, capital of Syria

Highest capital city
• La Paz in Bolivia

Deepest ocean
• The Pacific Ocean

Smallest ocean
• The Arctic Ocean

Largest sea
• The South China Sea

Largest gulf
• The Gulf of Mexico,

Largest bay
• The Bay of Bengal

Highest mountain peak
• Mount Everest, 8850 m. high.

Largest active volcano
• Mauna Loa, Hawaii

Largest planet
• Jupiter

Smallest planet
• Mercury

Coldest planet
• Neptune

Hottest plant
• Venus

Planet nearest to the Earth
• Venus

Fastest planet
• Mercury

Brightest planet
• Venus

Faintest planet
• Neptune

Densest planet
• The Earth

Least densest planet
• Saturn

Newest born country of the world
• South Sudan

Latest member of UNO
• South Sudan

Longest river
The River Nile, Egypt.

• Biggest River

• Largest gold producer

• Second largest gold producer
South Africa

Largest silver producer
• Mexico

Largest coal producer
• China

Largest copper producer
• Chile (South America)

Largest tin producer
• Brazil

Largest natural rubber producer
• Thailand

Largest uranium producer
• Canada

Largest zinc producer
• Canada

Brightest star
• Sirius A (Dog Star)

Smallest star
• The Neutron stars.

Smallest satellite
• Deimos

Planet with most satellites
• Jupiter

Largest desert
• The Sahara

Larges lake
• The Caspian Sea in

Largest freshwater lake
• Lake Superior, USA – Canada

Largest freshwater lake (by volume)
• Lake Baikal

Deepest lake is
• Lake Baikal in Central Siberia, Russia

Largest wool producer
• Australia

Largest wheat producer
• China

Largest sugarcane producer
• Brazil

Largest sugar producer
• India

Largest rice producer
• China

Largest barley producer
• Russia

Largest corn (maize) producer
• The USA

Largest wheat exporter
• The USA

Largest coffee producer
• Brazil

Largest jute producer
• India

Country with the shortest coastline
• Manaco

Country with the longest coastline
• Canada

Longest tunnel
• The New York City West Delaware water supply tunnel, (169 km, long and diameter 4.1 m).

Longest under – sea tunnel
• Seikan Rail tunnel, Japan (length of 53.85 km).

Longest road tunnel
• The St. Gothard Road Tunnel in Switzerland (16.32 km).

Largest natural gas deposit
• Russia

Hottest place al-aziziyah,
• Tripoli, Libya

Coldest place
• Vostok in Antarctic

Rainiest place
• Cherrapunji India.

Highest airport | Important World Records
• La Sa (Lhasa) Airport in Tibet, China

Lowest international airport | Important World Records
• Schiphol airport in Amsterdam

Oldest written language | Important World Records
• Chinese.

Oldest spoken language | Important World Records
• Chinese

Language with most letters | Important World Records
• Cambodian

Largest library
• The United States Library of Congress

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