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40 Most Important IDIOMS with the word “First”

40 Most Important IDIOMS with the word “First”
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

40 Most Important IDIOMS with the word “First”

for CSS, PMS, PCS, PPSC, SPSC, BPSE, KPKPSC, NTS, BTS, OTS and all other Competitive Exams

1. First aid: medical care for minor injuries such as mild abrasions, cuts, bruises, and burns
• She gave him first aid for his sprained ankle.

2. First among equals: the sentiment that a leader is merely the premier person among his or her colleagues
• The prime minister is first among equals in the cabinet.

3. First base: the first step or stage in a process or procedure, from baseball terminology
• He used to be a catcher, but now he plays first base.

4. (Draw) First blood: To be the first to gain an advantage or score against an opponent.
• If someone draws first blood in a game or conflict, they are the first to score or succeed.

5. (At) first blush: referring to reconsideration of one’s initial thought
• At first blush, I thought the house was great

6. First call: the right to priority in use of something
• Her children had first call on her time.

7. First cause: the philosophical concept of the original self-created cause of which all other causes are by-products
• Facebook has been known to make changes to News Feed that at first cause discord with its user base.

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8. First chair: the lead musician among those playing a particular instrument in an orchestra (such as first violin)
• The first chair second violinist is probably a better player than the second chair.

9. First class: the best category of travel accommodations, or the best in terms of performance or quality
• This preferential ticket entitles you to travel first class.

10. First come, first served: the principle that the customer who arrives first is given priority
• Seats will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

11. First cousin: a son or daughter of one’s aunt or uncle
• My first cousin has blonde curly hair.

12. First crack: the earliest chance or opportunity

13. First dance: the tradition of the guests of honor being the first couple on the dance floor to start a ball or other dance event

14. First dibs: choice of (something) before anyone else gets to pick

15. First down: the first in a series of plays in American football after one team takes possession of the ball from the other team

16. First edition: the initial publication of a book

17. First estate: the clergy as the highest of the three orders of society in the middle Ages and for some time afterward (the others were the nobility and the common people)

18. First floor: the ground floor (in American English usage) or the second floor (in British English usage)

19. First flush (of success): an initial period of achievement (the term is also used technically to refer to the initial runoff of rainwater after a storm)

20. First glance: a superficial examination or review

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21. (At) first hand: with direct experience (as an adjective, firsthand)

22. First impression: the initial evaluation of information or an experience, generally before having time to consider or ponder

23. First lady: the wife of a government’s leader

24. First leg: the first part of a journey

25. First light: the earliest part of day

26. First night: the evening of a premiere performance, or the premiere performance itself

27. In the) first place: in the beginning, or as an initial consideration

28. (Right of) first refusal: the privilege of being able to accept or reject an offer or proposal before anyone else is given consideration

29. (Love at) first sight: the sentiment of an instant romantic connection

30. (The) first step (is always the hardest): the notion that starting a task is the most difficult part

31. (Cast the) first stone: used to refer to hypocritical behavior akin to throwing a stone at someone as punishment for a crime when the thrower may be culpable for the same crime or another one

32. First string: the group of athletes who participate from the beginning an athletic competition, as opposed to players who may substitute for first string teammates at some point; by extension, the best among any group

33. (Don’t) know the first thing about:
the model for an expression stating that someone is unacquainted with even the basics of a certain procedure or topic

34. First things first:
refers to the importance of considering the relative priority of steps

35. First-timer:
someone engaging or participating in some activity the person has not done before

36. First water:
the highest quality, especially in gems but also said figuratively of people of high character

37. First world:
the developed, industrialized nations

38. (If at) first you don’t succeed (try again):
the sentiment that one should persist after initial failure

39. Ladies first:
a sentiment that, according to proper etiquette, females should have priority in passing through a doorway or into another area

40. Shoot first (and ask questions later):
referring to the supposed wisdom, in a confrontation, of disabling a potential adversary first and then ascertaining whether the person is in fact a foe.

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