English Grammar MCQs

English Tenses MCQs Advanced Level (Set 2)

English Tenses MCQs Advanced Level (Set 2)
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English Tenses MCQs Advanced Level (Set 2)

English Tenses MCQs 1-10

1. They ____ so many hotels in the region in recent years that gradually they ____ the natural beauty of the area.
A) were building / destroy
B) will built / have been destroying
C) have built / are destroying
D) are building / have destroyed
E) have been building / destroyed
Answer: C

2. Some of us will be needed tomorrow to finish the fence because, at this rate, two sections ____ unfinished when we ____work tonight.
A) have remained / stopped
B) will have remained / were stopping
C) are going to remain / will stop
D) are remaining / are stopping
E) will remain / stop
Answer: E

3. Decoupage, an art form that ____ in France during the 17th century, ____ cutting out designs and patterned materials and fastening them permanently to surface.
A) has originated / will involve
B) originated / involves
C) was originating / is involving
D) will have originated / involved
E) is originating / was involving
Answer: B

4. The weather conditions ____throughout the day and now the ground officials are confident that the championship game ____ ahead.
A) have been improving / will go
B) will be improving / will go
C) have improved / was going
D) are improving / has gone
E) improved / went
Answer: A

5. Look, the conservation volunteers ____cheerfully in the sunshine all morning, unlike yesterday , when they ____ to work in the rain.
A) worked / are refusing
B) are working / were refusing
C) will be working / have refused
D) have been working / refused
E) will have worked / had refused
Answer: D

6. A: Is that your pure wool pullover in the washing machine? It ____ you know! B: No, I ____it several times in the machine already. I use the wool cycle and it’s fine.
A) was shrinking / wash
B) has shrunk / had washed
C) will shrink / washed
D) is going to shrink / have washed
E) is shrinking / have been washing
Answer: D

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7. After she ____ to me for the fifth time, I ____ another word she said, and put an end to our friendship.
A) has lied / don\’t believe
B) has been lying / won\’t believe
C) was lying / haven\’t believed
D) is lying / hadn\’t believed
E) had lied / didn\’t believe
Answer: E

8. Since they ____ part in their first conversation volunteer week, they ____ on several projects with great pleasure.
A) are taking / worked
B) take / will have worked
C) are going to take / are working
D) took / have worked
E) have been taking / work
Answer: D

9. Asia ____ the world’s largest land mass and ____ just over half of the world’s people.
A) has had / held
B) is having / is holding
C) has / holds
D) was having / was holding
E) has been having / will hold
Answer: C

10. I ____ to the bank during my lunch-break today, but an old colleague ____ to visit us, so, naturally, I wanted to hear all the news.
A) was going / came
B) went / is coming
C) have gone / was coming
D) had gone / has come
E) am going / comes
Answer: A

English Tenses MCQs 11-20

11. Suddenly it ____ very foggy, so we ____ compass bearings to find the right route down the mountain
A) will become / use
B) had become / usedhad become / used
C) became / are using
D) becomes / will use
E) has become / had used
Answer: B

12. We’re looking after our neighbour’s dog as well as our own and it ____ two kilos of meat a day, so I ____ dog meat in bulk these days.
A) is eating / bought
B) ate / have bought
C) was eating / have been buying
D) eats / am buying
E) will have eaten / had bought
Answer: D

13. By the end of this court session the jury ____ all the witnesses and they ____ the courtroom to decide on a verdict.
A) have been hearing / have left
B) have heard / are leaving
C) are hearing / leave
D) hear / left
E) will have heard / will leave
Answer: E

14. I feel certain that her new travel agency ____ because she ____ a thorough market survey.
A) is succeeding / will do
B) has succeeded / will have done
C) will succeed / has done
D) was succeeding / is doing
E) succeeded / has been doing
Answer: C

15. When Chilean separatist forces ____ an independent Chile in 1818, the vice-royalty of Peru ____ over Chile for almost three centuries.
A) declared / had been ruling
B) has declared / was ruling
C) was declaring / has been ruling
D) is declaring / ruled
E) had declared / will have ruled
Answer: A

16. I ____ some chicken curry earlier and ____ Richard and Kate to stay for dinner, but just then I remembered that they were both vegetarian.
A) was going to cook / have asked
B) had been cooking / will ask
C) cooked / will have asked
D) had cooked / was going to ask
E) have cooked / had asked
Answer: D

17. I expect you ____ from school by this time next year and ____ for a job.
A) have graduated / will have looked
B) are graduating / have been looking
C) will have graduated / will be looking
D) graduate / will have been looking
E) were graduating / are going to look
Answer: C

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18. Our Spanish teacher ____ very slowly and clearly to us at the moment because we ____ very far in the language yet.
A) talks / aren\’t progressing
B) is talking / haven\’t progressed
C) was talking / didn\’t progress
D) has been talking / weren\’t progressing
E) will be talking / don\’t progress
Answer: B

19. Before the potato blight ____ Ireland in the 1840s, most Irish people ____ on a subsistence diet of potatoes.
A) was striking / relied
B) has struck / relies
C) had struck / has relied
D) strikes / will rely
E) struck / had relied
Answer: E

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20. Between the years 1846 and 1851, one million Irish men and women ____ to death and 1.6 million ____ to the USA.
A) had been starving / have emigrated
B) have been starving / emigrate
C) were starving / were emigrated
D) starved / emigrated
E) had starved / will have emigrated
Answer: D

English Tenses MCQs 21-30

21. Bangladesh ____ independence from Pakistan in 1971 and ever since the assassination of the first prime minister in 1974, the military ____ the country’s government.
A) has gained / were dominating
B) had gained / are dominating
C) gained / have dominated
D) was gaining / dominate
E) gains / have been dominating
Answer: C

22. Over the recent years alcoholism ____ a leading cause death of the young adult population in the USA. This statistics ____ deaths from drunken driving and fires started by carelessly dropped cigarettes.
A) became / was including
B) becomes / included
C) was becoming / will include
D) is becoming / is including
E) has become / includes
Answer: E

23. Some of the workers ____ the peaches while the others ____ them in wooden boxes.
A) are picking / will place
B) were picking / were placing
C) have been picking / placed
D) picked / have been placing
E) had been picking / have placed
Answer: B

24. Although manufacturers ____electric cars as prototypes for a number of years now, it will be a long time before they ____ common.
A) produced / are becoming
B) have been producing / become
C) produce / will become
D) are producing / became
E) were producing / will have become
Answer: B

25. Between 1607 and 1733 Englishmen ____ thirteen colonies along the east cost of North America and by 1750 nearly two million men, women and children ____ in these colonies.
A) were establishing / will be living
B) have been establishing / lived
C) established / were living
D) had established / will have lived
E) have established / had lived
Answer: C

26. I ____ some wood for the fire while you ____ the salad.
A) will fetch / prepare
B) fetch / are preparing
C) am fetching / will prepare
D) have fetched / prepared
E) was fetching / have prepared
Answer: A

27. By the 16th century, Austria ____ so large that its emperor ____ all of modern Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Spain as well as parts of Italy and Yugoslavia.
A) has become / ruled
B) was becoming / has ruled
C) was going to become / rule
D) had become / was ruling
E) becomes / has been ruling
Answer: D

28. The earthworm, which ____ neither lungs nor gills, ____ through its skin
A) is having / has breath
B) has had / is breathing
C) was having / breathed
D) will have / was breathing
E) has / breathes
Answer: E

29. The athletes ____ for exactly three months by the time the races ____ due to start.
A) have been training / will be
B) will have been training / are
C) are going to train / will have been
D) are training / were
E) had trained / have been
Answer: B

30. Adolescence, the process of changing from a child into an adult usually ____ sometime between the ages of 11 and 14 and ____ for approximately six to ten years.
A) occurs / continues
B) occurred / has been continuing
C) will occur / continued
D) occurs / was continuing
E) occurred / will have continued
Answer: A

English Tenses MCQs 31-40

31. I ____ Malcolm in his car, but he ____ the traffic and didn’t see me.
A) was seeing / watches
B) see / has watched
C) have seen / is watching
D) saw / was watching
E) am seeing / watched
Answer: D

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32. Tim ____ a master’s degree as soon as he ____ to Canada.
A) has begun / is returning
B) began / returned
C) is beginning / returned
D) was beginning / returns
E) begins / has returned
Answer: B

33. Ratchel ____ up smoking four years ago and she ____ a cigarette since.
A) was giving / doesn’t smoke
B) has given / wasn’t smoking
C) gave / hasn’t smoked
D) has given / didn’t smoke
E) is giving / isn’t smoking
Answer: C

34. Last year Sonny ____ four miles each morning before breakfast, but he ____ around the block each mourning instead since his heart attack.
A) ran / has been walking
B) has run / has walked
C) runs / was walking
D) has been running / walks
E) was running / walked
Answer: A

35. I ____ a brace on my teeth as a child, but I didn’t like it.
A) was wearing
B) am wearing
C) have worn
D) wore
E) have been wearing
Answer: D

36. I ____ an extra part-time job last week as we ____ the money.
A) am starting / are needing
B) was starting / have needed
C) start / needed
D) have started / were needing
E) started / need
Answer: E

37. As my son ____ down by the river, I ____ his room thoroughly
A) fishes / have cleaned
B) is fishing / cleaned
C) has fished / clean
D) fished / have been cleaning
E) was fishing / cleaned
Answer: E

38. We ____ in Cornwall for two weeks last summer. Since then, we ____ a holiday by the sea.
A) stayed / haven’t had
B) are staying / don’t have
C) were staying / didn’t have
D) stay / aren’t having
E) have stayed / weren’t having
Answer: A

39. One of the straps on the baby’s pram ____ quite thin, so we ____ to replace it
A) wore / decide
B) wears / have decided
C) had worn / decided
D) is wearing / were deciding
E) has been wearing / decide
Answer: C

40. This time last year, his business ____ a reasonable profit, but now, because of that management, he ____ keep it going.
A) has made / has struggled
B) made / was struggling
C) make / has been struggling
D) has been making / struggles
E) was making / is struggling
Answer: E

English Tenses MCQs 41-50

41. The last time we ____ dinner with them, they ____ for a new house.
A) have had / looked
B) were having / have been looking
C) have been having / look
D) had / were looking
E) have / are looking
Answer: D

42. The whole family was busy. While the children ____ decorations, their father ____ up the Christmas tree.
A) are making / is setting
B) made / has been setting
C) have been making / has set
D) were making / was setting
E) have made / set
Answer: D

43. A: What’s on TV tonight? B: Match of the day, Manchester United ____ South Melbourne.
A) had played
B) were playing
C) are playing
D) have played
E) played
Answer: C

44. Isn’t it strange that you ____ for Mark’s surprise party all week, but you ____ him a birthday present yet?
A) are preparing / didn’t buy
B) have been preparing / haven’t bought
C) prepared / don’t buy
D) have prepared / aren’t buying
E) prepare / weren’t buying
Answer: B

45. While my parents ____ in the shopping centre, a thief ____ into their car for the radio.
A) shopped / has broken
B) were shopping / broke
C) have shopped / breaks
D) are shopping / was breaking
E) shop / is breaking
Answer: B

46. When we ____ her, she ____ in the wardrobe.
A) were finding / hides
B) find / has hidden
C) are finding / is hiding
D) found / was hiding
E) have found / hid
Answer: D

47. I never ____ my temper on purpose, of course, but sometimes I just ____, though I always regret it afterwards.
A) lose / explode
B) lost / am exploding
C) have been losing / exploding
D) were losing / have exploding
E) have lost / was exploding
Answer: A

48. Even though it ____ heavily at the time, they ____ home.
A) has snowed / were driving
B) snows / have been driving
C) was snowing / drove
D) has been snowing / drive
E) snowed / are driving
Answer: C

49. It’s been one week since the floods ____, but still aid workers ____ people.
A) are striking / rescued
B) strike / were rescuing
C) were striking / have been rescuing
D) struck / are rescuing
E) have struck / rescue
Answer: D

50. In 1951, the people of the Gold Coast ____ for their own government and shortly afterwards, they ____ their country as Ghana.
A) vote / are renaming
B) voted / renamed
C) have voted / were renaming
D) were voting / have renamed
E) are voting / rename
Answer: B

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