Anthropology MCQs MCQs

Introduction to Anthropology MCQs for CSS (Set-II)

Systems are ones in which kinship group membership and inheritance passes through female line
(a) Matrilineal
(b) Patrilineal
(c) Matriarchy
(d) Patriarchy
Answer. a

Cultural ecology process of
(a) Human nature
(b) Human Adaptation
(c) Human behaviour
(d) Human made culture
Answer. b

Sociology should relinquish every attempt at discovering origins and forms of evolution
(a) Aristotle
(b) Karl Marx
(c) Claude Levi Strauss
(d) Herbert Spenser
Answer. c

Humans to transform themselves from plant and dead animal in Africa to a truly global species behaviour patterns and knowledge by people as members of a society
(a) Culture
(b) Tradition
(c) Way of living
(d) None of these
Answer. a

Mode of production that includes gathering of food that is available in nature, by gathering, fishing, or hunting
(a) Foraging
(b) Horticulture
(c) Pastoralist
(d) Agriculture
Answer. a

Davis’s work focused on issues of personality development, childhood socialization, and educational testing of intelligence in
(a) 1940
(b) 1950
(c) 1930
(d) 1941
Answer. a

Who presented that capitalism is product of one sect of Christianity?
(a) Max Weber
(b) Karl Max
(c) Emile Durkheim
(d) Spenser
Answer. a

Social class position in a true ?open class? structure is based upon in which
(a) Ascribed criteria
(b) Race
(c) Family position
(d) Achieved criteria
Answer. d

Applied anthropology make somewhat greater use of
(a) Qualitative method
(b) Quantitative method
(c) Both A and B
(d) None of these
Answer. b

Process by which cultural traits spread from one group or society to another is called
(a) Folkways
(b) cultural diffusion
(c) counter culture
(d) cultural complexes
Answer. b

What is definition of a literate person?
(a) A person who can read
(b) A person who can read and write
(c) A person who can only write
(d) None of these
Answer. b

Which of following factors would come under term of diversity??
(a) Gender
(b) Socio-economic status
(c) Cultural background
(d) All of these
Answer. d

Enculturation is process by which
(a) Culture is reduced
(b) A child learns his or her culture
(c) A culture is transformed
(d) Culture becomes adaptive
Answer. b

Applied anthropology falls into categories which are
(a) 4
(b) 2
(c) 1
(d) 5
Answer. b

Another component of radical ecology is
(a) Ecofeminism
(b) Ecology
(c) Ethnocentrism
(d) All of the above
Answer. a

A family consisting of step relations is called
(a) Plural family
(b) Joint family
(c) Extended Family
(d) Compound family
Answer. c

Movement of people between positions on different levels
(a) Traveling of groups from one place to another
(b) Participation in the cultural activities of modern age
(c) Migration from rural to urban areas
(d) Social Mobility
Answer. d

Clifford Geertz characterized culture as
(a) A process of enculturation
(b) A biological necessity
(c) A set of control mechanisms and behaviour
(d) only partially shared
Answer. c

Principle of descent in which people think of themselves related to both their mother’s kin and their father’s kin at same time is called
(a) Bilateral descent
(b) Unilateral descent
(c) Double descent
(d) Parallel descent
Answer. a

Social structure of a society is network of
(a) Institutional Relations
(b) Value system
(c) Traditions
(d) Compliance to norms
Answer. d

All human societies have exchange institutions whereby goods and services are transferred from one local group to another is called
(a) Business
(b) Exchange system
(c) Trade
(d) Market place
Answer. c

A verities of language traditionally, term was applied to regional dialects but applied to verities of particular social groups are called
(a) Mother toung
(b) National Language
(c) Languages
(d) Dialects
Answer. d

Crime is learned in Associations who said this
(a) Paul H. Norton
(b) Edwin Sutherland
(c) Wright Mills
(d) George Simple
Answer. b

Process by which individuals are socially attached to their parents are called
(a) Assimilation
(b) Affine
(c) Filiations
(d) None of these
Answer. c

Feminist anthropology is study of
(a) Male
(b) Both Male and Female
(c) Women and women’s
(d) Genders
Answer. c

As identified in “Shamanism,” current popular and self-help movements with connections to shamanism include all of following except
(a) Elitism
(b) New Age
(c) Neo-shamanism
(d) Self-actualization
Answer. b

Stratified samples fall under
(a) Probability sampling design
(b) Non-Probability sampling design
(c) Multi-stage sampling design
(d) None of these
Answer. a

Phenomena when educated and highly skilled people emigrate to a new country, their home country loses, is referred as
(a) Chain migration
(b) Life-time migration
(c) Brain Drain
(d) Mover
Answer. c

Problem solving process began?
(a) Clarification of the situation
(b) Establishment of alternatives
(c) Identification of the difficulty
(d) Isolation of the cause
Answer. c

Symbolic anthropology was also a reaction against
(a) materialism and Marxism
(b) Material and economic
(c) symbols and mental
(d) None of these
Answer. a

Cultural anthropology to understand human ecology and adaptation was introduced by
(a) Julian steward
(b) Malinowski
(c) E.B Taylor
(d) Morgan
Answer. a

A women who shares a husband with one or more other women in a polygynous union are called
(a) Co-friend
(b) Co-women
(c) Co-wife
(d) None of these
Answer. c

A property given by a family to its daughter upon marriage for benefit of her new conjugal household is
(a) Gift
(b) Dowry
(c) Give and take
(d) Gift
Answer. b

Symbolic anthropology can consider as a reaction to
(a) Structuralism
(b) Actions
(c) Culture
(d) None of these
Answer. a

All human societies have exchange institutions by goods and service are transferred from one place to another is called
(a) Distribution
(b) Redistribution
(c) Business
(d) Trade
Answer. d

Best known as an ethnographer are
(a) Jane Goodall
(b) Dian Fosse
(c) Margaret Mead
(d) Farley Mowat
Answer. c

Concept alienation was first introduced by
(a) Max Weber
(b) Karl Marx
(c) August Comte
(d) C.W. Mills
Answer. b

Gerontology is study of
(a) Human beings
(b) Special groups
(c) Aged and aging
(d) All of these
Answer. c

Totem symbolized the
(a) Culture
(b) Community
(c) Society
(d) People
Answer. c

Anthropology is best way for
(a) Seminor
(b) Presentation
(c) Field work
(d) None of these
Answer. c

Which anthropologist indicates about ethnographic fieldwork?
(a) Margaret Mead
(b) Napoleon Chagnon
(c) Charles Darwin
(d) Bronislaw Malinowski
Answer. d

Anthropology is study of
(a) Natural things
(b) Archeology
(c) study about human beings
(d) Study about Languages
Answer. d

Which one is a basic institution for socialization of children?
(a) School
(b) Religion
(c) Family
(d) Community
Answer. c

Biological characteristics distinguishing male from female is called
(a) Heterosexuality
(b) Gender
(c) Sex
(d) Homosexuality
Answer. c

Sociolinguistics came to be called by
(a) Mother toung
(b) Language and culture
(c) Hymes
(d) all of the above
Answer. c

Male bias or tendency to underestimate or ignore female perspective is
(a) Gender
(b) Androcentrism
(c) Male and Female
(d) None of these
Answer. b

Applied anthropology as currently practiced in
(a) Pakistan
(b) China
(c) America
(d) Japan
Answer. c

How does anthropology differ from other social sciences such as economics and sociology
(a) Anthropology is holistic and integrative in its approach.
(b) The other social sciences are holistic and integrative in their approach
(c) Anthropology specialize in the workings of specific systems
(d) Anthropology is more important
Answer. a

Economic growth will keep pace with population growth only if there is
(a) Available acreage
(b) Improved technology
(c) Motivation to achieve
(d) None of these
Answer. a

What term we usually use specifying that children are in kin group of their father, and not their mother
(a) Patriarchy
(b) Matrilineal
(c) Patriliny
(d) Patrilocal
Answer. c

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