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CSS Essay “Impacts of Media” with Outline | By Aqsa Imtiaz (CSS/PMS 2020 Qualified)

CSS Essay “Impacts of Media” with Outline | By Aqsa Imtiaz (CSS/PMS 2020 Qualified)
Written by CSS Times

“Impacts of Media”


1) Introduction

According to Montesquieu theory of separation of powers there are three pillars / organs of the state i.e. executive, legislature and judiciary. However, media has emerged as the fourth pillar of state…..…

2) Positive aspect Or Impacts of Media

a) Social impacts…….

  • entertainment;
  • connectivity;
  • awareness of rights;

b) Political impacts…..

  • canvassing;
  • democracy;
  • political shenanigans;

c) Economic impacts…..

  • success of business;
  • shaping minds;

d) Religious impacts…….

  • access to religious cities;
  • interfaith harmony;

e) Educational impacts……..

  • access to learning worldwide;

f) Healthcare impacts……

  • health tips;
  • health chart;
  • diet plans;
  • mediation;

g) Media as a watchdog

3) Negative Aspects Or Impact of Media

a) Social……

  • Isolation;
  • Wastage of time;
  • Disinformation;

b) Political…….

  • a tool of political victimization;
  • a tool for dictator;

c) Economic…..

  • advertisement of substandard good;

d) Religions…….

  • terrorism;
  • extremism;

e) Educational…….

  • Good for nothing tutors are brandished as….

f) Healthcare…….

  • Health’s privatization;
  • Branding new diseases;

4) Suggestions for improvement

  • Active role of PEMRA;
  • Professional Journalism;
  • Training spells of media persons;

5) Conclusion

“Impacts of Media” Complete Essay

“According to Montesquieu theory of separation of powers, there are three organs of state i.e. executive, legislature and judiciary”. However, media has emerged as the fourth pillar of state due to its importance in the modern world. A free and independent media is the pre-requisite for socio-economic development, cultural and religious harmony and for strong state institutions.

The constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 guarantees fundamental rights to its citizens freedom of press and freedom of information are among them. The universal declaration of human rights, 1948 also speaks about free access of information to all and sundry.

Media is of various types i.e. print media, electronic media and (as its offshoot) advertising media. It has its positive and negative aspects (advantages and disadvantages) and impacts on social, economic, political, religious, educational and medical spheres which call for various remedial measures which we discuss one by one in the following paragraphs such as:

The positive social aspect of media is that it is a source of entertainment. Movies, drama serial, sports all are found there on social media. It is the fastest source of access to latest information even in the twinkling of an eye. While being there online, one many have access around the globe. It is the best source of inter-district, inter-provinces and interstate connectivity giving rise to peace and harmony. It has been the best source of opinion building of the masses. It makes them aware of their fundamental and other rights of social nature.

The positive political aspect of media is that it becomes instrumental in the canvassing of any political party for its desired candidate. Whether it is the print or electronic media, both modes are adopted by the political big-wings for the publication of their agenda and manifesto. The treasury and the opposition both find it equally efficacious. It is proved to be the champion of democracy. It is only because of media that the democracy of Pakistan has got rid of the clutches of dictatorship. In this age of globalization, the masses can better understand the shenanigans of political parties who try to axe their own grind.

The positive economic aspect of media is that it has become a symbol of success for any sole proprietorship, partnership firm, private and public company, etc. Advertisements play a vital role in shaping the minds of consumers regarding any newly launched product of any kind. With a single click or vision, consumers can have access to a wide range of products of the same specie but with different brand tags. They can opt any of the brand after their own heart. They need not visit the spot in person. They can purchase it while being there at home through e-commerce. Even goods are sold, purchased, returned, and exchanged through e-commerce. Payment of these items is not a big deal now. All this has become possible only with the able assistance of media.

The positive aspect of media is that all and sundry can have easy and equal access to religious sites and channels like Q-TV, Quran Reader, etc. Media has made this impossible possible. Now, one can learn and recite the Holy Quran by heart easily. It is also the big source of interfaith harmony. Faiths found in various parts of world can easily be harmonized. It is proved to be an anti-dote to clash of civilization. Terrorism and extremism can be rooted out with the help of media in a befitting manner.

The positive educational aspect of media is that it improves learning skills. One may have access to the institutions of stupendous repute worldwide while being at home. All academic activities and extra-curricular activities have become dependent upon media. Academic, cultural, regional, national, international, commercial, and conventional education cannot be received conveniently without media. It updates in fact. Media has attained the position of ground reality in every sphere of academics.

Media has also great deal of importance in health sector. Media provides us health tips which are helpful in maintaining good health. Health charts, diet plans and plans for taking proper exercise are available on social media which are in easy access to all on daily basis. The best panel of doctors, physicians, surgeons and pharmacists are found their easily. Pharmaceutical companies advertise their newly launched products through media which fact has become helpful in making the people aware of the cures of the epidemics like Tuberculosis(TB), AIDS, Hepatitis A, B, C, etc. The government makes the masses aware of their projects about healthcare through social media whereby the latter become able to get medical aid in the hours of need.

Media acts as a watchdog in the working and smooth performance of functioning of various departments in the three organs of state i.e. executive, legislature and judiciary whereby they try their level best to perform their duties well in order to receive appreciation and avoid criticism.

Besides the above mentioned positive aspects, media also has some negative aspects which call for some remedial measures. These negative aspects can be explained as under.

The negative social impact of media is that it has paved the way for isolation. Individuals stick to their television, laptop, i-phones, tablets or LED‟s in their bedrooms, houses, offices even at public places without taking notice of the presence of any other person present there in the company of fellows. It becomes the cause of wastage of time when we have a lot of channels or groups to visit resulting in the polarization of mind. Sometimes it also happens that we find unauthentic and manipulated information which is found quite otherwise than the propriety of the information demands. This way it misleads the masses. Cybercrimes on media have given rise to the practice of blackmailing. Yellow journalism and sensationalism have also made the pathetic situation more worsen. Polluted culture is also the outcome of social media‟s negative impact. When the masses found the opportunity of having knowhow about multi-cultures they mix their own culture with it willy-nilly.

The negative political impact of media is that it is used as a tool for political victimization by the arch rivals. The treasury is usually in a better position to malign the opposition through the weapon of media. Similarly, the opposition leaves no stone unturned in making a mountain out of a mole hill. Dictators also use media in order to shape the minds of populace in their favor against the democratic governments at the cost of democratic norms.

The negative economic impact and aspect of media is that substandard goods, products and services are sold like a hot cake. It is said that a good wine needs no bush. Newly launched products are advertised on media in the way that its drawbacks, if any, are suppressed under the pomp and show of the advertisement which are dawned upon the consumers like a snake in the grass.

The negative religious impact of media is that it fans sectarianism, terrorism and extremism. It has been found most oftenly that the proscribed organizations under the garb of “Service to humanity” or with a different hash-tag prop-up their own agenda of hatred, terrorism, extremism and sectarianism. Besides that, our religious mindset has been affected badly owing to the access of western culture. A lot of unwanted improvements in our religion have been manufactured which have badly affected the spirit of the teachings of our religion Islam. The unfiltered, un-scrutinized and unauthentic material available on social media has placed the masses between the devil and the deep-sea.

The negative educational impact of media is that good for nothing tutors are brandished as senior and mature mentors. They are dubbed as professionals. As a result they fail to provide quality education consequent upon which the youth are unable to serve the nation despite having degrees rather professional degree. It would not be wrong if one say that private sector is the illegitimate child of social media. It represents the private educational sector in a way that even educated first generation is trapped. The luxurious facilities like fully air conditioned environment, indoor and outdoor games and the display of score cards of the pupils on social media is not less than a double edged weapon in the hands of private education system.

In healthcare sector, media has also casted a havoc. Private hospitals use social media as a tool for introducing new brands of diseases with the extensive degree of stress which they do not require. The purpose behind it is either to launch a new product of medicine or to make the masses realize that that sort of particular disease is found curable only in their medical facility. Such products are found famous in the market and later on are discarded by the health officials terming them as “injurious to health”. It is only because of this dark side of media.

The above said negative aspects / impacts of media call for some suggestions / remedial measures which are as under.

There must be effective policies of check and balance over media. These policies should also be implemented in letter and spirit. For this purpose, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) should play an active role in the light of provisions enshrined in the ordinance.

There must be professional journalists. They must handle everything professionally. For this purpose, they should take utmost care before disseminating any information or news on social media- unauthentic or dis-informative news must be filtered out.

There should be training spells of the media person. For this purpose, the government in collaboration with PEMRA should devise a clear-cut strategy. The media persons should be given handsome pay packages.

In a nutshell, media have gained currency as the fourth pillar of state and it has become an undeniable reality which plays a pivotal role in shaping the minds of masses. The negative aspects of media are through visible yet with proper implementation of positive impacts / aspects through the best policies its dark side may be countered and positive side may be made more practicable and workable.

Prepared by Miss Aqsa Imtiaz (CSS & PMS 2020 qualified) Contact No. 0300-4469650

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