Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning 31 October 2019

Every aspirant knows the importance of English language and vocabulary. In order to facilitate the aspirants, we have started a new trend of posting vocabulary on our website. The vocabulary will include the words from dawn newspaper along with their meanings which will save a lot of time of the aspirants.
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Daily Dawn Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
October 31, 2019

Precinctv (noun) انتظامی مقاصد کےلئے مخصوص علاقہ، سرحد

the area within the walls or perceived boundaries of a particular building or place.
Example: “a former MP who still works in the precincts of the House”
Synonyms: bounds, boundaries, limits, confines, surrounding area, environs, surroundings,

Congregation (noun) اجتماع، جماعت، کوئی قومی جماعت

a group of people assembled for religious worship.
Example: “the singing of psalms by the whole congregation”
Synonyms: parishioners, parish, churchgoers, flock, fold, faithful, following, followers, adherents, believers, loyal members, fellowship,

Disruption (noun) رکاوٹ، خلل

disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity, or process.
Example: “the scheme was planned to minimize disruption”
Synonyms: disturbance, disordering, disarrangement, disarranging, interference, upset, upsetting, unsettling, confusion, confusing

Eternity (noun) اخلاقیات، خلود، ہمیشگی

endless life after death.
Example: “immortal souls destined for eternity”
Synonyms: the afterlife, everlasting life, life after death, the life to come, the life hereafter
Antonyms: limbo, hell

Hostility (noun) دشمنی، عداوت، دشمن فوج

hostile behaviour; unfriendliness or opposition.
Example: “their hostility to all outsiders”
Synonyms: antagonism, unfriendliness, bitterness, malevolence, malice, unkindness, spite,
Antonyms: friendliness, approval

Diminish (verb) کم کرنا، گھٹنا

make or become less.
Example: “the new law is expected to diminish the government’s chances”
Synonyms: decrease, decline, reduce, lessen, shrink, contract, grow smaller, fall off
Antonyms: increase, flare up, get worse,

Antagonism (noun) مخالفانہ، مخالفت، دشمنی

active hostility or opposition.
Example: “the antagonism between them”
Synonyms: hostility, friction, enmity, antipathy, animus, opposition, dissension, rivalry, feud
Antonyms: rapport, friendship

Endanger (verb) خطرے میں ڈالنا، جوکھوں میں ڈالنا

put (someone or something) at risk or in danger.
Example: “he was driving in a manner likely to endanger life”
Synonyms: imperil, jeopardize, risk, put at risk, put in danger, expose to danger, put in jeopardy

Onslaught (noun) سخت حملہ، دھاوا بولنا

a fierce or destructive attack.
Example: “a series of onslaughts on the citadel”
Synonyms: assault, attack, offensive, aggression, advance, charge, onrush, rush

Praiseworthy (adjective) قابل ستائش، قابل تعریف

deserving approval and admiration.
Example: “the government’s praiseworthy efforts”
Synonyms: commendable, laudable, admirable, creditable, worthy, worthy of admiration, meritoriou,
Antonyms: blameworthy, disgraceful

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