English Grammar MCQs

English Tenses MCQs Advanced Level (Set 1)

English Tenses MCQs Advanced Level (Set 1)
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English Tenses MCQs Advanced Level (Set 1)

Last Saturday, my father ____ that his dinner suit was too small, so now he ____ a strict diet. | English Tenses MCQs
A has discovered / followed
B discovers / was following
C discovered / is following
D was discovering / has followed
E has been discovering / will follow
Answer: C

Kiran ____ her driving test five times so far without success, but she ____, yet.
A takes / isn’t giving up
B has taken / hasn’t given up
C was taking / didn’t give up
D is taking / doesn’t give up
E took / wasn’t giving up
Answer: B

Most of the time, Ahmed and his friends ____ football matches at their local coffee, but this Saturday, they ____ to the stadium, and so they’re all very excited.
A watch / are going
B have been watching / go
C are watching / have gone
D were watching / went
E have watched / were going
Answer: A

Ayesha ____ a vegetarian for eleven years now, and she ____ meat at all during this time.
A is / isn’t eating
B has been / wasn’t eating
C is / doesn’t eat
D has been / hasn’t eaten
E was / didn’t eat
Answer: D

Last year, Ahmed ____ his bicycle to work everyday, but he ____ the bus since the accident English Tenses MCQs
A rides / takes
B has ridden / is taking
C rode / has been taking
D was riding / took
E is riding / has taken
Answer: C

I ____ glasses when I was younger, but now I ____ contact lenses.
A was wearing / have had
B have worn / am having
C have been wearing / had
D wear / was having
E wore / have
Answer: E

About a month ago, I ____ a brochure about your hotel, but I ____ it yet.
A request / didn’t receiv
B have requested / am not receiving
C was requesting / wasn’t receiving
D requested / haven’t received
E have been requested / don’t receive
Answer: D

The conditions in our office ____ more and more unbearable, so quite often recently I ____ quitting it and looking for a new job.
A have got / was considering
B was getting / am considering
C are getting / have considered
D have been getting / consider
E get / considere
Answer: C

Because I ____ a long way from my work, I ____ lots of time going to and from work. English Tenses MCQs.
A live / waste
B lived / have wasted
C have been living / wasted
D am living / have been wasting
E was living / am wasting
Answer: A

In the USA, the twenty largest newspaper chains ____ for almost half of the circulation, reflecting a trend that ____ in the 1970s.
A account / started
B were accounting / start
C has accounted / was starting
D accounted / is starting
E accounts / has started
Answer: A

Clean snow ____ as much as 87 percent of the sunlight that ____ on it.
A is reflecting / shone
B has reflected / was shining
C reflected / is shining
D was reflected / has shone
E reflects / shines
Answer: E

More than two hundred people ____ the tower when the bomb ____ in one of the dustbins.
A have visited / was exploding
B were visiting / exploded
C visited / has exploded
D are visiting / is exploding
E visit / has exploded
Answer: B

English Tenses MCQs

Because you ____ half of the ingredients as I ____ dinner, you probably aren’t hungry at all now.
A were eating / have prepared
B have eaten / prepared
C have been eating / prepare
D ate / was preparing
E eat / have been preparing
Answer: D

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She ____ strictly since Eid and so far she ____ eight kilos.
A was dieting / was losing
B dieted / loses
C diets / is losing
D is dieting / lost
E has been dieting / has lost
Answer: E

Khazeena’s family ____ chains in this area for over three centuries and now her father ____ this traditional craft at the county museum twice a day as well.
A are making / is demonstrating
B have made / has demonstrated
C made / was demonstrating
D were making / demonstrated
E have been making / demonstrates
Answer: E

He ____ to unlock the door to his flat because the telephone ________ .
A was hurrying / rang
B hurries / has been ring
C hurried / was ring
D is hurrying / rings
E has hurried / has rung
Answer: C

There ____ economies since the dawn of civilisation, but as a field of study, economics ____ only recently.
A were / was developing
B have been / has developed
C are / has been developing
D were / is developing
E have been / develops
Answer: B

John Deere ____ his farm machinery business, which ____ tractors today, in the 19th century.
A founds / still produced
B has founded / is still producing
C was founding / was still producing
D founded / still produces
E is founding / is still produced
Answer: D

I ____ my French lately; consequently, I ____ more and more of it.
A am not practising / forget
B haven’t been practising / am forgetting
C don’t practice / have forgotten
D wasn’t practising / forgot
E didn’t practice / was forgetting
Answer: B

The old lady’s health ____ day by day until she ____ smoking.
A was deteriorating / gave up
B is deteriorating / gives up
C deteriorated / has given up
D deteriorates / is giving up
E has deteriorated / was giving up
Answer: A

The managing director ____ Sid to sales manager and ever since, he ____ everybody around.
A promoted / has been bossing
B promotes / bosses
C has promoted / is bossing
D is promoting / was bossing
E was promoting / has bossed
Answer: A

Problems with the hotel, coupled with this awful weather, ____ our holiday miserable, so we ____ before the scheduled time.
A have made / have left
B were making / leave
C make / left
D are making / are leaving
E made / were leaving
Answer: D

The fact that more people ____ ozone-friendly products nowadays ____ that the media can positively increase public awareness.
A have used / was showing
B used / has shown
C use / has been showing
D were using / showed
E are using / shows
Answer: E

My sister ____ from severe back aches lately and I think it’s because, last month, she ____ to work in a shop where she has to pick up heavy things.
A is suffering / has started
B suffers / was starting
C has been suffering / started
D suffered / is starting
E was suffering / start
Answer: C

Though she ____ dancing, Sonia ____ to the disco with her friends the previous night just in order to be with them in a different atmosphere.
A hasn’t like / has gone
B doesn’t like / went
C didn’t like / is going
D doesn’t like / goes
E didn’t like / is going
Answer: B

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Somebody ____ three times this morning asking for Pete, but nobody called Pete ____ here.
A has phoned / has ever lived
B is phoning / was ever living
C phones / ever lived
D phoned / is ever living
E has been phoning / ever lived
Answer: A

Joey ____ just ____stubborn when he refused to go to the cinema today and he only did so because we ____ to go bowling yesterday.
A is / being / haven’t wanted
B has / been / didn’t want
C is / being / don’t want
D was / being / haven’t been wanting
E was / being / didn’t want
Answer: E

My mother ____ her optician tomorrow because her eyesight ____ worse since she got this computing job.
A has visited / is becoming
B visited / was becoming
C visits / becomes
D is visiting / has become
E was visiting / became
Answer: D

As the President ____the hall, all the guests ____ to their feet to welcome him.
A was entering / have risen
B entered / rose
C is entering / rise
D enters / have been rising
E has entered / were rising
Answer: B

She ____ interested in health ever since she was a young girl and now that the medical college ____ her as a student, it seems that she will be able to work in the medical field.
A was / accepted
B has been / has accepted
C is / is accepting
D is being / accepts
E was / was accepting
Answer: B

Ali ____ with us tonight as he ____ an appointment with the dentist.
A won’t have trained / is making
B hasn’t trained / was making
C hadn’t trained / made
D doesn’t train / makes
E isn’t going to train / has made
Answer: E

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We ____ football for two hours and ____ to a restaurant for a meal, afterwards.
A are playing / go
B play / are going
C played / went
D have played / were going
E have been playing / had gone
Answer: C

Environmental pollution ____ ever since people ____ to congregate in towns and cities.
A will have existed / are beginning
B exist / have begun
C had existed / were beginning
D has existed / began
E will exist / begin
Answer: D

I heard that you ____ about the boys all day, so I just rang to tell you that Amjad ____ from a pay phone a couple of hours ago and they are both fine. The weather is fine and they will be home on Sunday evening.
A had been worrying / will phone
B have been worrying / phoned
C will be worrying / had phoned
D are worrying / is going to phone
E were worrying / phones
Answer: B

Although he ____ the first round in record time, he ____ in the second, and so finished tenth overall.
A finishes / is slipping
B had been finishing / was slipping
C will have finished / slips
D had finished / slipped
E was finishing / has slipped
Answer: D

The petrol warning light ____ for half an hour before we ____ a petrol station.
A had been flashing / reached
B is going to flash / will reach
C flashed / have reached
D flashes / will be reaching
E was flashing / were reaching
Answer: A

Up until the tap water ____ back on yesterday evening, we ____ water back and forth for three days.
A came / had been carrying
B has come / have been carrying
C had come / were carrying
D was coming / will have carried
E is coming / will have carried
Answer: A

The neighbours ____ so loudly last night that they ____ us all awake until after midnight.
A are shouting / are keeping
B have been shouting / were keeping
C shouted / have been keeping
D have shouted / had kept
E were shouting / kept
Answer: E

Man’s use of pictures to tell stories and to record experiences ____ prehistoric times, when he ____ the walls of caves.
A was beginning / has drawn
B began / drew
C begins / will have drawn
D has begun / was drawing
E had begun / draw
Answer: B

My team ____ a match for a month, so currently the manager ____ resigning if they lose one more match.
A doesn’t win / considered
B isn’t winning / was considering
C hasn’t won / is considering
D hadn’t won / will have considered
E wasn’t winning / will consider
Answer: C

My brother ____ past the post office every morning and I ____ him all week to post a letter for me, but he keeps forgetting, so I’m going to post it myself tomorrow.
A will be going / ask
B will go / am asking
C goes / have been asking
D is going / will ask
E has been going / had ask
Answer: C

The football team that ____ last year’s championship ____ little chance of winning it again this year.
A was winning / stood
B was going to win / stand
C has won / has stood
D had won / was standing
E won / stands
Answer: E

Freedom of the press ____ an issue between people and their governments since the time individuals ____ newspapers independent of government control for the first time.
A is / are publishing
B will have been / publish
C had been / were publishing
D has been / published
E was / have published
Answer: D

The hikers ____ so tired by the time they ____ the top of the hill that I’m sure they’ll first want to sit down for a rest.
A will have got / reach
B are getting / will have reached
C had got / reached | English Tenses MCQs
D have got / are reaching
E were getting / had reached
Answer: A

When the young scouts ____ the top of the hill, they ____ for more than an hour.
A reached / have been walking
B reach / will have been walking
C will have reached / are walking
D had reached / were walking
E have reached / will be walking
English Tenses MCQs
Answer: B

Modern exploration of the undersea world had its beginning in June 1943, when Jacgues Cousteau ____ his first dive with a revolutionary breathing device which he ____ with Emile Gagnan, a French engineer.
A was making / has developed
B had made / will have developed
C has made / was developing
D will have made / develops
English Tenses MCQs
E made / had developed
Answer: E

She says that she ____ the eight o’clock train tomorrow, but I’m sure she ____ it, as usual.
A is catching / is missing
B has caught / misses
C will have caught / has missed
D is going to catch / will miss
E was catching / missed
Answer: D

The fisherman ____ more fish in one night than ever before, so when they anchored in the harbour, they ____ with joy at the thought of their reward.
A had been catching / will sing
B will have caught / sang
C had caught / were singing
D caught / have been singing
E have caught / will be singing
Answer: C

On my friend’s farm they ____ an alarm clock because the cockerel ____ at five o’clock every morning without fail.
A don’t need / crows
B haven’t needed / was crowing
C won’t have needed / has crowed
D wont need / is crowing
E didn’t need / will crow
Answer: A

The Continental Congress ____ the US Postal Service in 1775 and the first federal government ____ the service in the Constitution.
A was founding / has included
B had founded / includes
C has founded / is including
D was going to found / will include
E founded / included
Answer: E

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