Important NAB MCQs for FPSC NAB Recruitment Tests (Set-II)

Important NAB MCQs for FPSC NAB Recruitment Tests (Set-II)
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Whoever commits criminal breach of trust shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which any extent of?
(a) Ten years.
(b) Seven years
(c) Seven years or with fine or with both.
(d) Life imprisonment.
Answers B

Arash denotes the compensation?
(a) To be paid to the victim or his heirs
(b) To the state and victim.
(c) To the accused and his heirs.
(d) None of these
Answers A

Which of the following refers to any of the participants in a court action or proceedings?
(a) Plaintiff
(b) Claimant
(c) Third party
(d) Party
Answers D

Which of the following is the method of commencing proceedings whereby the order is required by the petitioner from the court is expressed as a prayer?
(a) Plaint
(b) Proceeding
(c) Pleading
(d) Petition
Answers D

What is called defendant’s reply to a charge put to him by a court?
(a) Statement
(b) Plea
(c) Defence
(d) Petition
Answers B

What does mean by ‘Legatee?
(a) Person to who state is given by lease
(b) Person to whom personal estate is given by will
(c) Person to whom personal estate to given by the government
(d) Person to whom personal estate is given by somebody
Answers B

What is called institution or conduct of criminal proceedings against a person?
(a) Suing
(b) process
(c) Review
(d) Prosecution
Answers D

What is termed to order an accused person to be kept in custody or placed on bail pending further court appearance?
(a) Remand
(b) Custody
(c) Arrest
(d) Prosecuting
Answers A

Civil Procedural Code, 1908 came into force on the
(a) 1st January 1909
(b) 6th January 1919
(c) 8th January 1910
(d) None of these
Answers A

Decree passed by Consent of parties by the Civil Judge can be voided on the gerunds of fraud played by one the parties to the decree?
(a) By appeal to the Higher Court
(b) By making an application to this same court
(c) By filing a Separate Suit
(d) None of these
Answers A

The Court of Civil Judge passing the decree if applied for execution of the decree passed by it
(a) Cannot stay the operation of the decree
(b) Can stay the execution till filing of the appeal to the higher court
(c) Can stay the execution even after the period for filing the appeal is expired.
(d) None of these
Answers B

The property of the defendant can be attached?
(a) Only after the decree is passed against him
(b) Anytime after the suit is filed
(c) None of these
Answers B

Appeal may be filed against?
(a) Decree
(b) Consent Decree
(c) Every Order
(d) None of these
Answers A

Every Civil Judge is subordinate to?
(a) A Senior Civil Judge
(b) District Judge
(c) High Court
(d) None of these
Answers B

The name of the statute relating to criminal proceedings in Pakistan is?
(a) Cr. P.C.
(b) Criminal-Procedure Code.
(c) The Code of Criminal Procedure
(d) None of these
Answers C

Which of the following can perform the duties of an SHO?
(a) Sub-Inspector
(b) Any Officer up to the rank of Inspector General.
(c) Any Officer above the rank of Constable
(d) Police Inspector
Answers D

Which bail bond is accompanied by an affidavit?
(a) Bail before arrest
(b) Bail after arrest.
(c) Bail in bail-able cases.
(d) None of these
Answers A

An indifferent person between the parties, appointed by the court to receive rents incomes and profits of lands or other things in question, pending the suit, where it does not or when a party is incompetent to do so. Such a person is called?
(a) Trustee
(b) Beneficiary
(c) Receiver
(d) Bailiff
Answers C

That, which affords grounds for civil action only, if it causes special damage is?
(a) Nuisance
(b) Injunction
(c) Restraining breach
(d) Trade mark
Answers A

Civil Procedure Code?
(a) Does not apply to Revenue Courts
(b) Applies to the Revenue Courts by Notification of the provincial Government.
(c) According to the consent of the parties.
(d) None of these
Answers B

The subsequent suit in which the matter in issue is also directly and substantially in issue in a previously instituted suit between the same parties?
(a) Its trial would be stayed
(b) The plaint would be rejected
(c) Plaint would be returned
(d) None of these
Answers A

A District Judge on the application by any of the parties?
(a) Cannot refuse to transfer the appeal pending in the Court of Additional District Judge.
(b) Can Transfer the same for trial to any other Additional district Judge.
(c) Must refer the application to the High Court
(d) None of these
Answers B

The correct procedure for the inspection of the court file is?
(a) To submit an application before the Ahmad.
(b) To submit an application before the clerk of Court.
(c) To submit an application before the presiding officer
(d) None of these
Answers C

Search of place shall be made in the presence of?
(a) Occupant of place.
(b) A Police Officer.
(c) Two witnesses of the locality
(d) None of these
Answers C

Offence means?
(a) Decree
(b) An act or omission liable to punishment
(c) A complaint of act under the cattle Trespass Act 1871.
(d) None of these
Answers B

Sub-division means a sub-division of a district,
(a) Public Prosecutor
(b) Sub-division
(c) Pleader
(d) Police Station
Answers B

Without exposing the bone of the victim, the accused is said to cause?
(a) Shajjah-i-Damigha.
(b) Shajjah-i-Mustiqlah.
(c) Cause Shajjah-i-Khafifah
(d) None of these
Answers C

After the Decree has been announced, the decree sheet is prepared by?
(a) The Presiding Officer himself.
(b) The Reader of the Court
(c) The Ahmad of the Court.
(d) None of these
Answers B

An injunction which is granted while a suit is actually pending and its object is to preserve the property is dispute in “status-quo”, until the hearing of the suit or until further order, is called?
(a) Interlocutory injunction
(b) Perpetual injunction
(c) Mandatory injunction
(d) Discretionary injunction
Answers A

If the nuisance is legalized by statute/then?
(a) Action will lie
(b) No action will lie
(c) It cannot be legalized
(d) A & B
Answers B

When there is no fixed fine, Special Court shall fix the fine on the basis of
(a) Quality and quantity of the narcotic drug involved in commission of such offence
(b) Psychotropic substance involved in commission of such offence
(c) Controlled substance involved in commission of such offence
(d) All of above
Answers D

Where the Special Court finds a person guilty of an offence punishable under this Act and sentences him to imprisonment for a term exceeding three years, the court shall also order that his assets derivable from trafficking in narcotic substances shall stand forfeited to the?
(a) Federal Government
(b) Provincial Government
(c) All of above
(d) None of these
Answers A

Who has authority to export narcotic drugs from Pakistan?
(a) Muslim only
(b) No one
(c) Every one
(d) Citizen of Pakistan
Answers B

Qisas for qatl-i-amad shall not be enforced?
(a) When the offender dies before the enforcement of the Qisas.
(b) When the offender punished with Tazir.
(c) When the offender has close relation with the victim.
(d) None of these
Answers A

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