Daily Top-20 MCQs for CSS Screening Test, PMS, PCS, FPSC (Set-37)

Daily Top-20 MCQs for CSS Screening Test, PMS, PCS, FPSC (Set-37)
Shahzad F. Malik
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Daily Top-20 MCQs (Set-37)

for CSS Screening Test, PMS, PCS, FPSC and related Exams

Today’s MCQs are all about World Geography, these MCQs are taken from different books and Past Papers which are helpful for all type competitive exams. All these MCQs are important for coming CSS Screening Test.

What is the traditional mode of transportation in the Sahara Desert?

(a) Camel
(b) Car
(c) Horse
(d) Train
Answer: a

Equator passes through?

(a) Pakistan
(b) Malta
(c) Malaysia
(d) Indonesia
Answer: d

The only line of latitude which is as large as any line of longitude is the:

(a) Tropic of Capricorn
(b) Prime Meridian
(c) Tropic of Cancer
(d) Equator
Answer: d

What river separates the Libyan Desert from the Nubian?

(a) Nile
(b) Orange
(c) Zambezi
(d) Vaal
Answer: a

Using the International Date Line as the limit, as geographers usually do, which country stretches farthest to the east?

(a) China
(b) North Korea
(c) Japan
(d) Russia
Answer: d

Which country of Asia has the most islands?

(a) Indonesia
(b) Philippines
(c) Japan
(d) Malaysia
Answer: a

Where is Easter Island located?

(a) Pacific Ocean
(b) Caribbean Sea
(c) Atlantic Ocean
(d) Indian Ocean
Answer: a

Against what country did Britain declare war in 1982?

(a) Argentina
(b) Colombia
(c) Brazil
(d) Guyana
Answer: a

‘Pampas’ are areas of:

(a) Grassland
(b) Desert
(c) Rain forest
(d) Mountain
Answer: a

Between which two Scandinavian countries would you find the Oresund?

(a) Sweden and Finland
(b) Sweden and Denmark
(c) Denmark and Norway
(d) Norway and Finland
Answer: b

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are called?

(a) Balkan States
(b) Yugoslavia
(c) Scandinavia
(d) Baltic States
Answer: d

What is Finland very rich in?

(a) Oil
(b) Lakes
(c) Silver
(d) Tundra
Answer: b

Of these Asian ‘seas’, which one is actually a real sea, and not a landlocked lake?

(a) Aral Sea
(b) Caspian Sea
(c) Dead Sea
(d) Flores Sea
Answer: d

Which country shares the longest continuous border with China?

(a) Russia
(b) Kazakhstan
(c) India
(d) Mongolia
Answer: d

What is Asia’s longest river?

(a) Huang He
(b) Yangtze
(c) Mekong
(d) Ganges
Answer: b

Mohenjo-Daro was ancient city in the valley of what river?

(a) Euphrates River
(b) Indus River
(c) Huang He River
(d) Yangtze River
Answer: b

What countries flag has a dragon in the center, in between two yellow and orange triangles?

(a) Laos
(b) Nepal
(c) Thailand
(d) Bhutan
Answer: d

What is Mount Godwin Austen’s original name?

(a) Aconcagua
(b) Denali
(c) Choguri
(d) Aoraki
Answer: c

What is Africa’s newest country?

(a) South Sudan
(b) Cote D’Ivori
(c) Burkina Faso
(d) Eritrea
Answer: a

What African country was founded in 1847 by freed American slaves?

(a) Nigeria
(b) Libya
(c) Somalia
(d) Liberia
Answer: d

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