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Environmental Science MCQs Series

51) Which of the following is believed to be responsible for the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctic?
(a) Carbon dioxide
(b) Compounds containing sulfur
(c) Radioactivity
(d) Compounds containing chlorine
Answer: (d)

52) The most serious environmental pollution from a nuclear reactor is:
(a) Radioactivity
(b) Particulate formation
(c) Thermal pollution
(d) Noise pollution
Answer: (c)

53) Biomass energy is:
(a) Formed through photosynthesis
(b) Caused by heat due to the large mass of the earth
(c) Has been used for only a few years
(d) is effective in only certain regions of the United States
Answer: (a)

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54) A thermocouple is used to measure
(a) Pressure
(b) Current
(c) Strain
(d) Temperature
Answer: (d)

55) The most suitable motor oil for use in a car in cold weather is:
(a) a high viscosity oil
(b) a low viscosity oil
(c) a medium viscosity oil
(d) None of these
Answer: (b)

56) The process by which a substance absorbs moisture upon exposure to the atmosphere is called:
(a) Efflorescence
(b) Deliquescence
(c) Dehydrogenation
(d) Desalination
Answer: (b)

57) Which two gases are used to disinfect water in sewage treatment facilities?
(a) Helium and nitrogen
(b) Ozone and chlorine
(c) Oxygen and hydrogen
(d) Nitrogen and chlorine
Answer: (b)

58) The heat exhaust of an automobile with an internal combustion engine represents approximately what percent of the energy of the original fuel?
(a) 10 %
(b) 50 %
(c) 35 %
(d) 5 %
Answer: (c)

59) What is the approximate weight in pounds of the atmosphere on a 1 sq. ft. surface at sea level?
(a) 15 lbs.
(b) 1500 lbs.
(c) 2100 lbs.
(d) 20,000 lbs.
Answer: (c)

60) Compared to terrestrial environments, aquatic environments are more stable in:
(a) Temperature range
(b) Producer consumer distribution
(c) Sunlight absorbed
(d) Number species
Answer: (a)

61) Which of the following is considered a renewable resource?
(a) Coal fired power plant
(b) Hydroelectric dam
(c) Combustion turbine facility
(d) Nuclear fission power plant
Answer: (b)

62) Who was the first scientist credited with pointing out that certain gases could cause a greenhouse effect?
(a) John Tyndall
(b) Charles Darwin
(c) Roger Tory Peterson
(d) Stephen Jay Gould
Answer: (a)

63) Deforestation is not a major environmental problem in
(a) The Amazon
(b) Borneo
(c) Oregon
(d) Germany
Answer: (d)

64) The sun makes up approximately what percent of matter in our solar system?
(a) 17% (b) 50%
(c) 85% (d) 99%
Answer: (d)

65) Evaporation from water surfaces exposed to air is not dependent of the:
(a) Velocity of the wind
(b) Humidity
(c) Temperature
(d) Depth of the water
Answer: (d)

66) What percentage of land area should remain covered by forest to maintain Ecological balance?
(a) 10%. (b) 5%.
(c) 33%. (d) None of these.
Answer: (c)

67) Full form of CTBT is;
(a) Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.
(b) Comprehensive Test Bank Trust.
(c) Comprehensive Trust Ban Treaty.
(d) Comprehensive Test Ban Trusty.
Answer: (a)

68) Full form of BOD is;
(a) Bacterial Oxygen Demand.
(b) Biological Oxygen Demand.
(c) Biological Oxide Demand.
(d) None of these.
Answer: (b)

69) In Atmosphere nitrogen consists of;
(a) 25%.
(b) 12%.
(c) 92%.
(d) 78%.
Answer: (d)

70) Full form of COD is;
(a) Chemical Oxide Demand.
(b) Chemical Oxygen Demand.
(c) Chemical Ozone Demand.
(d) None of these.
Answer: (b)

71) The disease “Itai Itai” is caused by;
(a) Manganese. (b) Carbon.
(c) Cadmium. (d) None of these.
Answer: (c)

72) Human being can hear range of sound frequency between;
(a) 20-20,000 Hertz.
(b) 10-1,000 Hertz.
(c) 1-100 Hertz.
(d) None of these.
Answer: (a)

73) Pakistan Environmental Protection Ordinance enacted on;
(a) 1980. (b) 1978.
(c) 1983. (d) 1991.
Answer: (c)

74) First International Conference on environment held on;
(a) March, 1968.
(b) March, 1970.
(c) June, 1970.
(d) June, 1972.
Answer: (d)

75) With respect to environment science, full form of SPM is;
(a) Suspended Partial Matter.
(b) Suspended Particulate Matter.
(c) Suspended Pollutant Matter.
(d) None of these.
Answer: (b)

76) In an ecosystem, bacteria are the
(a) Producers.
(b) Primary consumers.
(c) Secondary consumers.
(d) Decomposers.
Answer: (d)

77) Deforestation generally decreases;
(a) Rainfall.
(b) Global warming.
(c) Soil erosion.
(d) Drought.
Answer: (a)

78) Which one of the following are non-renewable resources?
(a) Animals.
(b) Forests.
(c) Fossil fuels.
(d) All of these.
Answer: (c)

79) Biosphere reserve project was initiated in India during;
(a) 1986 (b) 1984
(c) 1989 (d) 1985
Answer: (a)

80) Sound becomes hazardous noise pollution at decibels-
(a) Above 50. (b) Above 80.
(c) Above 100. (d) Above 130.
Answer: (b)

81) Phytoplankton are the members of;
(a) Grassland ecosystem.
(b) Desert ecosystem.
(c) Forest ecosystem.
(d) Aquatic ecosystem.
Answer: (d)

82) Syringes are examples of
(a) Industrial wastes.
(b) Biomedical wastes.
(c) Domestic wastes.
(d) Radioactive wastes.
Answer: (b)

83) Silviculture is the management of-
(a) Rivers.
(b) Lakes.
(c) Hills.
(d) Forests.
Answer: (d)

84) Minamata disease are first detected in;
(a) Mexico.
(b) Japan.
(c) USA.
(d) Brazil.
Answer: (b)

85) Rapid growth of population at present time is due to-
(a) Lack of awareness among people to check birth rate.
(b) Global terrorism.
(c) Family planning.
(d) Migration.
Answer: (a)

86) Which of the following have been able to check the rapid growth of population?
(a) Underdeveloped countries.
(b) Developed countries.
(c) Developing countries..
(d) None of these.
Answer: (b)

87) Which of the following is a radioactive element
(a) Uranium.
(b) Argon.
(c) Chromium.
(d) Cobalt.
Answer: (a)

88) Supersonic planes cause;
(a) Noise pollution.
(b) Air pollution.
(c) Radioactive pollution.
(d) Soil pollution.
Answer: (a)

89) World environment day is celebrated every year on-
(a) Aug 12.
(b) June 5.
(c) September 8.
(d) July 10.
Answer: (b)

90) Almost 99% of clean air consists of two gases which are;
(a) Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide.
(b) Oxygen and Argon.
(c) Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.
(d) Nitrogen and Oxygen.
Answer: (d)

91) Ozone layer exists in;
(a) Troposphere.
(b) Stratosphere.
(c) Mesosphere.
(d) Ionosphere.
Answer: (b)

92) Ozone layer is being depleted by;
(a) Smog.
(b) Sulphur dioxide.
(c) Carbon monoxide.
(d) Chlorofluorocarbon.
Answer: (d)

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