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The subtle art of never giving up.

Behind every success person who endeavoured more than one to reach his or her goal, is the means of “Never giving up “. If you believe in these three words, you can turn the unattainable to attainable. In my deliberation, this proclamation is proficient in changing the life of any person including me.

To begin with, not from foremost try all what you want to become is in your hand. You may fail more than one time to discover how to stand, just like a baby. I have a lot of dream that I yearn to become true, but words are zilch without deed.

Dreaming is not a sin.

never stop dreaming

Every one of us has dreams in our minds, but hardly few managed to get them executed in their first attempt. Dreaming is the sweetest thing ever, because we always tend to dream about the things we love and hope for to achieve. The finest way to accomplish your dreams and hopes is to struggle to attain them and make them a reality. Never giving up means that one should never lose hope and keep on trying. For many people, failure is nothing but the first attempt towards victory. This should be our exact approach in life. In existence, what matters is our outlook. If we resign easily, we cannot taste the zest of success. It takes years for a tree to give a scrumptious fruit. Similarly it will take time to make success, sometimes even years. The trail of success can be rough and hard, but if we keep going without any lack of confidence the day to success is not really far-flung.

“We cannot ever stop dreaming just as we cannot ever stop breathing.”

― Avijeet Das


Some people say that it’s too childish to dream, but from my perspective age really doesn’t matter as long as you have a purpose and meaning in your life through these dreams. For some, daydreaming is all what their life is about. As they say that breaking someone’s dream is like crushing their hearts.

Not give a thought about what people may say:


For all our lives, we bothered ourselves what people may think of us if we do this/that. That is where your wisdom and perspective perks up. One should never give a damn to what others may think. It is people’s job to gossip and to let you down. Never ever feel discouraged from that and don’t ever head to such nonsense. Do whatever you want to do, and it is only you who decides whether to it or not in the first place.

A lesson to today’s youth:

Many of us, when little, had enormous dreams. We do not allow circumstances to perimeter how far we dream. We feel passionate, ready to surmount the world.

However, as we grow a little older, and after drumming hindrances and failures, we begin to stop trusting in us, and lose our enthusiasm, reliance and objective. We reconcile into ordinary life, lumber on, and we either forget our dreams, or they become just fuzzy, incapable desires.

Youth facing disorders:


When adults or even teenagers feel like they are failing and are not getting even close to what they want in their lives, they tend to experience serious psychological tantrums. This is when youngsters feel anxiety and depression. The best possible solution is to talk them out of it, otherwise they began to lose their purpose and meaning in life. Losing the will to live is unfortunately very common. Giving up on your life is not the solution and our youth seriously needs to understand it. There is always, I mean literally always the solution to every problem, and surely suicide is NOT it.

People think that they have tried everything and the end goal is for them to die now. Whereas, life is all about struggling, how can you say that you have tried everything and still failed? Nothing in this life is impossible or unattainable. Each and everything is possible as long as you are still willing to try.

Stop surviving and start thriving:

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You are born to thrive, not just to play it secure in your comfort zone.

You might try avoiding failure because it deteriorates your self-esteem — although failure is a condition for success. Ask any industrialist or adventurer, and they will tell you failure is crucial. Some people seem to be thriving under whatever circumstances they faced, while we speculate why we are wedged in our quandary. To thrive means to grow and flourish, not simply to scour by. The key to thriving is recognising you are miserable and willing to make changes, irrespective of the steps mixed up. There is mouldiness to surviving, in that you become worn out and restless. Your soul calls you to course into the mysterious where independence and good fortune lies.

“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.” 

— Maya Angelou


Ultimately, admitting defeat is just the character of the people who don’t believe in their self and aptitude. If they lost their confidence, they will lose everything. Giving up means that they don’t work hard to attain their targets.

To recapitulate, if you believe that you can fly then you will, don’t let the door of the hopelessness breaks your dream. Sometimes God close one door to open other, just be patient and don’t give up.

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