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The term cell was coined by
(a) Schwann
(b) Robert Hooke
(c) de Ban/
(d) Tatum
Answer: (b)

The dominant phase of life cycle in these organisms is haploid: (CSS 2013)
(a) Mosses
(b) Bacteria
(c) Protoza
(d) None of these
Answer: (a)

Albatross is: (CSS 2013)
(a) A sea bird
(b) A beetle
(c) A fruit
(d) None of these
Answer: (a)

Put the phases of mitosis in the correct order
(a) Prophase, Metaphase, Telophase, Anaphase
(b) Metaphase, Telophase, Prophase, anaphase
(c) Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase
(d) Anaphase, Metaphase, Prophase, Telophase
Answer: (c)

Cell theory was proposed by
(a) Beadle and Tatum
(b) Robert Hooke
(c) Schwann and Schleiden
(d) Antony van Leeuwenhoek
Answer: (c)

During anaphase:
a) Chromosomes are aligned at the metaphase plate
b) The mitotic spindle checkpoint is created
c) Microtubules being to invade the nuclear space
d) Chromosomes separate
Answer: (d)

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The cell theory is not applicable to
(a) Bacteria
(b) Algae
(c) Virus
(d) Fungi
Answer: (c)

The biggest species of the cat family is: (CSS 2013)
(a) Tiger
(b) Lion
(c) Leopard
(d) None of these
Answer: (a)

Which group of animals has heterogametic females? (CSS 2013)
(a) Domestic fowl
(b) Earthworm
(c) Rabbit
(d) None of these
Answer: (a)

Chromatin is
a) The fibrous tissue that binds DNA together
b) The complex of DNA and protein that make up the chromosomes
c) A fluorescent dye use to stain DNA
d) A chemical that triggers the replication of DNA
Answer: (b)

Which structure is not part of the endomembrane system? (CSS 2012)
(a) Nuclear envelope
(b) Chloroplast
(c) Golgi apparatus
(d) Plasma membrane
(e) ER
Answer: (b)

Semiautonomous organelle in the cell is
(a) Peroxisomes
(b) Chloroplast
(c) Endoplasmic reticulam
(d) Golgibodies
Answer: (b)

Mitosis is completed at which stage?
(a) Prophase
(b) Metaphase
(c) Anaphase
(d) Telophase
(e) Cytokinesis
Answer: (d)

The membrane around the vacuole is called
(a) Cytoplast
(b) Tonoplast
(c) Amyloplast
(d) Elaioplast
Answer: (b)

Which of the following events do NOT occur in prophase?
(a) Chromosomes are replicated
(b) Nuclear membrane breaks down
(c) DNA condenses to form distinct chromosomes
(d) Mitotic spindle begins to form
Answer: (a)

Artificial selection was practiced by the (CSS 2012)
(a) Arabs
(b) Chinese
(c) Romans
(d) None of these
Answer: (c)

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Identify the non -membranous organelle from the following
(a) Ribosome
(b) Endoplasmic reticulum (ER)
(c) Nucleus
(d) Chloroplast
Answer: (a)

Microfilaments are composed mainly of a protein called
(a) Actin
(b) Tubulin
(c) Myosin
(d) Chitin
Answer: (a)

In mitosis, chromosomes line up at the equatorial plate during
(a) Anaphase
(b) Metaphase
(c) Prophase
(d) Telophase
Answer: (b)

Experiments demonstrating the importance of the nucleus in controlling the growth of the cell was performed in
(a) Starfish
(b) Acetabularia
(c) Neurospora
(d) Leucocytes
Answer: (b)

Which of the following is associated with the structure of Golgi complex?
(a) Cristae
(b) Cisternae
(c) Annuli
(d) Quatasomes
Answer: (b)

Each chromosome is replicated (copied) prior to cell division. The products of this replication are attached by a centromere and are called:
(a) Homologous chromosomes
(b) Sister chromosomes
(c) Kinetochores
(d) Sister chromatids
Answer: (d)

The subunit of prokaryotic ribosomes are
(a) 60 S+40 S
(b) 70 S+30 S
(c) 60 S+30 S
(d) 50 S+30 S
Answer: (d)

The division of cytoplasm is called
(a) Telophase
(b) Cytokinesis
(c) Cleavage
(d) Mitosis
Answer: (b)

Plant cell wall mainly composed of
(a) cellulose
(b) starch
(c) protein
(d) lipid
Answer: (a)

The chromosomes are replicated during
(a) Mitosis
(b) G1 phase
(c) S phase
(d) Prophase
Answer: (c)

Smooth endoplasmic reticulum is the site of
(a) Protein synthesis
(b) Carbohydrate synthesis
(c) Amino acid synthesis
(d) Lipid synthesis
Answer: (d)

In higher plants, the shape of the chloroplast is
(a) Discoid
(b) Cup shaped
(c) Girdle shaped
(d) Ribbon shaped
Answer: (a)

As per eating habit, squirrels are: (CSS 2011)
(a) Frugivorous
(b) Herbivores
(c) Carnivorous
(d) Omnivorous
(e) Insectivorous.
Answer: (b)

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Water loss from leaves through stomata is called as: (CSS 2011)
(a) Evaporation
(b) Transpiration
(c) Evapo-Transpiration
(d) Respiration
(e) None of these.
Answer: (b)

The structure of DNA was elaborated by Watson and Crick in: (CSS 2011)
(a) 1909
(b) 1923
(c) 1945
(d) 1953
(e) None of these.
Answer: (d)

The main function of Centrosome is
(a) Secretion
(b) osmoregulation
(c) Protein synthesis
(d) Formation of spindle fibre
Answer: (d)

The study of how plants and animals interact with one another and with the non-living environment is called as: (CSS 2011)
(a) Ecosystem
(b) Sociology
(c) Ecology
(d) Habitat
(e) None of these.
Answer: (c)

Polygenic characteristic are controlled by: (CSS 2010)
(a) Dominant genes
(b) Recessive genes
(c) Multiple genes
(d) Mutated genes
Answer: (a)

Which of the following is a form of sexual reproduction? : (CSS 2010)
(a) Hermaphrodites
(b) Fission
(c) Fragmentation
(d) Budding
Answer: (a)

Animals obtain carbon dioxide mainly from: (CSS 2010)
(a) Starch
(b) Sucrose
(c) Glucose
(d) Glycogen
(e) None of these
Answer: (a)

Assembly of two subunits 40 S and 60 S of the ribosome is
(a) 100 S unit
(b) 80 S unit
(c) 70 S unit
(d) 90 S unit
Answer: (b)

During which stage of meiosis do chromatids separate completely?
(a) Metaphase I
(b) Anaphase I
(c) Telophase II
(d) Anaphase II
Answer: (d)

Which event occurs in meiosis but not mitosis?
(a) Chromosome condensation
(b) Chromatid separation
(c) Crossing over
(d) Chromosome movement to poles
Answer: (c)

Meiosis results in
(a) 2 haploid daughter cells
(b) 4 diploid daughter cells
(c) 2 diploid daughter cells
(d) 4 haploid daughter cells
Answer: (d)

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Crossing over occurs during
(a) Prophase I
(b) Prophase II
(c) Metaphase I
(d) Anaphase II
Answer: (a)

A cell with a diploid number of 24 goes through meiosis. How many chromosomes are in each daughter cell?
(a) 24
(b) 12
(c) 48
(d) 6
Answer: (b)

The 4 homologous chromatids which come together in meiosis I is referred to as a(n)
(a) Centromere
(b) Kinetochore
(c) Metaphase plate
(d) Tetrad
Answer: (d)

During which stage of the meiotic cell cycle does DNA replication occur?
(a) Interphase
(b) Anaphase II
(c) Metaphase
(d) Prophase I
Answer: (a)

During which phase of meiosis does the nuclear envelope reform around the chromosomes?
(a) Interphase
(b) Anaphase II
(c) Telophase II
(d) Prophase I
Answer: (c)

Homologous chromosomes move towards opposite poles of a cell during
(a) Anaphase II
(b) Anaphase I
(c) Telophase II
(d) Metaphase I
Answer: (b)

Metaphase of meiosis I and meiosis II differ in that
(a) Homologues line up in meiosis I and duplicated chromosomes line up in meiosis II
(b) Chromosomes line up at the equator
(c) Sister chromatids line up in meiosis I and duplicated chromosomes line up in meiosis II
(d) There are the same numbers of chromosomes
Answer: (a)

Sexual Reproduction can be grouped into —–distinct stages.
(a) Two
(b) Three
(c) Four
(d) Five.
Answer: (b)

In this method Parents cell divides into many daughter cells.
(a) Fission
(b) Binary fission
(c) Multiple fission
(d) Budding
Answer: (c)

Role of biotechnology in the production of food based on: (CSS 2009)
(a) Decomposition
(b) Respiration
(c) Digestion
(d) Fermentation
Answer: (d)

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