Daily Dawn Vocabulary

Daily English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (02 December 2019)

Daily English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning (02 December 2019)
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Every aspirant knows the importance of English language and vocabulary. In order to facilitate the aspirants, we have started a new trend of posting vocabulary on our website. The vocabulary will include the words from dawn newspaper along with their meanings which will save a lot of time of the aspirants.
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Daily Dawn English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
December 02, 2019

Astonish (verb) حیران کرنا، مہبوت، ششدر کرنا

surprise or impress (someone) greatly.
Example: “you never fail to astonish me”
Synonyms: amaze, astound, stagger, surprise, startle, stun, confound, dumbfound, stupefy, daze
Antonyms: unimpressed, disinterested, incurious, indifferent

Unscrupulous (adjective) بے اصول، بے ایمان، بے اختیار

having or showing no moral principles; not honest or fair.
Example: “unscrupulous landlords might be tempted to harass existing tenants”
Synonyms: unprincipled, unethical, immoral, amoral, conscienceless, untrustworthy, shameless
Antonyms: ethical, honest

Entrench (verb) حفاظت کے لئے مورچہ بند ہونا

establish (an attitude, habit, or belief) so firmly that change is very difficult or unlikely.
Example: “ageism is entrenched in our society”
Synonyms: establish, settle, ensconce, lodge, set, root, install, plant, embed,
Antonyms: dislodge, superficial

Reluctance (noun) ہچکچاہٹ، بے اعتناہی، اڑیل

unwillingness or disinclination to do something.
Example: “she sensed his reluctance to continue”
Synonyms: unwillingness, disinclination, lack of enthusiasm, hesitation, hesitance, hesitancy,
Antonyms: willingness, eagerness

Chasten (verb) سرزنش کرنا، تزکیہ کرنا

(of a rebuke or misfortune) have a restraining or moderating effect on.
Example: “the director was somewhat chastened by his recent flops”
Synonyms: subdue, humble, cow, squash, deflate, flatten, bring down, bring low, take down a peg or two,

Atrocity (noun) سنگ دلی، بے رحمی، سفاکی، انتہائی حماقت

an extremely wicked or cruel act, typically one involving physical violence or injury.
Example: “a textbook which detailed war atrocities”
Synonyms: act of barbarity, act of brutality, act of savagery, act of wickedness, cruelty, abomination
Antonyms: agreeableness, delightfulness, pleasantness

Havoc (noun) انتقام لینا، اجاڑنا ، خرابی

widespread destruction.
Example: “the hurricane ripped through Florida causing havoc”
Synonyms: devastation, destruction, damage, desolation, depredation, despoliation, ruination
Antonyms: peace

Extricate (verb) مشکلات سے نکالنا، بچانا

free (someone or something) from a constraint or difficulty.
Example: “he was trying to extricate himself from official duties”
Synonyms: extract, free, release, disentangle, get out, remove, withdraw, let loose,
Antonyms: entangle, involve

Adversary (noun) مخالف، حریف

one’s opponent in a contest, conflict, or dispute.
Example: “Davis beat his old adversary in the quarter-finals”
Synonyms: opponent, rival, enemy, foe, nemesis, antagonist, combatant, challenger,
Antonyms: ally, supporter

Urge (verb) سفارش کرنا، تجویز کرنا، زور دینا

recommend (something) strongly.
Example: “I urge caution in interpreting these results”
Synonyms: advise, counsel, advocate, recommend, suggest, support, endorse, back, champion
Antonyms: discourage

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