Environmental Science MCQs

Environmental Governance Important Questions/Answers (Environmental Science MCQs)

Environmental Governance Important Questions/Answers (Environmental Science MCQs)
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Right to clean environment is guaranteed in Constitution of Pakistan by
• Both a and b

Radioactive waste management in Pakistan is governed under:
• Pakistan Environment (Protection) Act, 1997

At present, what is the share of renewable energy in the total energy production of Pakistan?
• 4 – 5%

Basal convention on trans boundary movement of hazardous waste was implemented in the year
• 1989

The first major consolidated environmental legislation was
• The Pakistan Environmental Protection Ordinance (EPO), 1983.

EPO, created a very high level policy making forum called
• The Pakistan Environmental Protection Council (PEPC)

The PEPC is headed by the
• Prime Minister

At federal level Pakistan Environmental Protection Ordinance (EPO), was created one
• Environmental Protection Agency (PEPA)

At provincial level, Pakistan Environmental Protection Ordinance (EPO), was created four
• Environmental Protection Agencies (EPAs)

The Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, was promulgated in
• December 1997.

Two subcommittees: The Environmental Standards Committee (ESC) and the Experts Advisory Committee (EAC) were constituted by the PEPC in
• 1996

The Pakistan National Conservation Strategy (NCS) approved by the federal cabinet in
• March 1, 1992

A committee was formed to make arrangements to undertake a mid-term review (MTR) of the NCS in
• 1998

The executing agency for the MTR is
• The World Conservation Union (IUCN)

Through the collaborative efforts of the IUCN and the Government of Pakistan the NCS was developed over a nine-year period
• 1983-1992

The cabinet approved national environment policy in
• 29 June 2005

The meeting of a Waste Management Team shall be held at least
• Twice a month

Every hospital shall be responsible for the proper management of the waste generated by it till its final disposal in accordance with the provisions of the Act and the rules
• 16 to 22.

According to Hospital Waste Management Rules 2005 the Government shall constitute a Hospital Complaint Scrutiny Committee for each
• District

The Pakistan Environmental Protection Act 1997 was passed by the National Assembly of Pakistan on
• September 3, 1997

The Pakistan Environmental Protection Council established under
• Section 14 of Pakistan Environmental Protection Act 1997

According to National Drinking Water Policy 2009 the term “safe water” refers to the water complying with
• Pakistan Safe Drinking Water Act

The overall goal of the National Drinking Water Policy is to improve the quality of life of people of Pakistan by reducing incidence of death and illness caused by
• All water-borne diseases

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