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List of Important Inventions and Discoveries by Scientists

List of Important Inventions and Discoveries by Scientists
Written by Shahzad F. Malik

Physics and Chemistry

Archimedes—Invention of the famous Archimedean law, discovery of the principles of lever and specific gravity.
Avogadro—An Italian scientists known for Avogadro’s hypothesis.

Bacquarrel—Radio-activity of uranium.
Baird J.L.—Television.
Benjamin Franklin—Lightning conductor.
Bhabha H.J.—Research in cosmic rays and quantum theory.
Binet—Intelligence tests.
Bose, J.C.—Crescograph.
Bose, S.N.—Discovery of nuclear particles ‘Boson’.
Bohr—Electron Theory, Atomic structure.

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Carothers—Nylon Plastics.
Cavendish—Discovery of hydrogen, rare gases, chemical composition of water.
Charles Darwin—Theory of Evolution; Origin of Species.
Curie, Madame—Radium.

Dalton—Law of partial pressures; Atomic theory; laws of chemical combination; the law of multiple proportions.
Democritus—(Greek Philosopher)—Atomic theory.
Dewar—Thermos flask.

Einstein—Theory of relativity.
Euclid—Science of geometry.

Fahrenheit—Fahrenheit mercury thermometric scale in which freezing point is—32° and boiling point is 212°.
Farady—Electromagnetic induction and laws of electrolysis.
Fermi—Artificial splitting of atoms.

Gay Lussac—Law of gases.

Herschel. William—Discovered the planet Uranus.
Hertz—Electrical waves.
Hoffman—Aniline dye.

Kelvin, Lord—Dynamic theory of heat.
Khorana, Dr. Hargovind—Interpretation of genetic code.

Lawrence—Invention of cyclotron.
Lee de Forest—Talkies, radio, telephone.
Lockyer—Helium gas.
Louis Braille—Discovered and perfected his system of reading and writing for the blind.

Marconi—Wireless telegraphy, radio.
Maxwell—Electromagnetic theory of light.
Mendel—Laws of heredity.
Mendeleev—Periodic table.
Millikan, R.A.—Cosmic rays.

Newton—Laws of Motion, laws of gravitation.

Otto Hahn—Discovery of uranium fission.

Planck—Quantum theory.
Priestley—Discovery of oxygen.

Raman C.V.—‘Raman Effect’.
Ramnathan—Molecular scattering of light in fluids.
Ramsay—Discovery of inert gases like Argon, Helium, Neon etc.
Robert Mallet—Seismograph.
Roger Bacon—Discovery of gun powder.
Rontgen—Discovery of X-rays.
Rutherford—Succeeded in splitting the atom for the first time.

Stephenson—British engineer-to put locomotive on the line.

Thomson J.J.—Discovered electron.

Urey—Discovery of Heavy Hydrogen.

Volta—Current electricity and electric battery.

Wadia D.N.—Meteorology.

Ykawa. Hideki—Meson.

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Mechanical Inventions and Discoveries

Austin—Motor car.
Baird J.L.—Television.
Bell, Graham—Telephone.
Gutenburg—Printing Press.
Daimler—Gas engine, Automobile.
Davy—Miner’s Safety Lamp.
Diesel—Internal combustion.
Edison—First electric bulb and gramophone.
Frank Whittle—Jet propulsion.
Franklin Benjamin—Lightning conductor.
James Puckle—Machine Gun.
Hoe—Rotary Printing Press.
James Watt—Steam engine (1769).
Macmillan—Bicycle (1842).
Montgolfer—Balloon (1883).
R.A. Watson Watt—Radar.
Stephenson—Railway engine.
Swinton—Military tank.
W. & O. Wright—Aeroplane.
Waterman—Fountain pen.
Whittle, Frank—Jet propulsion.
Zeis—Lenses, Camera.

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Medical Inventions and Discoveries

Banting—Insulin (a cure for diabetes).
Bernard Christian—Replacing the human heart.
Brahmchari, U.M.—Cure of Kala-a-zar fever.
Domagk—Sulpha drugs as bactericides.
Fleming Alexander—Penicillin (in 1929).
Harvey—Circulation of blood.
Hahnemann—Founder of Homeopathy.
Hopkins. F.G.—Vitamin D.
Jenner—Smallpox Vaccination.
Koch Robert—Tubercle Bacillus.
Lister, Lord—Antiseptic surgery.
Pasteur Louis—Treatment of rabies; cure of hydrophobia.
Ronald Ross—Malaria parasite.
Salk Jonas E.—Anti-polio. Vaccine.
Simpson and Harrison—Chloroform.

Geographical Discoveries

Amundsen—Discovered South Pole in Dec. 14, 1911.
Armstrong, Neil A.—(U.S.A.) First person to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969.
Cabot Sebastian—Discovered New Found land in 1497.
Columbus Christopher—Discovered America in 1492 and South America in 1498.
Copernicus—Discovered solar system in 1540. He propounded the astronomical system which bears his name.
Edmund Hillary—Conquered Mt. Everest on May 29, 1953, along with Sherpa Tenzing.
Ferdinand de Lesseps—Conceived the plan of the Suez Canal on which work was completed in 1969.
Henry Hundson—Discovered Hudson Bay in 1610.
Kepler—Discovered the Laws of Planetary Motion in 1609.
Magellan—Sailed round the World in 1519.
Marco Polo—A Venetian Traveller who explored China (in 1272) India. South—eastern countries.
Peary, Robert—Discovered North Pole in 1909.
Tabei Mrs. Junko—She is the first-ever woman to climb Mt. Everest on May 16, 1975.
Tasman—Dutch navigator, discovered the Tasmania Island and New Zealand in 1649.
Vasco-De-Gama—The Portuguese sailor rounded the Cape of Good Hope and discovered sea route to India and reached Calicut (now Khozikhode) in 1498

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